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  1. Awesome video dude!! Thanks for getting all this together.
  2. You are right about that. I haven't seen anything constructive from him other than trying to pass his own opinion as fact and having a holier than thou approach to everything. Almost all of his posts just talk down to everyone. Most people ignore him. Eventually he will go away.
  3. They did do something by banning some of them originally but then they unbanned them and brought them back into the community/game. There was a time where we had hope against the trolls and cheaters. Now they know they can just troll and cheat with little to no repercussion because it isn't permanent.
  4. Starving for information

    Wasn't talking about Behavior Interactive. I was talking about Hi-Rez. They started off small and was able to churn out solid updates at a reasonable pace. Now they are massive but it wasn't always like that. Either way, what I said was still correct. As someone who has experience with shipping over 10 AAA titles and working one exclusively for certification, I know what I am talking about. Granted it's been a little while but from what I have heard, it hasn't changed much. It doesn't take 3 weeks to certify and that's including Microsoft's certification. Again, if it's taking 3 weeks to certify a patch, either it's getting kicked back or they really pissed someone off at Sony or MS.
  5. I totally understand but I don't really blame him for his frustration. Gun/IllFonic hasn't really made it easy for the community to stay positive or hopefully. Especially if you have been here since day one or were a backer. Bad balance changes, bugs, lack of/inconsistent community engagement, and other issues really have set this game back as well as community happiness. Most people are just seeing red or have been for a while. I can't really blame anyone for being as angry as they are and showing it.
  6. Please go read this

    Starve someone for a while and then hand them some food. I highly doubt they will eat it will composure or grace. They will rip into it with little tact or civility. Such is human nature. The same can be said here. Community engagement and interaction is far too inconsistent. The community is tired of being ignored for long periods of time only to be met with a trollish(regardless if it was meant or not to be trollish, it was) reply. Then to be followed up with a tone deaf reply? I don't really blame people for being upset by it especially since some have been dealing with it for 6 months now. Again, regardless of how it was intended, you can obviously see the community is at a boiling point. It isn't just one person. It's multiple people across multiple platforms like Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, and even here. That is a clear sign something is extremely wrong on the communication front. This isn't anything new and it has been a constant problem since day one. Community management has been awful for a while. It sucks for the new guy because pretty much he was handed a ticking time bomb that was already at 1 second and is being asked to defuse it. Pretty shitty thing to do honestly. Ignore/Dont actively engage the community for 6 months so they are extremely frustrated and then pass it off to someone else while washing your hands clean of it.
  7. Does IllFonic have some issues? Yes but I wouldn't say incompetent. Inexperienced is probably more fitting. They haven't made an asymmetrical multiplayer survival horror game before. It's a daunting task and while there have been a lot of issues, there is usually some sort of progress made(development wise). They have also tried working with the community more so than Gun ever has. I don't expect much from SP but like I said, it will help relieve a lot of frustration players have with MP right now.
  8. SP will save this game. A lot of people are frustrated with MP and it's current state. Giving offline bots or a SP "campaign" will keep people playing while MP is getting sorted and alleviate the frustration of hosts quiting or not being able to complete full games.
  9. Starving for information

    Just have to say this is 100% wrong. A lot of games have weekly or bi weekly small patches, Destiny 2, Dead By Daylight, Paladins, just to name a few. It's not a problem for other developers/publishers and as you can see from both big and small studios. TRC/TCR certification does not take 2 or 3 weeks. It's usually roughly about 7 days and could be sooner depending on the size of the patch/build. If anything is holding them back it could be the cost of submitting for cert for doing weekly updates, failing cert and getting the build kicked back, QA not completing it's cert checklists in time, getting bad builds on smoke tests, or finding Class A bugs(Showstoppers) which requires a fix and new build or it's an instant fail in cert if reproducible. If it's taking 2 or 3 weeks for them to pass cert, either it's getting kicked back or they really pissed someone off at Sony/MS.
  10. DbD vs F13

    Riiight.... Thank you for proving my point on inflated opinion. We will add delusion of grandeur to that as well.
  11. DbD vs F13

    I never understood that argument. "You are not a real horror fan if you don't like or think what I think makes a real fan!". There is no such thing as a real fan of anything honestly. Oh you like horror films and love to watch them? Guess what? You are a fan of horror films. We can even go more indepth with it. Oh you don't like Leatherface but like Jason? Cool, you are a horror fan of Jason movies and such. Maybe someone likes Leatherface and not Jason. Does that mean I should say they aren't real fans of horror? No. Saying someone is not a real fan of something is just saying, "I don't like what you like and I cant handle a difference of opinion". Anyone who likes something is a fan of it. Just because it is different than someone elses, doesn't take away them being a fan and liking it. It doesn't make them a real fan or not. Someone who has to judge someone else as a real fan of something or not soley based off their own views and opinions is ignorant. There are no levels of being a fan. What makes you being more of a fan than him other than your own inflated opinion? Absolutely nothing.
  12. DbD vs F13

