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  1. What is your favorite game in 2017?

    Friday the 13th, Zelda, and I know this came out Dec 2016, but I played it in 2017 and loved it!!! The Last Guardian
  2. Yes!! This is one of the best uses of Stalk. I learned this from someone I saw play a match as Jason about 6 months ago, it was amazing to see haha. Not many Jason's have the patience, but, if it works out, you can destroy counselor after counselor this way
  3. It's boring as heck, but this is what I have resorted to and it works for the most part. People have a seriously difficult time countering a slasher. They panic and don't know what to do so they end up dying. Also, using stalk as mentioned, is such a useful tool. It will absolutely help nab some of the more skilled players when they least expect it. There are just too many pocket knives to deal with. I still have to worry about med sprays, but I equip as many throwing knives as possible to chip away at a counselor's health in hopes to get the job done. Quick story about slashing - I was playing a match yesterday with a handful of Level 150's and the rest over Level 125. Apparently their mission was to kill Jason every single round and they must have succeeded every time before I joined the public match. I'm not the greatest Jason player and they were going off on me, telling me I was going down and all sorts of trash talk. Well, I managed to kill the sweater girl with five of them, including Tommy, knocking me to a pulp. That blew up their plans. Their reactions though were unbelievable. Everyone is so used beating the piss and/or killing Jason so often now that when it doesn't go their way they act like babies....and these were "seasoned" F13 players!! I had one of the Level 150's limping, but couldn't finish him off because he went and committed suicide through a window out of spite. Another one tried to do the same thing, he was a dick Chad, but I managed to stalk/shift and kill him before he could get that last climb through the window lol. Ultimately, I got 5/8, two escaped on the boat I lost track of. Unfortunately, it just showed me that folks have gotten too used to taking advantage of Jason with access to all of those weapons, pocket knives, and sprays. Most of them feel invincible now until you slash them to death lol
  4. I have resorted to slashing and have been fairly lucky, for lack of a better word, on most matches. Like you said earlier though, against a good group of counselors who know how to take advantage of Jason's new weaknesses, you'll maybe get 2 to 4 kills at most in a match. A lot of times for me, Jason's slash will go right through a counselor, I either have to be on the counselor's side or in front of them to connect. I've had instances where I slash, hit the counselor, and then I can't slash again for a good 5-10 seconds after pressing the attack button four or five times. It's like there's a timer before it can be used again sometimes like the knives. Oh, and if a counselor ducks down, I can't hit them at all unless I have a chance to get myself into combat stance and hope to connect that way. I have faith that they will balance things out as they continue to work on the game, so I'm not too worried. Adjusting my Jason play style to best compensate for the offset in favor of counselors has made me an even better killing machine than ever before
  5. Although he has really great strengths and his weaknesses have no real affect, he is definitely not OP. It's really difficult to slash with him since his weapon gets stuck often and his swing is slow where you can't effectively combat with counselors. With the adjustment to Jason's grab range, catching people is a bit more difficult to pull off. Add in that most counselors seem to end up with at least 1 pocket knife per match, yea.....it's tedious af being him sometimes
  6. As sad as I am to say this, I don't think any amount of adjustments will make friendly fire an un-trollable offense. Trolls find a way to exploit anything given the chance. When Paranoia comes out, have a blast!! Kill each other to your hearts content, but I think the main game should have counselors worrying about surviving Jason and not running away from troll counselors. Jason will be happy
  7. Agreed!! This forum and the subreddit are filled with super aggressive posts and most people are just angry or annoyed at one thing or another. I truly believe that everyone here genuinely enjoys this game, even with it's bugs/issues, but we definitely take having this game to play at all for granted. I'm glad the devs have a presence here, no matter how small. You rarely get this from any other game companies.
  8. So.. How about that patch?

