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  1. Yes that would work as well DLC with honey island swamp map
  2. He def needs to be implemented some way ..i think he should randomly pop out of spots that u try to hide in and scare you spew some of his lines then walk away
  3. Ya if u say so..... but good continuity gives me a I'll try to keep that rager going..instead of limping it up to director cheese..cuz real life fx teams don't really apply to "story" unless u wanna go all was craven new nightmare styles
  4. Ya if u wanna get all boring and real life about it
  5. Nice I dig it man..them hollywooders ain't got shit on us 😉
  6. As a boy Jasons body goes missing cops cannot find him they assumed he drowned ( Pamela has flash back while murdering shows bald mongaloid jason) Pamala kills everyone but Alice f13prt1 Alice hallucinates at the end Jason never really grabs her out the boat Stricken with grief over the murder of his wife Elias puts a sack over his head and heads into town to kill Alice..then proceeds to kill all the peeps in part 2 Ginny hallucinates at the end and she invisions Jason as a hillbilly with red hair and wut not... Elias greatly injured from his wounds slips out of the shack only to die shortly after.. but then the bald headed rapey mongaloid jason that has been living in the woods this whole time resurfaces and goes on a killing spree of his own prt 3 and 4
  7. Pamela stricken with grief of her presumed drowned son ..goes home digs out elias's old necromonmicon and starts reading it out loud hoping to get some answers since the cops cannot provide any...doing so awakens evil spirits that possess a couple of the locals and they go on there own killing spree.. That's why "jason" looks so different ..he is 2 different people Jason is never the killer...hes a legend Ginny
  8. Right cuz small town 80s cops couldn't have missed that...weve seen the law enforcement from Crystal lake and "Forrest green" ..maybe not the brightest bunch..did they even find Jason's body when he really did drown...? Or solve any of the other random curse things that happened ...couldn't find Ralph.. f13 2009 they aren't any better they didn't find any evidence of the counselors that got killed near the giant weed field lol..then bud bud just stumbles across gps on the thinking they coulda been staring right at drowned zombie boy while he was pulling her under and might still miss it
  9. Lightening brings Jason to should give him instant full rage
  10. Jason drowned as a boy then emerged the morning after his mother was killed as a zombie demon monster unless your gonna take wut a drunken Ginny suggests happens as a for sure thing