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  1. It isn't worth reporting honestly and nothing will be done about it now. All this does is set the precedent that you can cheat/troll and there are no repercussions anymore. They are being rewarded for breaking the rules by letting them back into the game. If anything it will only further motivate them to cheat and troll because they are being rewarded. Get ready for more bear traps on the opposite sides of windows, people running important items to the edge of the map, using the car to kill people, Jason helpers, and other cheats/exploits they find. It's a shame the player numbers have dropped so low they need to resort to this level. They now know because of this reinstatement, Gun needs them more than they need Gun. Without fear of banning or any kind of repercussion they are going to go hard on this game. Not only for payback for banning them in the first place but to just be trolls and ruin it for everyone.
  2. When your player numbers drop so low you have to start unbanning cheaters and trolls to bring them up. 😂😂😂
  3. Depending on what drops 10/13, I might jump back in. If it is just the new bloody skin, probably not but if it has new Jason, map, and patch for Xbox, probably will.
  4. Love how they do it in Destiny as a reward for some emotes. Some being epics and such. There should be something more to levelin up in this game rather than just unlocking a piece of clothing. The grind isnt worth it right now. I honestly wouldn't mind a level wipe if a new leveling system with proper rewards was introduced. Every level gives you random perk, random emote, and random piece of clothing. Could be epics, could be commons. Even if you play as Jason. Keeps people interested in playing and leveling up.
  5. From where it was on first release, its better. The game was unplayable.
  6. That exchange was me and my point at the time was, what content have we received other than broken patches and a cheap skin of a Jason at that time? I guess you can count the smaller maps as content but it's nothing new. Just smaller versions of what we already had. We now have emotes but that doesn't add anything to game play and the game is still riddled with bugs. We have a lot more info now(which is good) but again, we were being asked to put down more money before the game has even been properly fixed or before we even have SP(or any mention of it) or any other info on game play extenders. PAX was a huge missed opportunity. The stuff they are announcing now would have quelled a lot of people's anger(including myself) if some of it was released at PAX instead. At the time we had a horribly broken game for 4 months with limited communication(still kind do but it is better on both communication, bugs, and stability), no gameplay extenders like more Jasons, new maps, or SP, yet we were being asked to buy DLC first before receiving even the slightest info on any of the stuff above. It seemed like a giant cash grab at the time. Now that we have more info on what is coming, it does fare a littie better now for Gun but at the time it was a huge slap in the face to the people who have stuck with the game and all it's issues since release. I hope they keep the news and communication flowing.
  7. Dead by Daylight let's you do this. As soon as you are killed you can either become a spectator or leave the game and collect your XP. Not sure why we cant do that here.
  8. Not really sure why they haven't fired him yet. He is pretty useless and is causing more damage than good. Especially with the Turtle Rock/Dilly drama. Most other places would have terminated him for stuff like that. Guess he is lucky he is working at an inexperienced place. I'd really like to know an honest opinion about it as well. When you look at it, everyone is doing his job for him. @Gertz gives us updates and is pretty straight forward with us, he is also answering questions from the community, and @Randygbkgives us the streams and answers questions as well. Only thing is it started waaay too late. He left us uninformed and ignored for far too long. He claims it's because he is over tasked as an Associate Producer but we didn't need that. We needed a community manager and a lot of users have been asking for someone to address the community since release. As the community manager he should have stressed that as a top concern and not wait till 3 or 4 months later to wait for IllFonic and Randy to do his job for him. Honestly, if this game tanks, it isn't too far fetched to blame him for it. He divided the community and made it toxic. When 4 out of 5 of your social media platforms are mostly bashing you, I'd say that's a pretty clear indication the community manager has failed in his duties. Gun really needs to get professional and make a hard choice. It's fine he is your friend but when your community is mostly negative, was mostly uninformed until Gertz stepped in recently(huge thank you for that because we have needed someone like you for a while), and your player base is dropping fast, what's more important? Keeping a friendship or saving your game/business? If Gun released him and apologized publicly for the lack of community support, I am sure a lot of players would take that as a sign of good faith more than just saying we promise it will get better. You would probably see an overall improvement and positivity growth across all platforms. So far all we have gotten for being ignored and to show their appreciation for us giving them unwavering support for 4 months is "discounted" paid DLC and a cheap skin of an NES Jason. Thanks...I guess? I really do hope things turn around but as long as you have someone like that managing your community, the game will continue to lose it's support and player base. People shouldn't be this fed up and irrated especially 4 months after release. You can keep saying it was a rough launch all you want but that excuse is done with. Having a rough launch doesn't give you an excuse to ignore the community for this long. If anything it would have made things easier for you.
