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  1. Yeah the same thing happens to me man, and oddly enough I experience less connection issue from a wireless connection than with a wired. This is an issue that really needs to be solved since I really hate getting kicked out of the game because of a lag out which is especially disheartening when im playing Jason and when I lose all that xp progress in general per match that I Dc from.
  2. Lol my god is this accurate to a t, I just hate kids who do this, given I have found nice kids that don't teabag, yell profanities or rage. But geez when I find them on the servers they are very hard to deal with
  3. Bottom line is that the characters are balanced at 35 points, so if a change is made to Tiff (who is my fav counselor to play), then there needs to be a change to all of them which would then be more than just a quick fix to the 1-2 repair. Therefore, things should just be kept the same. Though I do agree there should be some exclusive reward for the max level players, since they really deserve it for putting in all that game time in to get to that level.
  4. I agree man the intro is a little meh in terms of getting players immersed into the perfect atmosphere, to add like you said the spawn locations sometimes don't make sense from a realistic standpoint since why would a counselor be chilling by the fire if Jason just came there lol. If GM ends up tweaking the intro and spawn locations on the map then this would make it reach that perfect status.
  5. Welcome !
  6. Yeah I completely agree GoodTime, it definitely needs to have a cool animation behind it.
  7. I have been gaming for most of my life, 22 now, FT13 isn't the best game ever that I have played, but I do really enjoy it and just love the game. I love the community, developers working day in and out to improve the game and listen to players' suggestions, and and the gameplay itself I find immersive for a huge fan of the horror genre.
  8. Hey everyone, so it just popped into my head and I think this would be a great element to place into the game. I think that there should be some traps that are fatal traps (traps that kill the counselors) that Jason can place besides the bear traps which injure and stun. Some examples could be like hidden death pit, a spiked road barrier that can destroy the car, hidden poison gas. I think this would add some variety into the game and also make Jason have some more deadly threats besides his weapon, bear traps and throwing knives.
  9. I definitely wana join this for sure ! I find it always kinda tough getting full game lobbies and this will completely eliminate that :). Also will get to network with other players passionate about this game like myself :). Add me xIISkillzllx ( just for reference the two first letters after the x are capital i and the two others next to the other x are lower case L lol).
  10. I agree on the retro Jason. Yeah I thought it was pretty cool seeing that they were doing a call back to the original game on NES which some people have even played (not myself unfortunately). However, I do agree with what everyone said the 8 bit music and the purple Jason kinda ruins the immersive experience of surviving in these environments, I appreciate the free DLC though, I just would never play that skin knowing that's what it does for those playing the counselors. Also, yeah I agree with the above comment since a talking Jason or one blasting music really ruins it for me playing as counselor
  11. Never knew this option existed. Very glad it does.
  12. Hi everyone, Add me on XBL xIISkillzllx, I'm a frequent player lvl 19 and looking forward to playing with some of you :).
  13. Nice to meet everyone. Add me on xbox to play Friday the 13th, xIISkillzllx is my gamertag. Reply with yours and I will add you back.