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  1. Looks like someone asked on Twitter about the Pamela Tapes(see attached image) and their response was, "We don't do tips or spoilers Troy! But there maybe a trick to finding them..." I know in the last Twitch stream with Randy he mentioned the drop was extremely low which implies it is random. So is this just their Twitter support speaking out of turn or maybe didn't get a memo? If their is indeed a trick what could it be? People are already coming up with theories about wearing the Pamela sweater and searching drawers for it to spawn in. Either way with news of this, looks like their are some more secrets in the game to be unlocked.
  2. Looks like the F13 support page is still up actually. Just found it but the last retweet or tweet is from Aug. 2017. They seem to still be replying but it is just telling people to post on Jason kills bugs.
  3. Hey someone necroed my thread! Funny enough that F13 support page is gone. I guess they got tired of giving out bad info.
  4. That wasn't the reason why. TL;DR: That wasn't the reason why.
  5. It kinda makes sense. That shack only has one way in and one way out. The warning is right away as soon as they enter. If Jason hears it and morphs instantly, they are stuck or at least now have to go head to head with Jason. Before the Jason nerf patch it used to work well. Not so sure about now though. That's my understanding of it.
  6. Seriously

    It is pretty messed up but at least he is taking ownership of the mistake by full responsibility for it and admitting fault. That's something Gun rarely does or has done. It sucks but this is his first blunder like this. I think we can cut him some slack. It would be different if it was all the time.
  7. You didn't miss much. It was just this person being really creepy and pervy.
  8. Obvious troll is obvious
  9. This Thread Is Done

    There is a video on YouTube and Reddit. Someone data mined the game and saw a bunch of valentines day clothes and new kill animations.
  10. This Thread Is Done

    It's already in the game I believe. That's how people found out about it cause they data mined the PC version. I guess they said no new updates but nothing about asking people for more money with paid DLC. The only other thing I can think of is the single player demo. I would be really surprised if that was the case.
  11. This Thread Is Done

    Well hold on tight cause it looks like they are going to drop some more news today... https://twitter.com/ShiftySamurai/status/961229714378711040?ref_src=twcamp^share|twsrc^m5|twgr^email|twcon^7046|twterm^0 Who wants to bet it's paid DLC for underwear and Valentine's day clothes?
  12. I think it is still like playing the lottery for people. They get amped up and buy a ticket, only to lose and wonder why they bought it and wasted their money. Only to hear about how big the jackpot is next week and buy another ticket. Rinse and repeat.
  13. Exactly. I am not upset at the new engine announcement. That is awesome and it does suck we have to go so long without updates but for this the juice is worth the squeeze. What I think more people are upset is how long it took them to finally come clean about it. It shouldn't have taken 5 months of them saying they are coming soon to finally say sorry. they are not coming soon. I think more people are mad at how it was handled than the actual news of the wait. I honestly do not think they are coming but I have been wrong plenty times before.
  14. Toxic Community