    True, Illfonic shares some of the blame as well. You mean Gun was willing to engage when they needed your money and support. Once they had your money and the game launched, it was silence. Granted it was a rocky start but still it was dead silent. Then once paid DLC started to come about, guess who got active again? Now that is over, guess who is silent again? It is a pattern for sure. No constant communication or engagement. Its only when Gun needs your money is when you will see trailers or someone poking around to engage the community.
  13. DbD vs F13

    Honestly, I think it is more so Gun if anything. As far as my understanding goes, Gun is calling the shots as far as the development pipeline/lifecycle or design choices go. In a sense, IllFonic is just developing what Gun is designing. I think there is some collaboration between the teams but the vision has always been Guns. What they have planned isn't bad per-say its just the execution and the lack of engagement with its player base that makes it worse than it really is. Most people will understand if something is messed up if they know why it is messed up. Ownership and accountability help a lot as well and that is the biggest problem that Gun has with this game. No ownership, accountability, acknowledgement of mistakes, or its gross neglect of its community here on the forums and Reddit. Its just excuse after excuse when we are actually lucky enough to get one. Its why they needed three people to do the job of one community manager. Its pretty embarrassing honestly. I mean seriously, I wish I could get paid to sit around and not do my job yet have everyone step up around me to do it for me.
  14. DbD vs F13

    It is because they listen and actively engage their community with weekly streams and discussions. When is the last time Ben was bothered to actual work as a CM and have a discussion or ask for feedback on the current state of the game? When was the community asked what we would like to see next or what we feel like could help make the game better? The typical reply is, "We see and read everything. we are listening!" yet we still haven't seen some issues fixed and they make questionable balancing issues. The disconnect and care for the community is pretty amazing. DbD is a lot of fun. The game play is engaging, the multiplayer economy/progression is strong/rewarding, and killers are unique/fun to play. The gameplay can get a bit repetitive at times but that just depends on the skill level of the survivors and killers. Honestly, DbD is a solid game that is constantly working for and with the community to make it better.
  15. The fact they need 3 people(one was doing it on his personal time for free btw) to do the job of one lazy and incompetent community manager is hilarious and sad. They have had a community manager since launch as well and we have been ignored since then. CM isn't that hard of a job honestly. You get a lot of flak at times but as long as you keep engaging with the community and work with them, you will see they respond more constructively and are willing to understand faults more than ignoring them all of the time. Look at DbD! Weekly live streamsa engaging with the community and talking about changes to the game and balance issues. Actually talking with and actively engaging/listening/interacting with the community to make the game better. Who would have thought working with the community could make your game better. Instead we get excuses like, "I am pretending to be junior producer(which isn't an actual title in the gaming industry by the way, more of a participation title) and work is hard!" or "We are a small tiny company and this turned out to be bigger than we expected!" or my favorite which they dedicated a whole panel to which I call The Kickstarter Pity Party Panel excuse, "Kickstarter was hard to set up and use and it turned out to be bigger than we expected!" That's all we get. Lame excuses and dodged questions. Not once has someone accepted ownership and apologized for ignoring the community and the state of the game. Most of the hardcore fan/player base has left. The game is mostly being supported by casuals and when they get bored, fed up, or something else comes along, they will leave too. I am not sure why Ben still has a job but when this game tanks in a few months because the player base has dropped so low, @wes , @Randygbk , and everyone else in the team can thank him for ignoring the community and spending most of his time on Reddit looking at watches and knives than doing his job.
  16. It's because most of the backers have given up on this game. Lol. Seriously. Most don't even play anymore. After 6 months of being ignored, lack of community engagement, and issues not being addressed, enough was enough.
  17. No Website Updates?

    They do but it's bugged and probably wont work correctly until three patches later...
  18. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I could understand if this was a month of this but most of us have been dealing with this for 6 months. This isn't anything new. Communication and community interaction has been extremely limited since day one especially when it comes to patches that ruin balance and gameplay. No accountability or ownership, its just release and then disappear. So if you see a lot of hostility from different communities regarding this, its because it has been well earned towards Gun for 6 months now.
  19. This is a great poll which proves what most have been saying. The community is not happy with the game and hasn't been for a while. The fact that "Okay" and "I am Disappoint" are the highest ones and not even "Good" speaks volumes. Doesn't really matter though. They are not going to read this or take it seriously since they havent been for the last 6 months. Instead we are just going to get more paid DLC pushed at us after VC releases with no acknowledgement of actual issues plaguing the game. I seriously doubt @Randygbk and @wes (I dont even think they come on here anymore)really know how bad the state of the community is and has been since they have had a non existent/incompetent Community Manager since day one. The community has been fed up and disappointed for a long time now and honestly, it seems like they don't even care. Hardcore players who care the most about this game are leaving while casuals just play and then leave with out saying anything. Most of the community is unhappy and fed up and it has become a negative place. That isn't what successful games have for their communities. Its just sad to see the people who care the most and being ignored and pushed out.
  20. Regarding the upcoming patch - 11.27.17

