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  1. If they are in crunch time right now to get all the patch stuff out, I don't blame him. 16 hour or more days 7 days a week is brutal. At least that's how it was for me at EA. A few times I had to sleep on the couch at the studio for 4 hours when we were pulling 20 hour days for a couple of weeks. Feel better @Randygbk!
  2. The problem with that is you are now forcing a player to have to roll certain perks in order to call the police. Its a set condition that won't apply to most players especially players who do not have those perks rolled yet or at least the rare or epic versions of them. You have to have those perks, a med spray, hope that he doesn't morph back before you can hide and even if you do hide, make sure he doesn't hear you hiding, on top of that you run the risk of him using stalk so you think he is gone plus many more. There are a lot of set conditions you now have to almost force one player to do in order to call the cops. I always place 3 traps down at the phone box and never has anyone been able to call them without body blocking, It is guaranteed kills for me as Jason especially now that I limited them to only the cars or car and boat. Especially if the boat leaves, now I just have to worry about the 4 seater. Again its a difficult balancing act for gameplay. Thats why I am curious if the developers have done any playtesting on limiting the amount of traps Jason can set in one area or limiting the overall number of traps the Jasons with 7 traps get.
  3. There is not a delete feature which makes it even more important that you use the search feature and keep topics in one thread. That falls on the user, not the mods or admins. Not really sure why you are getting offended, we are simply trying to help and at no point have we been rude, aggressive, or trollish. If you want to be left alone that's fine, but we are not the only ones that will call you out on making duplicate threads so be prepared for more of this from other users.
  4. I think it is going to be a date reveal as well but for what? I don't think it will be about the new patch and content update. The dots and their colors play a bigger roll than we know. I think it is going to be the single player reveal.
  5. Just like lHeartBreakerl said, its cool to talk about and discuss topics but to create a new topic when one already exists about the same subject, just clutters up the forums. I love a good discussion like yourself but when their are 5 threads all discussing the same topic, it makes it hard to have a great discussion. It would be equivalent to 5 people talking at once to each other at the same time. Even though everyone is talking, nothing is really being discussed or understood. Don't be offended. We are just trying to help you out so your topics do not get closed.
  6. I don't like doing it but when you have a Jason who sets 3 traps at the fuse box, its nearly impossible to get to without having to eat a trap and notify him. It pretty much limits the player to having to fix the cars or boat. Granted that adds to the suspense of the game and makes it more realistic to an extent. Is this a case where immersion and realism take a backseat to gameplay? Normally I will always say yes to gameplay trumping realism but with the nature of the game, the suspense adds to the gameplay. Kind of a tough choice. Is it really fair Jason can put 3 traps on top of each other or would taking away that give too much of an advantage to counselors. It would be interesting to see if the Gun/IllFonic have done any play testing on this. @Randygbk @wes
  7. Its more than likely a copyright issue because their really isn't a need to remove it to work on one that is going to be new.
  8. I think we are going to get another blue dot picture this weekend and might be the big reveal. With the new website rolling out and all the information being dropped, now would be a good time as any to keep the hype train going.
  9. I just looked and one of the topics I was referring to is actually a topic that he/she made already! Lol.
  10. Their are plenty of topics already started which are on the first page of this board about the new maps.
  11. Kudos to then for this but just because of them announcing this(after a month of silence or generic replies from some hired social media rep who isn't "on the team") doesnt make the lack of community interaction and management any more acceptable. The community should have never gotten to this toxic point in the first place. Just because they are announcing all of this stuff now doesnt make up for all the lack of updates, bugs, and trolling the community has had to put up with since launch. I am really surprised some people have stuck around as long as they have. I think they have been recently taking steps in the right direction but I would say they are fully walking yet. We will see if the CM continues to engage the community and keep us up to date with information.