  9. Looks like someone asked on Twitter about the Pamela Tapes(see attached image) and their response was, "We don't do tips or spoilers Troy! But there maybe a trick to finding them..." I know in the last Twitch stream with Randy he mentioned the drop was extremely low which implies it is random. So is this just their Twitter support speaking out of turn or maybe didn't get a memo? If their is indeed a trick what could it be? People are already coming up with theories about wearing the Pamela sweater and searching drawers for it to spawn in. Either way with news of this, looks like their are some more secrets in the game to be unlocked.
  10. It's simple, community support. They released a really buggy game as well and made some set backs but they interacted with them and really listened. They keep them up to date with everything and even have consistent weekly streams from the devs. The support is amazing and the community shows it in return. It's also a free to play weekend for all three platforms so that helps but they have always maintained a solid player retention rate. Plus with the constant additions and patch updates, players never really have to wait too long before the game feels stale. The game is difficult to master tho. I played it this weekend and It's fun. While simple in objectives it's hard to complete them. Plus the grind keeps people coming back trying to unlock more perks and add one for both the Killer and Survivors. You die a lot as a Survivor in the beginning but once you work your way up, it gets easier and fun. Same with Killers. It's easier for them but play against a leveled Survivor team and you really start to see the meta show and how complex the game can be. Only problem is the community can be toxic at times. If you play on Xbox, be prepared to have your rep possibly drop. Some play by unwritten rules like no facecamping and such. Supposedly the devs are working on a way to help with the face camping issue. Just be prepared to get some flak for things. I never really experienced it and even got a few compliments but it's one of the things I read the most about.
  11. I don't think they realise how much they are going to get buried by the AAA holiday releases coming out. It already started with D2 releasing. Steam has less than 1k users, Xbox dropped from top 10 to #23 in most played(also looking for groups averages only about 20 to 30 posts now, currently it's only at 14 posts during a weekend), pretty sure it is roughly the same on PlayStation with the server issues. This is what happens when you ignore your community and fail to step up and support them. This is why I blame Gun(mostly Ben) for why the game is in the current condition. Overall it's great they released this(Thank you Gertz) but this should have been done two months ago and the community support should have started as soon as the game released. It's a nice road map but I honestly do not think the game will make it that far especially with how low the remaining player base is.
  12. I already have. It's been too long of a wait for me on Xbox. Plus with Destiny 2 out and all the other AAA titles being released in the coming monthes, I probably won't be touching this game for at least a month or two. The lack of gameplay extenders doesn't help either. It's cool they did that little trailer but I wonder if it is too little too late to bring some people back.
  13. Thanks!! Hopefully you are being paid double for incorporating the Community Manager position into your role as well. I gotta say, you made me a firm supporter of IllFonic. Thank you for going above and beyond and showing how much IllFonic cares about their community. This information is great to have.
