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  1. It's a boy, could be new male councilor maybe one with good repair.
  2. I joined on the ps4 side & will be on tonight around 6pm cst.
  3. Idea if were still looking for a name for counselors part of group or community called crystal lake employment agency, how about Hodder's Heroes.
  4. I wonder if we'll be able to do single player on both the old large maps and new smaller ones.
  5. Thanks guys I play on ps4 JayBone_Greenly lvl 84 & enjoy this game a bunch.
  6. PSN# JayBone_Greening lvl 84, loving this game but Just picked up Hellblade & lovin' it too.
  7. Sup guys was reading the forums, then got to the end & saw that they had finally unlocked them & joined been waiting for a while. Just trying to follow the rules so what's up guys.