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  1. Wait until it's gone before u really see trolling, ppl locking u in bathrooms, taking keys, gas etc... fuse,. Ppl blocking windows when Jason is coming. Oh just wait I believe this to be the worse thing that can happen at least now somebody tries to lock me in a bathroom is going to get fucked up. Trolls and TK's aren't going to stop, they will adapt and it will be worse.
  2. yeah I have spent countless HOURS looking for those tapes, fuck them. I'm sure some programmer put in .000000000001% chance to find them apposed to .01%
  3. ^ agreed, this is one of the biggest problems, to me, more so than the bluescreens or even toxic little bastards. I fix things and get things on the road or the cops called, most ppl run around and die (I do my fair share of dying, LOL) but nothing pisses me off more than cops off of the table or the only car on the map taken off the table, basically i go to jason and have him kill me cause i'm not making the room wait 10 minutes while I hide under a bed. *I do however try and get the mask EVERY round, that's my thing, if I do that, i'm happy.
  4. the cleaver yes, but it seems like the shears would have to be an environmental kill. Who's going to chop down doors with a pair of pruning shears?
  5. it's not always the 2nd person for sure, but it does seem to tip in that direction.
  6. didn't have any glitchers just little shitstains that would quit when you grab them, jokes on them, i'm a 101 and don't get XP. HAHA
  7. yeah was just playing with toxic little shitstains of society, they would kill themselves or drop all inventory items and quit, jokes on them, i'm a level 101 and loose NOTHING cause I don't gain nothing. HAHA
  8. the whole "every counselor" theory is sounding solid also, usually it's venessa, adam and aj x2, i don't think i've ever seen a balanced lobby, but on the other hand ppl have claimed to have found tapes with just a few ppl in a match. Shit I don't know grrrrrrrrrrrrr
  9. but you can't play online unless you take the update, so i don't think there is a version issue.
  10. that guy is a toxic POS, and should be banned, I didn't even watch a minute of it and saw him attacking ppl in private chat and was like what a douche.
  11. Yeah I was Jason and the dude was playing Chad part saying he'll buy me a new house and bla bla bla so I chopped his head off then played soccer for about 2 minutes kicking it around till it went under a bed and I couldn't play anymore
  12. really confused here (and yes I did search) but what is all the hype with Chad? I mean shirts, chad jason masks, etc? I am really being serious too.
  13. i'm saying in a public match on PS4, my party has mics in game (3-4 - if we had anymore we'd be in private at that time), maybe JUST maybe one other person will be in a lobby with a mic, if you find two, go buy a lottery ticket or maybe just maybe you'll find a pamela tape that round.
  14. No I teabag also, just not when there's no reason for it (no Jason or nothing) just doing it like a pack of wild idiots gathered together. That's what I meant
  15. whats your username? nevermind / got it. request sent.