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  1. When I was at EA it took about 1 week(5-7 days) unless they found a reproducable showstopper or it failed something on the cert checklist. They would kick it back and you had to resubmit with the problem solved which could take another week. That's not including the couple of days or more to get a new build with the fix, have QA smoke test the build(which only takes an hour or less), and then retest it in house for cert checklist again before submitting on top of testing the other fixes again to make sure those didn't break somehow. It can be a lengthy process at times especially if they keep finding issues.
  2. In the video it was also a girl(Tiffany) with the Axe that dropped him after a sweater stun. @TheHansonGoons and @lHeartBreakerl, maybe the key is the Axe?
  3. Same here. Now I will have to use one or two of my traps outside of the shack every game if this becomes bigger. Granted as far as I know, we never received a step by step guide from the team on how to kill Jason. This could have been as easy as it is but we just added a bunch of extra steps since it was all trial and error. I doubt it because this does make it easier when this should be a fairly difficult task. A good group can already make it hard for Jason.
  4. It seems like from the video all you have to do is stun him right after you use the sweater. The player uses an Axe to bring him to his knees and Tommy finishes him with the machete. This could just be a bunch of circumstances as well. They could have hit him numerous times before but not enough so the mask comes off. Now when they try this they end up knocking the mask off but instead of playing the animation and updating the model, the falling to the knees over rides those and they get the kill anyways. We don't really get to see what lead to up to this point and how many times they hit him before. Kinda sucks because we can't see the score after if it still gives you credit for knocking off his mask. If it does then knocking of his mask is for sure a requirement and this is indeed a bug.
  5. Also if you click on the but reporting forum, it takes you to that site as well.
  6. There is a video out where they do kill Jason without his mask. Might be a bug but my impression was the only thing the mask does was not alert Jason when you go in his shack.
  7. You shoot me a message to my GT: Corkenstein and I can send you an invite as well. We usually meet up once a night it seems like. Some stay for 4 hour sessions and some stay for an hour or so. Usually someone from the group is always on and playing.
  8. I believe you need an invite but leave your GT and we can add you on Xbox!
  9. Its honestly not that surprising. The Community Manager is pretty distant from this community and has repeatedly shown that. At first I thought it's because they are busy but more and more it looks like he just doesn't care or is inexperienced at managing a community. The community isn't as healthy as it should be and besides us, their really isn't another avenue for healthy discussion. Granted every community has their fair share of trolls but when your Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, and Steam are filled with more negative than positive, that's a huge problem. When each one of those social media avenues that span 100 of thousands of fans have no idea what is going on other than generic responses like "Soon", that's a problem. It's only recently that it has gotten better on information but it took 4 months of consumers complaining for the CM to step up? Even still most people look at Randy as the person to go to for info more than the CM! That's a huge problem when the community doesn't even know who is in charge of running the community. Sorry but I am over the lack of respect and dedication the CM has shown to the game's fans and consumers.
  10. I'll have to check out the Steam reviews. I don't really play PC so never really checked them out. I will say I was almost in the same boat as you but it was these forums and the community here that kept me from quitting the game. I was pretty much done with how this game was being managed and over the trolls and bashers at Reddit. With how bad it was there and the huge gross negligence and disregard for their community from Gun/IllFonic, I didn't see a point in sticking around. Luckily the forums opened here and I saw the same thing you did. Now I have an awesome group to play with on Xbox(The Crystal Lake Employment Agency) and a place that really cares about the game and wants to see it succeed.
  11. Seriously Reddit?! They are sending people to the one place that trolls them the most. Nothing constructive has came from Reddit for a long time. It's mostly memes and dev/game bashing posts. At least here we foster healthy discussion and constructive criticism. Sending potential consumers to Reddit is asking for them to not buy your game. First thing they are going to see is someone complaining about it. Whoever came up with that idea is pretty disconnected from what is going on in their own community.
  12. If you want in game footage you can the game.... 😂😂😂
  13. If they are in crunch time right now to get all the patch stuff out, I don't blame him. 16 hour or more days 7 days a week is brutal. At least that's how it was for me at EA. A few times I had to sleep on the couch at the studio for 4 hours when we were pulling 20 hour days for a couple of weeks. Feel better @Randygbk!
  14. The problem with that is you are now forcing a player to have to roll certain perks in order to call the police. Its a set condition that won't apply to most players especially players who do not have those perks rolled yet or at least the rare or epic versions of them. You have to have those perks, a med spray, hope that he doesn't morph back before you can hide and even if you do hide, make sure he doesn't hear you hiding, on top of that you run the risk of him using stalk so you think he is gone plus many more. There are a lot of set conditions you now have to almost force one player to do in order to call the cops. I always place 3 traps down at the phone box and never has anyone been able to call them without body blocking, It is guaranteed kills for me as Jason especially now that I limited them to only the cars or car and boat. Especially if the boat leaves, now I just have to worry about the 4 seater. Again its a difficult balancing act for gameplay. Thats why I am curious if the developers have done any playtesting on limiting the amount of traps Jason can set in one area or limiting the overall number of traps the Jasons with 7 traps get.
  15. There is not a delete feature which makes it even more important that you use the search feature and keep topics in one thread. That falls on the user, not the mods or admins. Not really sure why you are getting offended, we are simply trying to help and at no point have we been rude, aggressive, or trollish. If you want to be left alone that's fine, but we are not the only ones that will call you out on making duplicate threads so be prepared for more of this from other users.