    I'm thinking they will probably follow the same-ish schedule they have for patches. End of the month, so somewhere around January 29th to the 31st maybe?
  9. So, I'm not really sure how I feel about this, but I'm mostly confused by it. Something doesn't seem right. A few days ago, I noticed a seller on eBay who is selling pairs of Savini and Counselor Clothing Pack codes for both the PS4 and PC. Not gameshares or cracks, but legit codes. The PS4 codes have mostly sold for $180 and the PC codes for $110. Looking at this seller's feedback history shows he or she has easily made over $12,000!! 5+ pairs of codes go up for sale, they sell out, and 5+ more are up right after that like clockwork In the item description it even says "Contact me if you want international PSN codes"- Who has the ability to just obtain international codes like it's nothing?! I bought both codes the right way, by paying attention to this game and pre-ordering through the website. I don't want to get started on the whole "Savini was supposed to be exclusive" thing, but at this point it's a joke, just release him for sale at a normal price already. People are getting ripped off on eBay and it seems like this seller has enough codes to sell to everyone at a steep price
  10. I just found proof of this haha From a post that Wes made way back in March 2017: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/3559-jasons-fourth-ability-stalk-revealed/ Here's what he said specifically: Q: How long does Stalk remain once activated? A: If you stand still (don't move at all) it lasts for 3 mins. If you move around with Stalk active, it reduces dramatically. Meaning if you hit Stalk and then start walking, it will "burn" that ability off in about 20 seconds. 3 whole minutes, yea, you can scare the crud of some of the unexpected if you're in the right spot long enough hahaha
  11. Test it out when you get a chance Standing still definitely appears to burn Stalk a lot less as opposed to when Jason is walking or running.
  12. Stalk has become one of the most important abilities after the last couple of patches. I have used it to amazing effect, especially when someone jumps out of a window. I sometimes walk to the side of the window, activate stalk, and watch the counselor jump right back into the cabin, because they think I was using Morph. Also, Stalk lasts so much longer when you stand still in place. I once saw a Jason stand in place by the phone in Stalk mode while someone fixed the phone fuse at Packanack. The counselor had enough time to fix the fuse and go up to the room in the upper corner upstairs to get ambushed by Jason hahaha. I never heard someone scream as much as this guy, it was a high-pitched terror scream for sure lol So yea, being patient and taking your time, definitely works well, especially on some of those counselors who are used to juking Jason all match long. Watch them from a distance and go in for the surprise Stalk attack, they will never expect it
  13. This game is amazing for the fact that there are a huge number of females who love playing it just as much as men. Unfortunately, there are a lot of d-bags out there in the online gaming community. Personally, I experienced only one match where some a-hole was saying pretty vile things to a female player. I sent him a message, called him out for being a moron, and told him to shut his mouth. I received the expected response filled with curses, which I was so happy to get, because I sent that right through the PS reporting system. It may not do much, but it's something I guess. Hang in there, ignore the lowlifes, and keep playing!!
  14. The pan, pot, and wrench have the exact same stats They are some of the most durable weapons and they have above average ability to stun Jason. They're all weak in the damage department though.
  15. This!! Although not as good as a machete or axe, it's an adequate weapon to inflict damage with an above average durability
  16. This has happened to me numerous times, it sucks and needs to be fixed. One match, Jason wasn't around, but my friend wanted to drive so I got out of the car for him to get in. He said he couldn't get into the car, because I was in the way, meanwhile I was standing on the other side of the car. Regardless, I backed away from the car and he said I was still standing in front of the car. I had to go to the nearest cabin and climb through the freaking window for whatever this bug was to stop. The other times, I sprinted a good distance away from Jason after exiting the car, but suddenly I am in his grab hold. It's not that the force grab is back, it's that there's a definite "rubberband" bug.
  17. bloody savini

    Weird, I wonder why mine is still covered in blood. I'm not home, but will take a screenshot and upload it when I get home.
  18. bloody savini

    I still have my bloody skin on the physical copy. It's stuck like its always been since the first time I changed his skin. The "Change Skin" option is unavailable for him though. So, he's bloody when I play from the disc and not bloody when I play on the digital copy.
  19. It took me two months (Oct 25th to Dec 25th) of strictly hunting Tommy Tapes, but I finally completed the collection on Christmas Day!! I now have all Badges, Pamela Tapes, and Tommy Tapes collected
  20. In your video Anonymous, there's her head. She's hiding behind the desk
  21. As many have said, definitely the chimney glitch, you can see her red silhouette standing outside when you first walk up the back stairs at Packanack. She must have split before that 2 minute remaining warning came up, still crazy that you couldn't sense her though. I'm not sure I have had that happen to me yet, not being able to sense a counselor so late in the game
  22. On the PS4, there's a save file for character data (Emotes, clothing, perk layouts) That's not stored on the servers, I'm thinking XBOX would be the same
  23. I did the same this past weekend. I felt bad for some of the newer players and didn't want them to be discouraged about not killing anyone when Jason or dying all the time as a counselor. We need the noobs to continue on playing, the more the merrier I took a few under my wing and gave them pointers from both sides
  24. Can't wait for the next patch haha!! I also have 8 tapes now, but found 10 or 11 in total. I'm lucky compared to others who have found a number of dupes while only having 3 or 4 tapes