  14. Sorry been in jury duty and dedicating most of my time to Destiny 2 so a little late on this. While that number is a lot of people, that isn't how many people are currently playing. I guarantee that it is no where near that number of current players. Currently for Steam you are around 1.7k of players for peak. The last two months have seen over a 40% drop in for each month and that was including a patch month. Currently you are at a 6% loss for the last 7 days. That simple fact right there tells you people are losing interest in the game and at a fast pace even with knowing about the Spring Break DLC. They obviously don't want that. They are not interested in that or else your player retention rate would be higher. So far every community has shown they are asking for substance and when you had the perfect platform to deliver that, you decided to push paid cosmetic DLC and offer nothing on actually gameplay extenders. I am not talking about the panel(even though their was a few surprises promised) but talking about the segment that was done at noon. That would have been a great time to hit a mass of people including your remaining fan base with substance rather than paid DOC. This is why most of the community is upset is because it seems you guys are tone deaf to the communities needs and wants. We already funded the game yet all we have received in return is a broken game, promises of things coming yet absolutely no substance to back up those promises other than you can't talk about it but it's coming, and just a poor reskin of Jason yet we are being asked to buy more before anything of actual substance is given. You keep talking about all this stuff being added but when we ask for information we receive none. Instead we are offered paid DLC with only promises of more. I don't want a release date on this stuff but at least let us know if SP is coming and what it will be about. Let us know about the new Jason's and maps. You don't have to tell us when it is coming but at least we have something behind those promises because let's face it, you guys are not the most trustworthy right now. That wasn't a surprise. If you thought that was a legitimate surprise, you guys are even more disconnected with your fan base than I thought. All you showed was a trailer about paid DLC your remaining fan base already knew about. What would have been surprising was a release date or actual new information regarding SP, Jason, and maps. You say you are trying to spread the information but in reality nothing has been spread other than what you want us to buy. Sorry but after we funded/bought your game and received a broken incomplete mess, you owe it to us more than just buy this DLC, we promise other stuff is coming but can't tell you what it is.
  15. You are right that we set the expectation of what we thought they were going to announce. That is on us but is it really that far fetched for the community to do that? I mean they have this giant platform that is going to reach a lot of people. They have been dead silent on any new content coming like SP, new Jasons, maps, counselors(other than the typical soon response), and the blue dots still haven't been explained. Mostly all of the community already knows about the Spring Break DLC. When you market your panel as a few surprises when you already have everything I just said behind it, it isn't that far fetched to believe they are going to at least touch on one of those new topics. It wouldn't have been so bad if they actually gave some kind of new information. The fact the are just pushing paid DLC when the rest of the community are asking for something else is just another slap in the face from them. Its a clear lack of understanding and listening to their core fan base. I get they can't go into detail about everything but at least something to show, "Hey we are listening and while we have this paid DLC coming out, we also have this coming which is going to have this and this." Most people would have been fine with that. While a release date would be even better, at least some kind of new information would have appeased most of the community. It would have shown its not just all about them wanting you to buy more from them especially since the base game still isn't fixed. Its not right for them to ask for more money when the original product isn't working completely. At least showing something new would have let the community know we aren't just sacks of money to them. We are the people who made your game possible. Show us some kind of respect other than just constantly ask us to buy more.
  16. "What's it really like fulfilling and launching a successful Kickstarter campaign on three simultaneous platforms? Join key members of the Friday the 13th team as they discuss how to manage expectations, anticipate hidden costs, engage the community, and navigate unexpected roadblocks. From Slasher Vol. 1: Summer Camp, to Kickstarter, to Friday the 13th: The Game, this is the story of our journey…plus a few surprises!" That is from the first link you posted. Click on the link it has in its tweet. They hyped the panel up to be more than what was delivered especially since their big surprise was a trailer shown earlier in the day that most people saw.
