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  1. His trolling I found funny, but when he was messaging people he took it way to far. Sucks for him but its deserved.
  2. Again thats every form of social media. And on the example above the devs have been caught in a couple lies so really thats on them. I personally could careless what people say or how many down/up votes I get. Want perspective, read F13 Facebook comments for 5 mins. I will take anything over the everything is awesome discord party.
  3. I still post on both. Shitty people dont really bother me. I expect it when posting on anyform of social media these days. People want to see bad, read facebook comments for 5 mins.
  4. So your describing every medium except the discord. Theres 18k people on the reddit so of course theres going to be people that just complain. Problem with this game is people get defensive on criticism like its a personal attack. If I say for example this game was rushed, and poorly tested. People respond likes thats an personal attack or Im just a complainer. Facts dont care about your feelings.
  5. Yeah the last one I joined like days before the reddit shutdown. I popped in chat to see if it had been posted on why and saw someone had just asked. So all I said was yeah was wondering the same. We got chewed out by a mod and said if we brought it up again we would be banned. I said my choice words and left the group.
  6. Well good news is if your getting banned its gonna be awhile as they are and have been getting flooded with emails on the subject. Ive also seen reddit posts from people saying they reported people a long time ago and they are still playing. Regardless never let someone play on your account. Got no one to blame but yourself for this one.
  7. Is there an official discord still? I know there was one or a popular one. If yours is not the official I might check yours out. I was in the official for like a day and well...... I dont like to discuss it. Lol
  8. Caught me at a good moment I guess. Lol Its hard to trust when they have been caught in a lie about the servers from the get go. The server part is so common sense. Its not like the game doesnt have a build that supports dedicated servers as PC has it. I honestly think they will never add these features to console since its clearly not stopping us from playing, games still selling well, and gamers tend to forget easy. We tend to only want to focus attention on a stupid skin and complain about how people online tend to not play games as intended (TK/glitchers) like its the first time they are experiencing this on an online game.
  9. They made short sighted decisions and profited a lot of money. So yeah I will continue to hold them accountable like I do in any situation where Im the consumer. One example of the many I can pull. Host migration/dedicated servers. This was promised at launch and for whatever reason console (might I add is this compaines bread and butter) has the worse possible server option of none. Its like they forgot the fact that gamers are the most adhd people (myself included) and were going to in masses quit instead of waiting 10-15 mins for the game to end. The server and game stability is what still to this day hampers the game from truely being a great game.
  10. Well thanks. The saying is true takes one to know one. Again shhhh cant sleep and type
  11. I followed you on twitch and will check you out sometime. Or I followed some stranger lol
  12. It means dealing with dickheads is something Im quite use to. So shhhh and go back to bed
  13. I just think its funny you judge people that watch streams, yet your posting on a video game forum. Step down from your high horse because if watching streams is bad, you are barely above it yourself. I come from the reddit so please post insults at me and show me how much of a internet badass you are. Never seen one of those before. Piss off troll
  14. Why comment on a subject/post you clearly dont agree with. This post screams I need attention.
  15. 32 or 33 cant remember and 100 hrs time played. Gotta love that Xbox