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  1. All I can do is laugh since its exactly what me and others have said would happen. I would have rather died or died trying to get out of that trap. But it is what it is
  2. He did seem nerfed. I did for sure notice its way easier to stun Jason now. Yeah the update for sure made jason a lot more tense to play as now.
  3. I have battled connections, crashes, glitches, bugs, Team killers, griefers and none of it prepared me for my greatest foe.......a door. I get that they wanted to nerf breaking doors but it was taking me 10 hits sometimes to break them. Its like 1 step forward and 2 steps back every update. Is this intended or am I just forgeting how to break a door right? So far the update seems ok but this right here makes me never want to be Jason again lol.
  4. Well if they changed it, how would they know? People on forums forget 90% of the people playing dont read forums, or even social media on this game. Hell I was in a lobby the other day where people were calling savini jason hell jason and said he was given to people that paid 1k for him. Rules are there for reasons and being known of rules is just as important as enforcing them.
  5. True and in my opinion anyway single player isnt even what their focus should be on anyway. Single player to me is a mode I will grind out for the 5 acievements and then never touch it again. Its not the reason I wanted or bought the game.
  6. Cool idea but I wont get them. Ive said it for months now and will stick to this. I will not put $1 more into this game til we get host migration. We were promised deicated servers and I even understand why they wouldnt go that route. But not having something that is a basic component of an online only game is something I cant be ok with.
  7. Yeah bc I always read and agree to TOS on facebook/twitter or a link to a reddit post. Want people to take your game serious, have it in game like every other game. As for the banning of people Ive seen numerous posts from people saying they reported people over a month ago and they were still playing. I would never report anyone on the principle of not having TOS viewable and agreed to upon sign in to the game.
  8. Actually part 5 going back and watching them all was a lost gem. Actually is the best one til the ending. Its funny before the game came out I would have told you parts 4 and 6 were my favorites. After rewatching them all, Part 3 and 5 are probably my two favorites. I would probably put 6 slightly ahead of 5 but just depends on my mood. I will say 4 growing up was my favorite and after rewatching it I think its completely overrated.
  9. When I started seeing the posts about TK becoming an issue the first month I just changed how I play. I dont trust anyone, I never turn my back on someone with a gun etc. On xbox with 100 hrs in Ive been TK maybe 5 times(almost all public games). I personally dont get how people get killed this much. Also do you think shitty players are going to stop playing once the update happens? Nope, they will find the next thing to ruin the match for others bc they know it pisses people off. Removing TK does nothing to fix the problem with shitty players in the game. This is why in game reporting and lobbies for players with shit reputation would have been a better solution.
  10. I spawned next to the car and was doing my normal routine of getting out of there. Map perk was broke so just blindly ran away. About a minute later I come up on a structure and pop in the open door real quick. Of course what I popped into was Jasons shack and he morhped right there. I delayed death for a alittle bit but he got me a little after he got shift ability.
  11. Not tryng to rain on your parade... But this exactly what they have already said. Ive seen this response almost 2 months ago. So yeah this isnt the hopeful response your thinking it was.
  12. He just posted a new video 5 hours ago so I dont know if his videos are getting pulled. He did do a quick video about people flagging his videos.
  13. Im split on this as I can see both sides. I personally don't think med sprays add that much. Now I will say the spawn rate does make 2 perks pretty much worthless. Only reason I could see nerfing the spawn rate would be to allow more knifes/firecrackers. Knifes are the most op thing a counsoler can have and firecrackers are almost worthless to a good Jason. I say keep them as is.