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  1. He's definitely tricky if he makes good use of his traps. You'll probably have to use pocket knives, if you can find any, to disarm some traps. You may need to keep a medspray handy and tank or have someone else tank one or more. Occasionally it's fun to run a Vanessa with some medical perks and thick skin and spend the entire game setting off his traps and sprinting away, hopefully clearing them for someone to come in behind you and do some repairs. But if it's a public lobby, if you tank traps you'll wish you were able to also repair, because nobody else will a lot of the time - and if you're all set to repair things, you'll wish somebody was set up to come in and dispose of the traps for you, but most of the time nobody will. About the best you can do is ignore the phone - Part 2 is likely to have at LEAST 3 traps on that - and focus on fixing one of the vehicles. A boat is golden, because those are very hard to trap effectively on most maps. Of course, he may trust his traps to protect the car and phone, and attempt to keep a closer eye on the boat. Don't be afraid to fix up the 2 seater - that's the one where he'll usually skimp on traps a bit, in a pinch. If you can get it going and get you and one person out, that's better than nobody making it out. But assuming he puts, say, 3 traps on the phone, 9 times out of 10 (assuming 2 cars) he's going to put 1 trap on the battery and gas cap of each car. Now that's still not fabulous, but it's a lot easier to deal with 1-2 traps than 3-4 traps. If you can rally some people together you can kind of tank the traps and have people heal and then watch your back while you repair things - then try to stun him and get out. You can drop off parts and then try to get rid of the traps and run, either setting it up for someone else to fix them while you try and get away and hide, or try to shake Jason and then circle back and finish the repairs yourself. Normally I focus on calling the cops. If it's a Part 2 Jason my first thought is "Is there a boat?" If so, I'll focus on trying to fix that. If not, I'll try to locate the 2-seater and figure out if he double trapped it or went with a single one, and I'll focus on that. Otherwise you're going to have to disarm some traps, one way or another - tank them or spend whatever pocket knives you can get your hands on. But the phone is USUALLY not going to even be worth the trouble of attempting to clear, unless you're specifically set up to tank traps, heal and run.
  2. Punctuation, man. Punctuation. Pocket knives are fine. There's a limited number of them per map, and the odds of someone having 3 - while absolutely feasible, I've run around with 3 on multiple occasions myself - is pretty slim. And what's the saying? "Fool me once...?" Protip: give someone a few whacks before you try a grab kill on them. That way, if they have a pocket knife, unless they ALSO have a med spray they're not going to get very far while you shake the knife off - and if they DO have a pocket spray, using it will eat up most of the time you're stunned, letting you get back after them quicker. If you grab someone and they have a knife, just hack them if you don't want to risk another one. Otherwise just accept that they may have them and make them burn through their 'extra lives' as quickly as you can. Each one is one you don't have to worry about later. I think the big reason a lot of Jason players get upset about pocket knives is that they let themselves be put into situations where that pocket knife is the difference between someone escaping or not. Cops have arrived, you're trying to make a last stand in the road and stop all the remaining counselors from getting past you. That's a terrible spot to be in, because one knife, one shotgun, one well-placed firecracker and a bunch of them can go flooding past you. Don't BE in that position. If you make effective use of your traps, push them aggressively, make them burn through those kinds of resources early in the game and when they're within sight of an escape, pocket knives cease to be more than a minor annoyance.
  3. Thanks for the info. I get that there's some confidential stuff at play there. I have trouble believing this is correct. I'll have my buddy check and see if he still has Savini Jason, because he definitely downloaded his the day everyone realized they were up in the Microsoft store. I suppose it's possible that a very small percentage of people who downloaded it are also vocal here or on Reddit, but the people who are active tend to be very vocal (as you know) and I have yet to see more than one or two people claiming to have lost their Savini Jason. Certainly not groups of angry Xbox players who logged in and found them missing, as I'd expect. I'll be interested to see if my friend managed to hang onto his. He definitely grabbed it during the gold rush but I'm not sure he's been on since then, or ever used it, but it was definitely there when he looked recently. Unless they just took them away in the past few days or week?
  4. What exactly does this even mean? Those two statements together are very confusing. What date and/or time, precisely? And the second statement would seem to imply that any Savinis that MS was going to revoke have already been revoked, and that anyone who still has it will be keeping theirs, although the first statement is a little more weirdly ambiguous about it. It doesn't affect me one way or the other, I'm just a little confused by the ambiguity there.
  5. I believe the answer is no. I think Savini is exempt from that.
  6. Clearly they CAN get mad at those who got it for free. This thread is 61 pages, mostly of angry backers pissed off that their exclusive Jason leaked all over the place. Repeatedly. I should add: no judgment, I get why they're so mad. But clearly 'people shouldn't get mad at those who got it for free' would have been a more accurate statement of opinion than 'people CAN'T get mad,' which is a demonstrably untrue statement of fact.
  7. I have a buddy (don't worry, he never really plays) who grabbed it when it was in the MS store, just cuz hey - free Savini Jason. He still had his the other day when he looked.
  8. You spelled 'wookiee' wrong. 

  9. Yeah I think a permanent ban would be pretty crazy. But yeah I think if you're qutting a BUNCH of times in a short period and get a short ban, like you said, 24 hours or something, and say, a week probation, that would not be too bad. Behave during the probationary period and it resets. Quit early a bunch more times during that week, you get a week off, maybe.
