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  1. 1. Budget 2. Time 3. Team size 3. Because parts 6 & 7 are basically just different sides of Crystal Lake, unless 6 is in the same area as Part 1 (and renamed Camp Forest Green for Part 6 for that matter), 8 needs a clear idea of if it is a city map, boat map, or a cross between the two (I pitched something like that in the Suggestions section), and 9 is anyones guess. The Part VIII suggestion:
  2. You are somewhat correct. Strength is both for better stun chances/times and at removing his mask using a bladed weapon, leading to a Jason kill. Damage weapons (bladed weapons) are better used when going for a kill, otherwise, always grab a stun weapon (bat, 2x4, wrench, stick/pipe) when trying to evade or escape. Keep in mind, ALL attacks on Jason (on top of passage of time) are filling his Rage meter faster, so be sure you know how to handle him before you all assult him and piss him off.
  3. Any of the people saying it is ok apparently would be PERFECTLY FINE with the same method applied to them, is this correct? You wouldn't start bitching into your mic or rage quit, would you? No, of course not because "its not a glitch or exploit since it doesn't say, word for word, "You can't park cars in front of doors as a barricade."" So enjoy sitting around for X minutes as the other players "outsmarted" you, those who endorse this behavior. And just a little heads up, because people like this abused the TK feature (was supposed to be a risk/reward situation intended for the game, NOT a troll method) so badly, enough people complained to have it removed. Here is to hoping enough people complain about your "outsmart Jason" tactics.
  4. Aside from the door problem, you DO always hear him coming (before Stalk). Before he even starts hitting any windows or doors, if he is walking around a cabin outside, you can hear him stomping around. Only now with the recent patch does Stalk work properly, eliminating all sounds Jason makes (aside from actively hitting something or pulling a throwing knife out of a wall).
  5. I guess you haven't played on the small maps yet, then?
  6. I pointed this out at least a month ago under the impression that it was a bug/ audio glitch, but was told "that's how it is". This still hasn't either been adressed by any dev OR fixed if it is a bug. If I can hear windows at the other side of the cabin being broken or hear a car outside starting up (with me at the furthest end of a large cabin), why can't I hear doors being broken? Even if you are staring at Jason burst through the furthest door you can't hear it. Apparently, sound is only a thing if it is NOT involving a door or if you are three feet away from an assault on a door.
  7. I have a Pro too, but Boost Mode does nothing for this game. I tried it out a few times hoping it would smooth things out but nothing noticeable at all. Most drops are usually from latency/ connections. Others (like when entering some cabins or just sometimes an entire match is dropping frames but not the next match) is something with the game itself. The most recent patch hasn't gotten rid of the random drops but it has helped a little. As you stated, I hope there is a Pro patch in the future (which could be a possibility if something said a few months ago holds any weight).
  8. If you are going into private games with shit like this, you got some terrible friends/ players you know and need new ones. Public is just an extension of the dregs of Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook (you know, those nice friendly places to meet people and have healthy conversations).
  9. Maybe it is a regional thing. @BoxingRouge doesn't have the invite problem but he DOES have two trophy lists. This whole situation under the umbrella (disc/digital compatibility, disc locked (kinda) DLC, trophy lists that do or don't merge, etc...) is confusing.
  10. Atmosphere (like the rain) is one thing, but the immersion took a hit (for me, anyway) as soon as 2,3,4 Chads/Nessas/AJs are in a lobby running together. Its funny, but that breaks it just as much as a "purple monstrosity" does, but I've been over it for a while now. I just want Retro to have music MUCH closer to the original NES game and I'd be happy with that (although it would probably come with some licensing fees).
  11. If I understand what you mean by this correctly, last night while playing with @BoxingRouge, he said that his trophies were popping up either as he did certain actions he already had from the digital version, or after a match would complete. It seems that they DO merge after completing just one action related to the various trophies.
  12. In regards to the topic and your experience, I had not had a similar one. I was running off the digital version yet able to play with @BoxingRouge, who was on the physical disc, before the servers shit the bed earlier this afternoon on PS4. Not sure what causes your (so far) unique problem. Might want to report it to their bug website,, if no solution or information comes out sometime soon.
  13. I believe he is basically dead silent in Stalk now (which is great!). I've had at least one really good scare on each @pioneer67fkd and @BoxingRouge using Stalk since the update. Nothing I hated more than activating Stalk and hearing my own footsteps when the audio got quiet. Stalking from outside to inside a cabin was nearly useless because of it.
  14. I think there is some miscommunication going on. The volume in question (I believe) is the UE4 intro, GUN logo intro, and Illfonic intro. Nothing while in-game. As soon as the main menu loads, the volume is back to normal.