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  1. The PS4 comes with a mike, in fact it’s the one that I use, and everyone tells me that it works perfectly. I don’t know for sure, but I think the XB1 comes with one too.
  2. Watch the original movie, and fast forward to the very last scene before the credits. You will see him pull Alice out of the boat, and can clearly see him. I forget which movie it is, but there is one that shows a flash-back of when Jason drowns. You can tell he was sick as a kid, but I don’t believe that they say much about it.
  3. Then we are obviously not playing the same game. When I break windows, I get them to talk. The player doesn’t nessesarily hear it, even though it’s their character, but I can hear it. The player not hearing it is probably a bug, as I know i used to hear it when playing a counselor.
  4. We never said that, we only said windows and doors. While doing that, if you HEAR someone talk due to fear, and you have a surround sound system, you know exactly where to look. You might also see their ping, now that pings work correctly.
  5. Exactly! It’s only a few more seconds than it takes for morph to refresh.
  6. Noobs...noobs, an easy killl. Trick or Treat, it’s time to eat! We were all newbies at some time. Better players, will explain things when asked, but the newbies need a mike to ask questions. If you don’t have a mike, there is no mercy. If you do have a mike, I promise to treat you with the best fright ever, and a maniacal laugh, before dealing the killing blow. For @Dandan10: https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mike.
  7. Jason will almost always go to the phone house first. If you are in it, or near it, run away until he leaves. He may get sense while he’s there, and will see you in any nearby house. The areas around cars is usually next, especially the 4 seater. Then comes the main house, which is usually near one of the above objectives. Some Jasons will see anyone around the main house at the beginning, as easy kills. The last objectives are all the remaining power transformers. By this time, he usually has shift, so get out of dodge. The bottom line is, for the first 2-3 minutes, if you hear Jason’s music (not his ability increase music), RUN! You will get away as long as you can get out of sight quickly. Unless you are easy pickings, I won’t chase anyone until my objectives are complete. Good luck, and may you die a gloriously horrible death!
  8. During spectator mode they added zoom-in/out. Is that what you are referring to?
  9. All Jasons and councelors have maps that the player is good on, and maps that the player is bad on. It would be nice if we could setup a mapping of which Jason and which counselor that we’d like to use for each specific map, or group of maps (i.e. small vs normal, or a selected grouping). Then in the lobby, you either use mapped selections (this functionality), random (currently option), or fixed selection (current option).
  10. I play him sometimes just because it is so silly. To bad they only show his normal skin in the intro now.
  11. I play on the PS4 and figured out that you need to be aligned up with the door almost perfectly. If your swing should be at an angle, or it hits the door frame in any way, it will take additional hits. While I’m aligned correctly (who’s to say what is correct in this game), I can break down any door in 2 hits. Also, I have noticed that if a player is behind the door, and your swing hits them, it will take additional hits as well. I am a software developer, and there is no excuse for these stupid mathematical mistakes that Illfonic keeps making, time and time again.
  12. I will agree that there are issues, but I will not agree with it as an overall statement. Some Jasons do better on the small maps, others do better on the larger maps. It would be nice if they allowed us to define which Jason, and which counselor, that we'd like to play by map, offline, outside of a lobby. And to also set either by type (i.e. normal map, small map). That being said, immediately after hitting level 44 this morning, I changed my Jason to IV, and that match I was Jason on the Jarvis map. To be honest, I thought that I was going to suck, as I was having trouble with the bugs that all Jasons have, not being able to perform a special action after shifting. I setup my trap points, started taking out power transformers, and everything was going well until someone nearby caught my eye, so I went after them with a shift. I got stuck in some weird animation, not being able to grab or perform any other special action. After figuring out how to get out of it (just swinging fixed it), I started going after pings. I will say that pings are FINALLY WORKING! In the past four months, pings have never worked consistently or correctly, for me. Chasing down the pings, I was doing pretty well. One by one, I was taking them all out. One guy was having too much fun going from cabin to cabin, jerking me around, so I decided to save him for later. By the time I got RAGE, I had already killed 4/8, and that one jerk was all out of tricks, so I went after him. I also forgot to mention that I had just purchased the crotch shot, and I saved it for him. The last 3 were icing on the cake, as all three were right next to each other, and I took them out in and around the main house. My first Jason IV, on the Jarvis map, and I got 8/8 with 8 minutes let on the timer. If anything, I would suggest that ALL JASONS GET 2 OR 3 MORE TRAPS THAN THEY CURRENTLY GET!
  13. I think that you are misunderstanding the math. Each counselor should be dying 7 out of 8 matches on average against a good Jason. That means sometimes more, sometimes less. But on average, about 1 person gets out per match. That is somewhat how the game used to work about 3.5 - 4 months ago, and it was a hell of a lot more fun trying to get away from Jason, even though you knew that you were only delaying the inevitable. I would also say that the time alive score should be doubled or trippled though, which would really make people try, even though they know that they are going to die. These never ending chases are not fun for Jason, or those watching, so they need to end. Either get out, or DIE A GLORIOUS DEATH!!!
  14. Counselors should be dying 7 out of 8 games IMHO. Counselors definitely need more nerfing, Jason's stun time slightly reduced. No one should be able to get the car started after a stun.
  15. "Nerves of Steel" does not prevent the loss of mini-map. It was working a little over 2 months ago, but stopped working with the PS4 patch almost immediately after that.