  10. A couple of other points you might want to keep in mind. When you're running away from Jason, make use of the rear-facing camera to keep an eye on him (RB on Xbox). This is critical for a few reasons - rather than just sprint and burn all of your stamina the second he appears, I find it's usually better to make sure you get a little distance between you, then slow to a jog to conserve stamina while looking backwards to see what Jason is doing - and if he went after another target or is on your tail. You'll be able to see if he stops and lines up a throwing knife shot. This is great for two reasons. First, obviously you can start swerving and juking and make it harder for him to hit you and damage you, and second, if he's aiming a knife he's not moving - that gives you a great window for a quick sprint to add some more distance between you and him. Also, you'll be able to SEE when he's about to shift and try to close the gap on you. You can keep an eye on his red arrow on the mini-map as well - and absolutely should - but looking behind you you'll be able to see which Jason he is (which tells you how fast his shift is and how much ground it'll cover), and see the moment that he crouches and vanishes as he launches it. In my experience that makes it easier to time your juke better - if you're a ways off and start sprinting the SECOND he shifts, he may be able to change course and follow you (ironically easier to do with some of the slower shifting Jasons). If you see him shift, wait a second or two, THEN suddenly kick in with a change of direction and speed, he's already committed to his line of attack and anyone with Jason experience knows how screwy the camera can get when you're shifting and how hard it is to change direction quickly once you're in it. Giving him just a second to get up to speed on a line of approach and then suddenly sprinting off at a sharp angle and not being there will force him to either badly overshoot or to drop out early and either way his shift is burned and you've gained some ground on him.
  11. I'm still waiting for them to do another double XP weekend or something. They did the one way back and it was honestly a joke - I referred to it as "Single XP Weekend" because the game, particularly on Xbox, was so unstable that at best the 2x multiplier was helping you approach the amount of xp you would have been getting if the game simply worked. I have zero worries about a rage quitting ban being fair. First off, they're not just going to perma-ban anyway, I think they referred to the possibility of a 'soft ban' or temporary ban. Second, it would only target people who were showing a pattern of repeatedly quitting matches early. As I've said before, if your connection is SO bad it's confusing a system designed to detect and flag habitual rage quitters, you have bigger issues than worrying about a temporary ban. The dedicated servers, allegedly on the way, will solve the #1 problem, which is the HOST quitting. Everything else is relatively small potatoes. I won't shed a tear if they go after people who constantly rage quit, or troll quit to screw Jason out of kills and xp, but it's also more of an annoyance and less of a gamebreaking problem than the host quitting is.
  12. Probably so that you can't be sure if he actually teleported or not. If there was a definitive noise that it made when he morphed, it would kind of take the piss out of using stalk to psych people out.
  13. I see a fair amount of part 2, but also a lot of Part 3, 6, and 8. I agree that 2 has a ridiculous number of traps. I think reducing traps to like 3/4/5 for the different Jasons would make a lot more sense than 3/5/7 but oh well. I do think Savini overall is the strongest Jason (not sure anyone has called him 'all powerful') but the current patch is fairly hostile to him in a few subtle ways, which may also be pushing people to use some of the other Jasons more. And for the record, in my experience, the people using Savini Jason have never been the "pay to win" ones. It's the people annoyed when they see someone ELSE playing him who start hollering about 'pay to win.' You've got it backwards. And people may have to just bite the bullet at this point and deal with the fact that Savini Jason is no longer exclusive, whatever the intent was. Even if they manage to finally clamp down and prevent him from ever being released again, that ship has sailed. How many people bought him on PS4 and were allowed to keep him? How many people bought one of the file share Savinis on Xbox, or downloaded him free from the Microsoft Store? You think they're going to turn around and take him back at this point? They talked real tough about it. And then they walked back their tough talk and said they were looking into it. And then they said they were still trying to figure it out. And when IS the last time someone from Gun actually stepped foot in this thread and commented on it? Promised they were still looking into taking him away from people? Seems an awful lot like they just quietly dropped the subject and ware waiting for all the indignant protests from backers to die down at this point. I think the people who have him, have him, and I don't think he's going anywhere after this long.
  14. Can they still hit you through a half-broken door? I'm honestly not sure if they changed the physics on just Jason's swing mechanics or if they did it to the counselors too. I'd say if that's a one way street favoring the counselors that's a bad change. I'm not a big fan of it in general, because one of the advantages of Savini Jason or Part 6 was the reach of their weapons allowing you to pretty reliably give people a good whack as they stood up after having jumped through a window. I think it's another case where they were trying to fix one or two specific issues and threw the baby out with the bath water by instituting big blanket mechanical changes without considering all of the potential ramifications of doing so. But that seems to be their MO.
  15. Doubtful. I don't know all of the intracacies of contract law but the character is owned by the creators or the corporation and I can almost guarantee you that the actor's contracts made it pretty clear they were giving up the rights to their likeness with regards to the potrayal of that character. Only pretty big name, very recognizable stars can get away with forcing them to make a 'generic' version of a character they played, because they maintain strict control of their likeness rights.