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  1. Did you mean to quote me? If not, see my post above. When I tested this I did in fact teleport as far away as possible just because I assumed if there was an audio cue it would play out like any other. I never even thought of proximity.
  2. I can confirm there is NO AUDIBLE SOUND if a trap is disabled via the pocket knife. A friend of mine and I went into a private match, just the two of us, he looted and grabbed a few pocket knives while I placed all 7 of my traps on the main road for him. I teleported far away (back to my cabin on the island) and he proceeded to disarm 3 of them and I heard nothing. I even turned stalk on before one disarming to really be able to listen. I am on PS4 so perhaps it does vary by platform.
  3. Yup. I got into this game a month after it was released and I was "taught" by some friends who had it before me to not be a "try hard" Jason by slashing to death. So when I was a total noob trying to play Jason (not even being able to shift grab or control where my damn grab was even going at the time) I would never slash and it was just terrible. I eventually just started slashing to get kills and I would be called either a cheeser or just a garbage Jason. Now that I'm better as Jason, all I hear on mic's after a few kills is "oh god...guys, we got a grabber!". It's so stupid, lol.
  4. This anti-slashing mentality is so bizarre to me. Borderline snowflakey. are not entitled to use your 3 pocket knives, AJ! Now that I'm more comfortable playing as Jason, I def mix it up well with grab kills, environmental kills, etc.,However, if I FINALLY catch up to a Vanessa, Tiffany, and/or Tommy that I have been chasing for like 3 minutes, you better damn well believe I will slash away until you are at least hobbling. I believe the real skill of the counselor player is shown best in their stamina management and wits/juking abilities. Elite players will make sure there is always space between them and the Jason thus making even his "slash" attacks null and void.
  5. *Sigh* @Definitelynotjason@Alkavian
  6. I've been watching River Rat Games lately. He updates daily and is seriously the King of Jukes!
  7. I posted this in a different thread but I actually found 2 tapes yesterday. I couldn't believe it lol.
  8. Yup, I think Fortnite stole him away from F13. Sad! His videos were my bible when I first started playing. I absolutely love his style and wit as a counselor. My favorite vid is when he played as Kenny and decided to load up Packanack Lodge with weapons and supplies "Home Alone" style, when he realized the team wasn't going to get the car repaired. The stuns and jukes were glorious. PS...I will never understand the love for his voice. He sounds creepy af to me, but I love his playstyle!
  9. Yeah I think they did a hot fix to the RNG spawning of the tapes because I found two tapes yesterday.
  10. I just got my first pamela tape, literally right now. I saved the match. I'm on ps4, was playing as Vanessa on Higgins and it was my first cabin so it was very early in the match.
  11. @Alien_Number_Six said that it makes a different noise. I am so confused. What is the truth and who is the #FakeNews?
  12. Awww. Thank you for clarifying, Daddy!
  13. Wait...someone up above told me that there is NO audible cue for disarming a trap with a pocket knife?