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  1. Zoo is correct. Imvhho. PS4 mute, mutes both ways. Denying a stalking Jason the ability to overhear chatter and info, is cheesy. Jason doesn't have a walkie, so what he hears is proximity based. Mute isn't "glitching", not exactly, but it is attempting to gain an IG advantage, by bypassing the proximity hearing of Jason.
  2. Definitely going to focus on the tapes tonight. From what I'm reading, the mask isn't the issue. On/off either way, isn't affecting finding tapes. I wonder if it is duplicate counselors? Rare is the match I've seen, that there isn't 3 aj's or two Vanessa's. Maybe by only using Tiffany, op avoided the duplicate characters. Add me on PS4, and I'll help run tests.
  3. I've heard "for the exp", and "to survive". Those are the two most common excuses from glitchers. 20 minutes of standing doing nothing, for 200 xp. That's the logic. Most of us know you can rack up FAR more xp, by doing things, and dying or escaping, in ten minutes, and then starting a new match. Glitchers are stupid. Or trolling. Or both.
  4. Thanks. That's good info. We will find the pattern.
  5. True. And even worse, they get no invite the next time a lobby is being filled. Denying cheaters the fun and laughs of a good lobby/group, is the real punishment.
  6. This. If I try to record everything offensive on the internet, I won't have much free time to enjoy the game. Mute them. Then their words are no longer able to break your bones.
  7. Wat? Did you break the rules? If yes, you might be banned. If no, then you won't be banned. "Faulty moments".
  8. The blue dot is a reference to.... No, I got nothing. I was going to make up some weird theory, but screw it, I've no idea.
  9. This is a good plan. I'll try to get a group going to test some tonight. I agree that there is a "trick" involved. Or "conditions" that need to be met. 1) each counselor in a match (not 5 aj's) 2) specific Jason vs specific counselors in a specific map 3) counselor proximity to Jason's cabin 4) possible clothing choices to increase odds To name a few possibles. Clearly, it isn't just random. There's conditions.
  10. Because there are hot chicks there? My question: where are Tommy's eyebrows, and why didn't he bring more than 1 shell?
  11. Oh, then you should refrain from commenting on topics that you believe are over.
  12. "He" wasn't aware of things because reasons.. But he knew how to do the roof glitch? And send messages? Your story seems to be um... what's the word I'm looking for...
  13. Work. Dammit. I've asked my wife to get a second and third job, so I can stay home and play games, but she is being very selfish and won't do it.
  14. Vader does have the best groups. No doubt.