  17. Its pretty shocking how bad it is. I mean I have been giving them the benefit of the doubt but after a while its almost as if they are going against the grain on purpose because most of this is just plain common sense. PAX is a huge stage for them besides E3 and would have been the perfect place to push something other than paid DLC that doesn't even have a release date. Most new people who see that are just going to be like, "Ok? Thats cool. Didn't know this was a dress up game." If a new user saw something about SP or a new Jason then that would have hooked a lot more people and got them interested. A brand new Jason tearing through people with new kills or SP being shown where it reminds people of the movies. Both of those would have turned more heads than what they showed. Pretty much all they did was gain a few Sims fans with their dress up DLC and a few creepers who just want to look at Tiffany in a bikini or Chads junk. Plus they should have known that isn't what the community wanted since almost everyone is talking about SP, Jasons, and new maps. Its just once again them not listening to the communities wants and needs. Right now the only person who tries to listen is Gertz. Randy as well but its mostly Gertz stepping up for the community. The panel happened but nothing news worthy came about from it. All that was shown was a trailer for the Spring Break DLC and then the panel afterwards. It was pretty lackluster.
  18. Actually they promised surprises for their panel but what was delivered was a trailer shown earlier in the day followed by a pity party. Neither of those are surprises. It was in the description as a few surprises would be announced. Plus like I said in my original post, the date for Oct 13th is coming quickly. They haven't announced anything special for the physical release even though it is a month out. They had two opportunities to release some kind of new information at PAX. The stream at 12pm and at their panel where they said they would have a few surprises. Again, if they were going to get the hype train started for SP, new Jason's, or new maps, PAX would have been the place to reach a bigger audience. The fact they didn't mention anything about it, it's a pretty good bet the Oct.13th release isn't going to be special. That or their marketing strategy just plain sucks.
  19. After how hard they dropped the ball at PAX, I am done with Gun and expecting they are actually going to listen to the community. If something big was going to happen with the Oct.13th release, that would have been the platform to get the hype started and get the news out to the masses. All eyes were on them and they decided to not say a peep. The lack of new information doesn't give me much hope that the physical release is just going to be a hard copy patch. The fact they aren't communicating to us other than what they want us to buy is also another cause for concern. If the Oct. 13th release was going to have SP, new Jasons, or new maps, we would have heard about it already since it is only a month away. It took them 3 weeks to certify just for a patch which means they need to get the game in this week in order for them to make their Oct. 13th date. Everything should be locked down by now so why they are they not announcing anything if the Oct. 13th release was going to be something major? Again, PAX would have been the best stage to really get people hyped for new content but they decided to throw a pity party on how hard Kickstarter was. With Destiny 2, Evil Within 2, South Park, Cuphead, NBA2k18, NBA Live, NHL18, Forza 7, Shadow of War, and other major titles releasing all within now till Oct 13th, most people are going to move on from this game for something else. Thats just one month release and its not even including the holiday push in November/December. Glad they are pushing hard for bikini's and Speedos tho. That's really going to keep this game afloat and competing with those AAA titles...
  20. Heaven forbid they actually deliver on promises and actually communicate with the community. I wouldn't mind the DLC if they actually gave us some kind of information about other things that were promised first. This is nothing more than a cheap cash grab while the community is left with no single player, no new Jason's, no new maps, a broken game still, yet they want you to buy some DLC only a very small portion of the community asked for. They are screwing over their core fan base to make a quick buck. That isn't ok or right. Give us some kind of information on what was promised first before you ask us to give you more money.
