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  1. I don’t mind the animation but I haven’t hurt a counselor going through window since they first added it. That needs to be fixed whether they keep the animation or not.
  2. No it really doesn’t make sense. Not a backer so no skin in game, but it stil looks bad and that’s the truth. People who paid are still waiting a week out so they could accommodate people who might pay, and that is simply a shitty look.
  3. Next one will be a 3, and together they mean update on 31st
  4. Well, at least they got the Savinnis that no one else got. :-)
  5. We shall see. I do feel the snowflake could be seasonal, but will be shocked if jack o lantern is not Halloween no matter what has been said. I also think of all months for two updates this is it. It’s a horror game and Halloween is perfect time to drop content. Plus next counselor is likely done or close as they showed her off, clothes cannot be that hard to add, and they were doing motion cap for kills a while ago I think.
  6. Before Halloween we get second counselor, kills and clothes obviously. Before Christmas we get fast paced Jarvis map and everything else at some point, and soon after we get the retro redux Jason. Final Jason and map are parts 5.
  7. I appreciate them, but want focus on all new maps until roadmap finished. I consider them more a new mode than a true map.
  8. I’m with you. It’s going to live game areas and using legit game assets to protect themselves, and just doesn’t rub me wrong the same as glitching into nonplayableareas off the intended grid. Just far too creative in my book to warrant a ban. Devs should fix it to add breakable wall though.
  9. If they add other ways to hurt car like slashing tires I’d take that. Otherwise I agree they should make a certain number of stops the death of the car.
  10. I give the devs much credit for what they have accomplished. But adding a Monday double XP does not make up for lost weekend double XP. People have jobs after all.
  11. Possible that he was in the cabin already when you barricaded the doors.
  12. I've seen idiots trying to team kill while working with / for Jason. Its kinda comical now. One moron was left at the police station to stop people from escaping while his buddy checked other parts of the map. Everyone ran by the idiot while he swung and swung and swung. If he was a recent unban, that would make it twice as funny.
  13. What part of a group of counselors running from . . . Did you miss before that epic rant? I’m referring to the times in the game 4 or 5 people are being chased as a group. Would seem stupid to me because 5 Adams b Chads would just surround her and resolve the situation as she’s not supernatural and just crazy.
  14. Different tastes I suppose. Agree to disagree on this one.