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  1. take the 4 seater. He will NEVER catch you in a car.
  2. yeah this one dude went 3 out of 5 for being picked as Jason, the other player got 2. So 2 ppl were Jason 5 times out of 5 games. I just quit playing for the night.
  3. is nostalgia another word for shit?
  4. .

    is the OP on their PERIOD.
  5. Good question. Take purple murple out of the game. LOL
  6. Do you play on PSN? I need some dedicated non-cheaing/glitching/helpingJason players. My PSN is DigialPsychoSID
  7. don't know for sure, this is just what he told me. I was going to purchase the disc, but to be honest like the idea of having another game in the disk slot ready to play instead of having to use the disk to play. not sure now if i'm going to buy it.
  8. well I know my friend bought the disc too and now if he's using the bloody skins and wants to play with me but can't until he plays with the digital copy. So the fan base is basically split into two. Only disc play with disc and digital play with digital. This is on PS4
  9. the window / hitting counselor still doesn't work and when you combat stance a door it's still not registering half the time and you end up hitting the door frame.
  10. I know I got an invite from him FINALLY and was so happy.....until I tried to join.
  11. did anybody notice that they made an awesome joke? they TM (TradeMark) the SOON word. LOL glad they have a sense of humor.
  12. did anybody else notice that you can't hear his foot steps when in stalk.
  13. Well it took over 18 hits to knock it off, but there he is.