  21. With communication though, we aren't asking for dates. We are just asking for some kind of information about Single Player, new Jason's, and new maps. A lot of people were under the impression since it was in their panel description that we were going to get a few surprises. Granted we set the expectation that it might be single player/new Jasons/new map and that's on us for creating that expectation. The problem I have is when you say surprises, it means more than one on top of which it also means something unexpected or shocking. They delivered on neither. They showed a trailer that was shown earlier in the day that didn't even offer a release date. There was no shock and awe or nothing shown was unexpected. We have known about the Spring Break DLC for a while now. I expected it to be a pity party about Kickstarter but from their own description, they did say surprises so it set the expectation to more that just that. I get they are trying not to release too much too early but they have less than 3 weeks until summer is over to hit their single player deadline and not a word has been mentioned. Community is asking across all avenues about new gameplay and not a peep yet they have two items coming out which they are charging for and pushing hard marketing wise(physical release for new buyers and the DLC). Nothing on what was promised like SP but instead they want you to buy more from them as we have already endured an awful release that is still plagued with issues. They say they are discounting it for the fans but how is that doing us a favor? How is that doing something for the fans when your game is still a mess and most of your community is asking for something else but you want them to buy more from you? Its a cheap money grab. Yes things cost money to make. I don't have an issue with that and I would gladly support and pay for the DLC if they at least respected their community enough to listen and release some kind of information on what was promised to us originally. At least give us something about Single Player or release the information of the new Jason and map. They don't have to give dates but they can drop new information about it. That alone would calm down a lot of people because now we have something that shows they are listening and not just trying to take our money. When all you are pushing is paid content when you promised free content originally, that is shady business. When people are asking about promised free content, we just get soon or no information at all. Pretty much we bought a ride on a cart but are now the horses carrying it with a carrot dangling in front of our faces. They are just dangling the promise of SP, New Jasons, new maps, and new features in front of us so we can drag their cart to make money. How is that right or fair? We are being used and for a company that says they appreciate us so much(especially since we funded the game for them) they can not even respect us enough to be upfront or give us the time of day or any information other than content they want us to buy from them. Instead we have a developer who is working his ass off to fix this broken mess who is already doing 16 hour days to answer our questions that some lazy ass community manager cant even do. That is wrong. They don't even respect us enough to listen nor do they care about us enough to give the information thousands of community members are asking for. They only start talking to us when they need us to buy something. You have a community manager who ignores us the other 90% of the time until he is forced to answer something. Again meanwhile you have a developer who is already overworked pulling extra overtime to answer questions for the community. See the difference? That is showing the community you care about them. That is going above and beyond for the sake of the game and community. This is why I have nothing again IllFonic and all against Gun Media. Ben is absolutely worthless as a community manager and does nothing to help us out in any way, shape, or form. All of this could have been avoided if he actually did his job for once and talked with the community when it wasn't forced. How he hasn't been fired yet is beyond me but I can say for 100% certainty the downfall of this game is mostly his doing. He has created a negative community that is often left uninformed and ignored. That's now how you get people to continue buying your game and have the community continue supporting you. In the end, they need to be upfront with us especially if they are asking for more of our money to support them. Give us answers and treat us like the community you say you value so much and appreciate us and I have no problem supporting them in return. They haven't supported us in the slightest so why should we continue to support them now? Sure you can say, "Well they are still working on the game" but that isn't supporting us. That is them doing their job and fixing the broken mess they left us with. We have given extreme patience with Gun and given unyielding support and understanding. All we are asking for in return is some kind of appreciation for that other than some discounted DLC that only an extremely small handful of the community asked for. I didn't jump on the Destiny hype train early on. I saw the kind of shadyness that was going on and just waited till everything was out and I could get it all for $20. . I am taking a gamble with 2 because I am hoping they learned from their mistake but we will see in a few days.
  22. And thats another thing is the changes to the new patch slowed the game down a lot. Bugs play a role in that but also some design changes like the windows were not anywhere near what the community would have wanted. I don't expect the game to stay the same because change is good but at least when you change something, have it in the communities best interest. Again they have a huge disconnect from the community. Sure they talk about Discord and how they are there daily but honestly, all Discord does is show blind faith and anyone who doesn't is kicked from there for the smallest criticism. Its not real feedback but that is what a community manager is supposed to do. Be that bridge for community to development. I still like most of the community here but I am over the blind faith now. I think this is a great community but as far as the game goes, I am done with it. I might try SP if it ever comes out as well but I have the COD Beta right now, ReCore, and next week Destiny 2 comes out. A lot of gamers will have a lot of games coming out soon for the holiday push. Gun needs something to make people stick around and play because bathing suits are not going to do that for them with all these triple AAA titles coming out. Especially if they continue more of the community neglect.