    I wish I could like this over and over again. Honestly, I stopped playing months ago. Way too many AAA titles have came out since then which has occupied my time. There was a glimmer of hope a while back when we actually started to get communication on a frequent basis but after a couple of weeks it stopped. Granted it was being done on someones personal time who wasn't the community manager which is pretty ridiculous that they had to do that since they have always had a community manager since day one. Either way, it seems like Gun is still up to their old tricks of not giving a shit about the community they say they love so much for funding their game. Illfonic has shown more care to the community than Gun ever has. I respect them for that. They are partly to blame for the state of the game as well but most of this games failure is due to the poor management, leadership, and lack of communication/community interaction on Gun's part. Most communities can accept bugs and issues if they are being talked to and heard. That really hasn't happened since day 1. It did for a bit but again that was due to someone noticing there was a problem and addressing it on his personal time which is awesome but really sucky they have to work for free to pick up the slack of one lazy community manager. They talked about how much they loved us and appreciated us until they got our money and then dead silence. Once paid DLC(lets not forget it was "discounted" to show how much they care, lol) came out, guess who was active again? Now that there is no more to push, dead silence. This has been a money grab since day one. I am glad I never bought any of the paid DLC either. I refuse to keep giving money to a company who doesn't care about its community and has proven it time and time again through actions and lack of words. If this was a one or two time thing, totally understandable but this has been constant for months now. I come back from time to time in some hope that things have changed only to be disappointed every single time. I have said it before and it is proving more and more to be true every single time but RIP F13. Dwindling player numbers, actively ignoring the community(unless you are discord where everything is sunshine, rainbows, and you need to earn that brown on your nose), and lack of quality patches has destroyed a great game. I rarely see anyone in our Xbox group play anymore and most of us were hardcore players and community members. That is the state of the game and community which is pretty sad. The people who care the most are ignored and leaving the game.
  21. That is also a major thing for certification. If it has any kind of stat tracking, it needs to be accurate or it automatically fails certification.
  22. Illfonics Negligence

    Gotta say this is false. I have known Tattooey on this forum and played with him in game. Pretty cool dude that is pretty fair and level headed. Also if you are wondering why people are upset, these issues have been around since release and a lot of us have been here since then. The community has been fed up for a while now. Sure some new blood has came in with the physical release but it doesn't change the fact that Gun has constantly let the community down and ignored a vast majority of us. When the disconnect is that huge, it's going to create frustration since a lot of people on here funded this game.
  23. Honestly, I haven't seen him on Reddit for a while. He posted once and then that's the last I saw. Granted I don't check every thread but even still the fact there is a thread on these forums called IllFonics Negligence and there is no response from him or Gun says a lot. Pretty much Discord gets all the attention because if you say anything negative there you get banned or shunned by the community. It's all sunshine and rainbows there which is why I don't go there. I left for a while and seems like the same communication issues are still happening. Shame.
  24. Illfonics Negligence

    I wouldn't say this is IllFonics fault as much as it is Gun Media. From my understranding IllFonic is just developing it but Gun is designing/publishing it. They make the decisions on the direction F13 takes. Either way, I agree with you Tattooey. This game has been sinking for a while. I stopped playing it a long time ago. After seeing how bad they handled dealing/ignoring the community for 4-5 months, it's issues, and the state of the game, I just didn't want to play anymore. Once they started allowing banned people/trolls back in the game to pad their player numbers and are doing a bunch of cosmetic DLC, it just further reenforced my decision. I don't know if I will ever play the game again and I know plenty of people who share the same view. DbD had it's fair share of faults to start but they really worked with the community and now it is amazing. They didn't ignore them for 5 months or keep them in the dark about everything. They really embraced them and did everything they could to work with them. That's why that game is thriving and still has great player numbers. Has the information flow and involvement with the community gotten better? Yes but it's too late. Too many people were turned off at the lack of care or respect shown by Gun. For Gun to constantly say how much they appreciate us yet they never engaged us or worked with the community for 4 months is contradictory. Actions speak louder than words and the actions shown by Gun was they only wanted one thing from us and that was money. It wasn't about the game or giving the fans what they wanted. They never even once apologized for how they dealt with the community for 4 months and the lack of care they showed for us. Instead we got "discounted" dress up DLC as a way to thank us for sticking with them. Who does that to a community that stood by you during such a horrible start? A community that bank rolled you and supported you is asked to give more money so you can show thanks by discounting it. Anyways, myself and thousands of other gamers have gave up on this game. It's a shame because this game had real promise and potential but was ruined by lack of community engagement, information, and care. RIP F13
  25. Unbanning cheaters... Why?

    It isn't worth reporting honestly and nothing will be done about it now. All this does is set the precedent that you can cheat/troll and there are no repercussions anymore. They are being rewarded for breaking the rules by letting them back into the game. If anything it will only further motivate them to cheat and troll because they are being rewarded. Get ready for more bear traps on the opposite sides of windows, people running important items to the edge of the map, using the car to kill people, Jason helpers, and other cheats/exploits they find. It's a shame the player numbers have dropped so low they need to resort to this level. They now know because of this reinstatement, Gun needs them more than they need Gun. Without fear of banning or any kind of repercussion they are going to go hard on this game. Not only for payback for banning them in the first place but to just be trolls and ruin it for everyone.