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  1. It would be nice if the morph target location centered on your CURRENT location, instead of always being in the center of the map. As it stands, I'm always trying to figure out where I am on the map, wasting precious time when trying to morph out of a building.
  2. @EspionageCosmo Perhaps a combination of both of our ideas may make it into the game. It's a complicated issue, and it's rather unlikely that a single solution will work in all cases. It would be funny if the physics were left in force, and people went flying around like rag dolls, but took no damage. This reminds me of a PS3 game that I used to play.
  3. @Camp_Blood_Killer It is becoming more of a problem as more people,learn about it. Instead of risking being caught in the car, groups of counselors are doing this. I've never seen a sole person try this, just groups. And using any mechanic in a way that gives you 100% invulnerability, and is not intended, is cheating as defined in the rules.
  4. @Definitelynotjason Unfortunately, this is already a problem, especially when the player and Jason are working together. I've been mowed down several times by players doing this, just to get laughs. Even if you know that they are doing this, it is sometimes very difficult to get out of the way, just like it is difficult to Jason to get into the path of the vehicle. P.S. I am a developer, and have been for 40 years now.
  5. Driving up to a building with a single desctructable door is starting to become an issue. Instead of using the vehicle to escape, some players are choosing to just block the door of a single destrucable door building, and wait out the timer. This not only pisses off Jason, but it also pisses off the other players. My idea to eliminate this is 2 fold. FIrst off, if any part of vehicle is within n distance (say 5 feet?) of any destructible door, of any building, and Jason is within say 10-15 feet of that vehicle, then Jason should immediately enter, and remain in, Rage mode, if he already isn't in Rage mode. This is the first part of the penalty for making Jason ANGRY! The second part involves making the vehicle completely destructible in a brilliant explosion. As long as the vehicle is within the specified distance to the destructible door, Jason should have the ability to trigger an explosion that totally destroys the vehicle by blasting it into small pieces that can kill counselors, as the pieces fly away from "ground-zero". Walls, trees, and rocks should offer protection from the flying debris, but this is the penalty for mis-use of the vehicle. Also, the trigger should have a 10 second countdown timer, to allow counselors to get away. This would be a great mechanic, and penalty for pissing off Jason.
  6. This is for the developers: if you were to add invisible retractable counselor guards (like the cow guards that trains used to have), you could push counselors out of the way of moving vehicles without causing any damage to them. While the vehicle is stopped, the guard would be retracted into the vehicle. Before moving forward, the forward guard would slide out and push counselors aside, before the vehicle starts moving. The physics would need to be toned down, or turned off, for when a vehicle hits a counselor at speed, but that should be extremely easy to account for. The same goes for moving backwards. The guard has no effect on Jason, so he can still stop the vehicle. This should completely eliminate all TKing via vehicle. Obviously there will be some tuning required, but I don't see any situation that can't be overcome.
  7. For those concerned about people holding onto resources and preventing their use, there are options. I would assume that the player kick ability will be rolled out with this change. That will allow the party to kick unruly players. Additionally, on the PS4, if you add these players to your Block List, you will never be grouped with them again, on any game. For other platforms, I don't know what options they have, but they probably have a similar blocking system.
  8. There should truly be 2 public lobbies that you can enter, 1 where players can't damage other players, and 1 where players can damage other players. This assumes that GunMedia supports TKing in some form. From my previous experience with MMOs, less than 10% of the players of a game are interested in being able to kill other players at any time and w/o warning. More than half the people that I have been playing with have stopped playing for one reason or another, but they all agree that they won't be coming back as long as it is possible to attack other players, aside from Jason.