    A big thing that could help with this is Jason being able to do kills from the ground. "Oh you guys all want to teabag me cause you stunned me?" *grabs counselor's foot, gets up while still holding the counselor upside down, and starts spinning him in a circle hitting everyone around him* It would be cool if Jason could do kills from the ground. It would definitely motivate counselors to not get near him which they shouldn't unless they have the sweater or some defensive weapon like firecrackers or a gun.
  15. I don't think they ever will regain trust completely either but at least it is a start. Its unfortunate but how this game launched wasn't the problem, it was how the community was handled and developed during that rough time. Ben really devolved the community to where it is now and lost Gun a lot of trust. The excuses, the lies, snarkyness towards members, no transparency, Dilly Dingus, losing mod abilities on Reddit due to abuse of power, unbanning trolls and cheaters(might not have been totally his idea so this is more shooting the messenger), etc. Somethings were understandable the first couple of months but once it was 4 months later and we were still getting the same treatment, people got tired of it. Still to this day, there has been no manning up from him or apology on his actions as Community Manager. He failed the community in a big way when we needed him most. He can say its because he was also a junior producer but that still doesn't excuse him of his responsibilities as CM. I dont doubt he is a cool dude on a personal level. I like some of the stuff he likes and he would be a cool dude to hang out with. I don't hate the dude at all. I just don't like how he dealt with the community and his responsibility as CM. I know I have said some strong words to him before and for that I am sorry(I am passionate when it comes to this kind of stuff) but I will still hold people accountable when needed. People are going to hate regardless. It already devolved to that state a long time ago. Granted Shifty has done an amazing job interacting with the community and trying to develop it to be a positive place. It just doesn't help when he has to announce all this stuff that contradicts everything that happened before him. He essentially came in at a time when the community was in such a toxic place. It just seems with this announcement, the Savini Jason theft, JenTheStrange's comments, and some other stuff that somethings are not lining up and with the community at the point it is now, they are not just going to let it pass anymore. People aren't mad at the fact dedicated servers are taking longer, they are mad at the fact Gun strung them along for 5 months with the hope they would release soon or months ago with Gun full on knowing they were not going to do that. Answering these questions by the OP in an honest way and accepting fault will go a long way for them. It sucks and yes they are going to have to take their comeupin's like a man, but in the long run it could help repair a lot of trust with the community again.
  16. True, I don't deny that. I think things can be said better and should be but at the same time I don't blame people for lashing out like that. It's been almost a year now of dealing with the same excuses and blunders. Everyone has a breaking point and more and more people are reaching it. I have done it myself numerous times and I feel bad about it cause I know what it's like to be on the other end. I don't mean to be like that but I do love this game and see so much potential with it. It frustrates me to no end when things like this constantly happen and it's just excuse and blunder time and time again. People can only take so much. It's also the kind of community that was fostered before Shifty took over. There was almost zero community engagement or community development for 6 to 7 months after release. The community was ignored and treated poorly. Regardless of the excuse, there isn't one for that. It's definitely something that heavily played into why people feel the way they do. On top of which we still havent even received an apology for the negligence. *Edit* Does all of that excuse those people's behavior? Not really but it does make it understandable and it's hard to fault them for feeling that way after all they have been through with this game. *Edit2* With that said I do hope this thread does not get derailed. These are answers that need answering. If they want to restore any trust or hope for this community and game, these are some top questions that need to be answered. Even if it is, yes we messed up and lied about it and for that we are sorry. Honesty and taking ownership isn't something this community is used to but it's something I think they would be willing to embrace. It's going to garner hate but at this point, I don't think it can get worse so might as well start the slate clean.
  17. We have dealt with constant disappointment for almost a year now from these guys. Can you really blame any one for not having a bright outlook or being willing to give these guys a chance? They lost that right a few months after release. Gun doesnt have a great rack record with the community and it's trust is even worse. This isn't just us being salty or trolls. This is a community that is upset and angry with constant blunders and contradicting statements. Are there better ways to say certain things? Yes but again, starve someone and then throw them some food. Do you really think they will eat it with civility and grace?
  18. This certainly raises a lot more questions than answers as well. How is it that it took them a whole 5 months to tell the community dedicated servers are not coming for something that was almost live at the time? Either way there is a lie somewhere that's intent was to misdirect the community. You can't say it's almost live and then now say you can't do it because of the outdated engine. That would seem to be an issue you would have discovered back during that time with almost going live with them so why string the community along with BS answers like we can't talk about it because of NDAs or make it seem like they were happening soon full on knowing they werent?
  19. You mean Judge Judy College isn't where all e-lawyers get there e-lawyer degrees? Maybe he got his at Google-U or Wikipedia Tech
  20. I am confused as well. How is it PC has dedicated servers with the old Unreal engine yet we can't get dedicated servers on console because of the old Unreal engine? How is it ready on one but not the other? Also dedicated servers were supposed to be up by October yet they didn't start working on them till October so the previous announcement made last year was a lie?
  21. Don't get me wrong, I commend them on being transparent despite this being awful news. Maybe it's my fault for expecting some kind of good news but it's just a 3 punch combo of bad news. No paranoia, no dedicated servers, and no updates for at least two or three months. The only good thing is transparency but that alone isn't going to keep the player base especially this late into the games life cycle.
  22. The circle jerk continues. Need the team to work on dedicated servers so we are putting Paranoia on the back burner. Need the team to work on updating the engine so we are putting dedicated servers and patch updates on the back burner. Next will be, Need the team to work on new BS costume paid DLC so we can buy new watches so we are putting the engine update on the back burner
  23. Normally I would ignore you but you seem to be mistaken. Let me correct you. There are multiple times besides Savini that they haven't met promises on. Dedicated servers, some backers havent gotten rewards yet or Gun hasn't lived up to certain ones, them staying true to F13 and bringing in content that breaks immersion, etc. You are the one who keeps bringing Savini in or white knighting for Gun in every thread. Maybe next time you should read a little more carefully before making yourself constantly look foolish here which has been every single post of yours. Like multiple people here have said, give it up and move on. Also in order to correct someone, you need to be actually correct.
  24. That was me. I usually just ignore him now. He jumps into every post white knighting for Gun, trying to turn it into a Savini thread, and then tries to e-lawyer everyone about it.