  23. What was promised is a functioning game. It has taken them 3 months to barely deliver something like a functioning game. It is still riddled with bugs and matchmaking issues. I was a QA Lead for EA. I fully understand what happens with new builds coming in and the set backs they face. My biggest issue with Gun is this, Absolutely minimal communication with the community until paid DLC was announced. Even still, no communication regarding anything about new Jasons, maps, or single player. Instead its all about Chad's speedos and how much it will cost you to buy them. They have a Community Manager for Christ sake! What does he do? He doesn't engage the community unless he absolutely has to and all community questions are being answered by Gertz and Randy. Any kind of hype that has been set up like the blue dots or dev diaries has died out. We haven't really seen anything other than a Periscope video roughly a month and a half ago which was done by Randy and not the CM. We are getting absolutely nothing other than content they want you to buy before content they promised like SP. That is pretty shady. They had a huge audience at PAX and had two major opportunities to deliver to fans what they actually wanted. More info on new Jason's, maps, and single player. They say they are discounting the Spring Break DLC "for the fans" but thats not what the fans asked for or wanted. If you want to do something for the fans, stop pushing paid DLC that adds absolutely nothing to gameplay and start pushing new maps, Jasons and SP. Thats what almost everyone I have talked to wants. Something to make this game feel new again. People are burnt out on playing the same Jason's and maps over and over. Sure they added smaller maps but its not really new and even then they botched this patch so bad it took away from any of the good this patch was supposed to bring. Show us something other than what you want us to buy so it doesn't look like it is just a cash grab. Give us some kind of news other than bathing suits. Give us something that while make us want to keep playing this broken game. They owe it to us for sticking around this long and dealing with problem after problem. Giving them the benefit of the doubt and showing unwavering support and they repay that with paid DLC? Again give us something that shows you are at least on some same level with the community and its wants and needs. Don't throw a pity party panel on how hard it was to do a Kickstarter. That is over and done with. That sympathy train took off a long time ago. It makes it worse when we do not even have a face for the community because the community manager is so disassociated from his own community. All of this makes it look like a cash grab when put together. You have a community manager who is completely absent or incompetent(both are bad anyways), you are pushing paid DLC before promised SP(at least give us something), and completely ignoring the community wants and needs for new gameplay but are still pushing paid DLC that doesn't offer any new gameplay. People have a right to be upset.
  24. The fact that I paid for this game which is still a horribly broken mess gives me every right to say what they should do with the money I invested into it. The fact is they have a small team and their is no way that the team can be working on SP, new Jasons which requires new skins and models, new kill animations, new art assets, new maps which also needs new textures and models, the new Spring Break DLC, and fixing current bugs, and fixing all the bugs they are going to run into with the new content added all at the same time. It is impossible with a 30 man team. I can easily say this swimsuit DLC was a waste of time, money, and effort for something most of the community doesn't want nor would they rather have before new Jason's, maps, and SP. Especially if they are trying to release the physical copy with all of these things which is 1 month away? If it took them 2 or 3 weeks to certify a patch(which is pretty ridiculous since most of the time it takes a week from my experience), it will at least take that amount of time for them to certify a whole new version of the game. That means they need to submit this week so they can meet their physical copy release date of Oct. 13th. On top of which the fact they are radio silent on any new content other than the one they want you to buy is a huge warning sign. Their lack of communication until recently when they are going to have paid DLC is also worrisome. They had numerous opportunities to give something at PAX and instead all they wanted to push was the DLC they want you to pay for and to throw a pity party for them at their panel on how hard it was for them to Kickstart a game. The community is asking for new info and they keep dicking everyone around while pushing their paid DLC. I get it, its a business and thats the smart option but only if your original product is in working order. It isn't and the fact they are going to push paid DLC before addressing SP(which was promised) is a shitty move.
  25. Yes but those people could have been working on art assets for SP, new Jason's, new maps, etc. Their are waaay better things they could have been working on rather than some swimsuit DLC. Not only that but now the programmers have to work on a new build for this DLC when they could have been working on fixing bugs and coding SP. It's a waste of resources all for the sake of a cash grab.