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  1. I just had a game a few minutes ago where I did nothing out of the ordinary and found a tape. I did not critique the clip (aside from trimming it down), but be my guest and see if I had done anything worth noting. (F.Y.I.- In a previous match, 2 players were Jason/counselor holding hands killing us, that is what the match opens with me talking about)
  2. That is the point of it. If it is being properly tracked, a network hiccup shouldn't count against you. Even if it did, as long as you are not the type to leave often, it should never be a problem for you. As long as no more glitches are found, prompting legit players to leave because a few monkey spanks are abusing something or trolling, it should be better from here on out.
  3. I hope that the new music is a bit more intense, closer to the NES original MIDI score. I will agree, the current track is fine (aside from some audio levels that could use adjusting, it's a wee too low), but it is missing a certain "dread" feeling when you hear it. Anything extra adjusted or added to him will probably be for the best (could be a new kill, like a "Stone Bash" (listed as Stoned after killed): Jason grabs a stone from the ground and either bashes them with it, or throws it like a baseball into a counselors face. It would be paying homage to the NES game and its various weapons).
  4. After reading through their Code of Conduct and EULA (along with the preview of next patch notes), I feel that the team is getting a better hold of their own game. Zero tolerance on major offences, possible soft bans for excessive leaving live lobbies, fixing map exploits AND items sinking into the ground, not to mention the extras in the form of emotes and map variants. I'm excited for the future of the game! I just hope the next patch includes the EULA to agree to like all online games so we can keep this game on the right track without the mass cesspool we've delt with for months.
  5. This just happened to me. I heard a car start up and opened my map up with Morph without meaning to. I wanted to hit O to close the menu, but my finger slipped and I hit X, wasting my Morph and placing me NOWHERE near the fleeing car with a total of 4/8 for the game. I felt like Homer dialing a phone.
  6. The way it is coded, the only benefit would be, as others said, possible improved texture loading, a slight resolution bump (if not already at full 1080p), and a bump to fps if there were dips before (if it ran a few frames under 30 it would now be locked 30, no magical bump to 60fps). Either way, I'll take it. No improvement while running in Boost Mode that I can tell, so here's to hoping there is a Pro patch in the future.
  7. Would it be possible in the current build of the game (with some tweaks and adjustments) to add the option for Jason to have more kills to select during a match? I believe in theory it could work if during a grab, Jason held L1 (or the equivalent on whichever platform) to bring up four more kills to use (just like when activating an ability when not holding a counselor).
  8. I would not be surprised if there was no variation for Savini. If there is, it may be too dark to really notice (same for Part 8 aside from on his mask).
  9. It's not so much the look of Retro that bothers me, but the music. His look is close enough to the source in a full 3D model (though Part 8 may have been better, seeing as he was the cover for the NES game) but I wish the music was MUCH closer to the NES version. When Jason was around, the MIDI music became menacing. This Jasons music makes me feel like I'm playing Fester's Quest or something, leading me down a corridor. In a perfect scenario for me, any time someone uses Retro Jason, the background music for the current match would play either the in-game music or the counselor select music from the NES game, and when Jason was near it would play his attack MIDI files.
  10. I'm still confused. Does this mean physical backers get nothing at all and only later-pressed RETAIL copies have this extra content (as a redeemable token), or is this more a concern for digital-only buyers?
  11. Am I missing something? I know they said there will be 2 variations of Bloody Jason (I assume just mirroring the blood left to right) for digital or physical, but as a backer of a physical copy, wouldn't I be getting both versions because of the digital copy we got for free? Or are you talking about something else?
  12. That's DAMN good coffee.
  13. Console: PS4 PSN ID: RustInPeace13 Just began a private room (empty for now) if anyone is interested in joining. If only a few join, we'll try my idea I posted in the Suggestions area. Otherwise, all welcome (mic wanted, but not req.)
  14. I'd say the sudden surge of TKing (for me it took about 3 weeks after initial reports of blatant attacks before I personally had it happen on PS4, then BAM! Every other 2 or 3 games), and the lack of host migration (either sudden disconnections or a host rage quit) SHOULD keep me away... But if I said any of that I'd be lying because I've stuck through all of the garbage players/rage quitters and glitches with 99% of my games through Quick Play. I love the game THAT MUCH (for what it was meant to be even with the risk of ACCIDENTAL TKs)! When you know you are in a room with everyone of the same mentality of legitimate play, win or lose (live or die), it is a million times more entertaining than anything I've ever played.
  15. I have a few ok matches I guess: Fast forward to about 3 mins for first video