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  1. I think that the problem here is that the car would be trapped too, you step in one? let me put another one. Part 2 is the best at protecting the car/phone, but if you get to repair the car is almost a win for ya, good luck for him to stop you in that. At the end, the best thing you can do to repair something is step in one of the traps in the car and put whatever you have quickly, drop the battery and look for the gas and then, do everything at once, is the best thing you can do.
  2. It's not the entire match, it happened to me but after a little time you can use it, if you drop the spray usually it works, if not then wait in a safe spot
  3. There's two houses, the Jarvis house and the vacation one, the second one has a basement that you can enter from inside and outside, that's not the called trap, the trap is the basement in the Jarvis house, it only has one way to enter and obviously, one way to leave, he can trap you puttings traps outside of the basement.
  4. Other already told you how you can report them but i want to say that as Jason you can go up there as well, 2 nights ago i was playing with some friends and out of nowhere, one friend told me that there was someone up there, so i came to kill that guy playing music in the rock.....i ended chasing that idiot all over higgins, he had macros so he got away when i got him without knives and after that, being a troll and tried to glitch on me, i got him and he left before i killed him....probably one of the worst matches i had on pc in a long time.
  5. Don't know if i am the only one that remembers but i think that in the last PAX or maybe it was in the dev diary on the official site, they said they have their own Jason designs or something like that, maybe one of them will get implemented?
  6. I never saw Star wars, mostly because i didn't like it, not because the sci-fi stuff, i liked Alien the eighth passenger until the 2nd but i don't like Star wars, too boring for me
  7. While it's true i'm young, i'm not THAT young, just wanted to make the joke TwT
  8. I liked this video a lot, good job
  9. It is? I don't remember hearing it in the movie, i should rewatch it XP
  10. Wow, not bad actually, kinda slow paced at the middle but not a bad theme that's for sure, thanks for sharing buddy
  11. I still want someone to post his theme :')
  12. Sweet, can't wait to try it out....oh well, i can't hear it if i'm Jason....well, you know
  13. Is the part 4 theme like the one on the trailer or is different?