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  1. I had someone stand on top of one of the exits on Packanack. He taunted me because I couldnt hit him. I told him Inwas recording it and he the map and died. I laughed. Can't wait for these to be fixed.
  2. On and currently steaming. Come join in!
  3. I'll be on around 10 central and will probably be on for a while.
  4. Tomorrow afternoon I will be down to play. It is pretty much the only thing I have planned so I will more than likely be on all night.
  5. Chad in a speedo while wearing his normal sweater combo is what we really need. Embrace it, love it.
  6. Welcome to the forums! There is actually a community on the ps4 that has alot of the forum members here in it. Camp Crystal Lake Employment Agency is the name. If it is anything like the Xbox group then you will have a great time playing with them!
  7. I can already see all the thumbs up screenshots over Jason filling up my activity feed lol
  8. All aboard the hype train. Choooo Choooo! The hype is real. Can't wait to see more info.
  9. Yep. Very seldom do I use quick play.
  10. Luckily I have never had to suicide to spite a Jason. I stick to lobbies with people I know and I can trust to play the game and have positive experiences with.
  11. I may hop on and play a few before I go to sleep.
  12. With work the next few nights, my play time will be limited to a few hours at random times during the day. If I see anyone on I'll shoot some invites.
  13. Knocked off Jason's mask 6 games in a row but the Tommy messes up at the end, or the sweater girl lol. Gonna get this soon enough! GGs Slapnuts was fun for the bit that you played. I may have openings in lobby still if interested anyone.
  14. Still on and playing. Have room. Gamertag is Deadlytaco88
  15. On and will be pretty much all night.