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  1. I know that you can bypass a trap near the door but if I'm not the one with the keys and they clearly don't know how to bypass it then I'd rather use the pocket knife so they can get in and not ask them to give me the keys and possibly alert Jason. (also I suck at driving,I can't juke Jason at all)
  2. It depends on the situation, do I have the fuse and there's only a single trap on the fuse box? Is the car repaired and someone has keys but there is a trap blocking the driver door? Is the boat blocked off by traps? If one of them is a yes then it's probably worth it so Jason doesn't know until the cops are called or the Car/Boat is started and then it's a problem.
  3. "Sneaky Escape" (mostly due to I play Lone Wolf because nobody decides to use mics... also AJ or Deborah) Found the fuse? Sneak to the fuse box, pocket knife the trap on it, successfully repair it, call the cops, then proceed to run for my life in one direction before Jason decides to Morph over to the phone house and see what shenanigans I've done. Also the boat, the boat is nice.
  4. If I have Hypochondriac equipped and I find another heal spray then the next person I come across I'll give it to them. (injured players have priority) If someone has important parts to put in the fuse box/car/boat (especially the keys) then i'll usually give them my Pocket Knife because they're more likely to be targeted. If someone has better luck i'll usually give them the baseball bat and take whatever weapon they had. If I ask someone if they need something to defend themselves and they say yes i'll usually give them something like firecrackers or my flare gun (if I have a pocket knife or there's a flare gun/baseball bat/wrench in the cabin)
  5. If it spawns near the graveyard I'll go behind it usually.
  6. Nah I just like to hide in the corners of the map (like near the Graveyard on Higgins Haven) once Jason gets his Rage, it's fun making them waste time by searching all the cabins for me.
  7. Ok if you need me i'll be in one of the far corners of the map, have fun.
  8. Public Match on Higgins Haven, everyone had a mic. Playing as AJ and I spawn near the boat, another player as Chad is nearby and we decide to hunt for the boat parts. We find both the propeller and gas in nearby buildings, I successfully put in the gas while Chad decides to put on the propeller. Chad messes up and Jason decides to see what we were up to, we ran to a nearby cabin while Jason decided to trap the ground right next to the dock before Morphing away. When we walked back to the boat we were able to crouch and slowly walk in-between two traps without stepping on one of them. I tell Chad to give me the propeller so Jason doesn't come back and camp the boat and successfully put it on. Chad gets in and starts the boat, I get in with him and we escape without Jason coming for us again. Moral of the story: Don't let Chad repair anything.
  9. Now i'll just be going back to my dark corner and hide.