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  1. Had it been said or announced if Jason 4 will have a level requirement?
  2. Trish was her name....but the comeback character should be Mrs Jarvis since u never see her die..she comes back from a jog ready to kick ass and make sandwiches and they all outta bread
  3. I heard if u come back as Tommy on this map ur the corey version and the only way to escape is to beat Jason at a game of zaxon
  4. I know right ... see that kitchen I'm starving for a ...... Jarvis sandwich
  5. Your not the king You smell poor bro My dad would buy ur dad ?
  6. 12. Part 8 manhatten 11. part 6 lives 10. Part 9 hell 9. Part 5 new beginning 8. Part 10 Jason x 7. Part 7 new blood 6. Remake 5. Freddy vs Jason 4. Friday the 13th 3. Part 2 2. Part 3d 1. Part 4 final chapter I see Lot of people really love part 6 which is weird to me..i just don't dig the over the top comedy tree smiley faces..jason with bitch tits not imposing frame ...kool yellow gloves and utility belt ? Final chapter was the first Friday I ever seen as a kid and it got me hooked immediately some pack of patootsies Run that shit threw the ol computer Hey hottie got a sister ruff ruff
  7. Debbie from part 3....she was pregnant .that ain't right Jason...disappointed in you
  8. Knock his mask off ... stun him with sweater set gas tank beside him shoot it with the flare or shotgun blow his ass up
  9. Thank you
  10. How do i keep posting pictures and gifs n what not I did it in a post days ago expecting my limit to be daily but it never reset and I can post any more do to mb limit
  11. ?
  12. ?
  13. Own them all in vhs DVD and bluray documentaries as well ?
  14. Danny McBride is attached to this new Halloween either writing it or screenplay I forget but I trust him he brought his vision to John carpenter himself and got his blessing ...mcbride also had alot to do with the first couple underworld movies . So I havnt givin up on the new Halloween yet..and really could it get any worse then resurrection