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  1. I talked to someone that said they got the kickstater version with access to information from the developers. He told me he was a member on the forum. He said Pamela Voorhees was going to be added with a new game mode. This was before the DLC road map image. He had dates too. Soon. Don't believe everything you hear, see or read. If it's real the developers will release the info.
  2. If Jessica Cox can do can Tiffany Cox.
  3. I don't always find all I need in a match. Would be a nice option to be able to pick up more than one item. I'm not going to be a jerk about it though.
  4. I knew I have seen the black spot somewhere before. @lHeartBreakerl @Alkavian @Max Walker @AldermachXI @Truth @DamonD7 @Tattooey @TheHansonGoons @Muffinsfressnapf @Brigadius
  5. Challenge accepted! Level 101 on Xbox One. 576 hours played. 1,360 counselors killed. 512 times killed by Jason. 3,180 doors destroyed. Only need 3 achievements left. 1,000 matches as a counselor. 500 matches as Jason. 1,000 matches as Jason. Playing as Jason 1000 matches is the hardest achievement to earn on a console. No dedicated servers. Hosts rage quit too often. Lost connection issues. Game crashes. Quickplay is a broken mess filled with no mics, trolls and quitters. Private matches everybody leaves the lobby or will not join you if you always select yourself as Jason. You can go hours or days without getting selected as Jason. When you do get to play him you can now spawn to your death at the start. My game plan after I get 1,000 matches as counselor is to start hosting private matches as Jason 24/7. The trick is to make an LFG post with the tag ''MIC OPTIONAL" "FEMALE IN LOBBY". Fills up fast. I'm not going to spend years grinding away for 1 achievement on a game I'm already burnt out on from lack of content and game modes. I am at 50% for 500 matches as Jason. 25% for 100 matches. 250 matches completed With 576 hous played. Game won't count host quits, crashes, bugs or lost connections. Only completed full matches. If I ever reach 100% for all achievements I will take a very long break from the game.
  6. Somebody likes this. Thank you for the information. When I first noticed it I was thinking we had a new forum member named somebody who had unlimited likes.
  7. You are unequivocally veracious. 💯%
  8. Somebody posted this but still likes it anyways.
  9. Even a robot can show emotion once in awhile Good thing is name is not Jason. @[IllFonic]Courier The spelling of his name is dangerously close to mine. Aaron
  10. I see someone is a speed looter. Vanessa running those marathons every match. I have 4 tapes. No duplicates found so far.
  11. I checked online and did not see it on Redbox. Guess I'll have to ''rent'' the game used from Gamestop.
  12. Somebody likes this.
  13. Doing a hard reset two times on my Xbox One S fixed the issues I had at first. The DLC worked fine after that. Hold the power button down for 15 seconds until the system shuts down and controller turns off. Wait 10 seconds. Then turn the system back on.
  14. Guess we don't need the in game report feature now that everyone is unbanned. With the new emote party pack 1 everyone will be dancing on the ceiling soon.
  15. The loot system for Overwatch and rolling a perk system on Friday The 13th have much in common. Both give you duplicates and make you feel you wasted your time grinding for them. That is why I deleted Overwatch a long time ago. It too did not have enough content or game types.