  12. (If still having issues, try loading from phone. Works for me) Next Patch THIS PATCH HAS NOT BEEN RELEASED YET. We wanted to give you an early preview of what the next patch will have in it. Stability Overall stability should be drastically improved due to a number of crash fixes and a major memory leak fix. Parties/Invites/Matchmaking Disallowing party leaders to join game session invites to sessions that do not advertise (private matches). This is due to not being able to search for sessions that do not advertise, which prevents party members from following their leader into them. Party leaders can now follow public game invites, bringing members with them. Steam Matchmaking tries harder to find lower-pinging matches. PS4 matchmaking up to 6x more efficient with tighter ping requirements. Fixed XB1 matchmaking bugs. Fixed a number of issues with how the game handles Party Invites and Matchmaking; there are still a few issues out there that are rare but it is much improved. Fixed a number of issues on how canceling matchmaking was handled that could leave players in a state they could no longer matchmake. Party members now see their party leader’s matchmaking status and time.\ Various improvements to error messaging. Maps Added Small Maps for the existing maps; Packanack Small, Higgins Haven Small, and Camp Crystal Lake Small. Increased the density of Kill locations on all maps. Adjusted collision on Maps to prevent people from standing on water. Adjusted collision on piers to prevent cars from driving on them . Added a Map Icon to Campfire Kills. Fixed a number of kill spots that were not functioning. Fixed an issue with not being able to fix boat propellers based on boat positioning on the dock. Placed collision under piers to prevent people from swimming under them. Fixed a number of areas that the player could get out of the map. Fixed a number of areas that Counselors could get to that Jason could not. Added better collision around Boat Exits to prevent Jason from getting to areas he shouldn’t be in. Gameplay Team Killing changes. Team Killing is no longer possible in Public Matches. Cars can still cause damage to the players if they are hit. Traps can still hurt and/or kill the player but there is no longer an XP penalty for the person that placed the trap in Public Matches. Private Matches have not changed. Fixed an issue where the Counselors breath wouldn’t start to recharge if the user continued to hold the button after breath was depleted. Fixed an issue with Fear being canceled if pulled out of a car. Fixed an issue with the Police Objective happening when it shouldn’t be. Fixed a number of issues regarding objects falling through the ground. Fixed an issue where Damage and Stun chance were only being calculated on the first attack. Jason can no longer block through traps, firecrackers, flare guns, shotguns, and the Police. Fixed reliability of perks that spawn items at the start of the match. Misc Fixes Increased texture resolution on the XB1. Fixed the PhD for Murder Achievement/Trophy. Improved intro and outro cinematics. Fixed player muted states sometimes getting “lost” after level change. Can now unready in Private Match even when the countdown is low. Fixed a hitch caused by the video settings savegame after signing in or changing those settings.
  13. Hey! It would be awesome to have the sun start rising the longer the game goes. This let's both Jason and the counselors know to the game is at a certain point other than just the 2 min warning. It would be a pretty cool aesthetic and make it a little more realistic.
  14. Looks like this might be a new thing or maybe old but first time I have heard of it. Seems like it could be a problem once people figure out the high traffic spots around the areas like phone box, cars, boats, etc. Thoughts?
  15. Where are you located? Wes said in a tweet that the DNS hasnt propogated fully yet so it might not be available in your location yet
  16. You will see it increase more and more closer to the patch fix date. More people will try it before its gone. Patch should be out soon to fix most of this. In the mean time, you can report them here
  17. Weird. It lets me look at it from my phone perfectly. Loads right up.
  18. On my phone I can access the forums but on my computer it's showing that I can't. Maybe we also have some new forums incoming as well because I am seeing a new login page. The new login page from my computer with new color scheme looks cool. It says my account is invalid when I try to login or I get the 500 error though. Hopefully we have some sweet new forums to match the sweet new website
  19. Super stoked for these updates!!! They are addressing everything! Now we play the waiting game for release date. Hopefully tomorrow!
  20. Use the search feature! It's a 20 year technology!
  21. It's fixed now with the patch notes listed
  22. Sorry about the video. I wasn't sure if it was 100% an exploit or not but wanted to bring it to the attention of others.
  23. Once he mentioned the website, it became clear this is what he is. Especially on Reddit where most trolls praise him, it makes sense. Even though this is minor, I brought it up so people are aware of it in case becomes bigger which I doubt but always err on the side of caution. In the end the effort is greater than the effect which is the case for most trolls and losers who exploit and TK honestly. What I find sad is the amount of effort and time put into something so minor just to troll someone for two seconds. Its pretty sad when you actually take a look at it especially to dedicate a website to it and comb the whole map for the sake of trolling.
  24. Only problem is you will have a bunch of people jumping into every post leaving posts that don't really add to anything until they reach the limit. Unless the limit was somewhat high like 30 posts or something.
  25. Not really. Some people think they are invincible because they have a trap in front of a door. You know how many times I have shifted over a trap into a cabin to shift grab and got them? Not like they have much space for them to work with especially for a grab that takes 1 second. Even if they did run away, 90% of the time they freak out and run towards the door and get stuck in their own trap because they didn't expect me to pass it. Sometime they jump out the window but I already busted them out so they are going to take a hit anyways. It's a win win for me as Jason. Even in an open area where they try to lead me into a trap. As soon as I see it, I shift ahead of them and grab them as they try to run around it. You'd be surprised to see how many times it works.