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  1. We need this Gun. xd
  2. I hope it comes out today, the hype train is at speeds of 200 MPH - Lightspeed . There is some talk about it coming out on the 28th, if not today.
  3. PSN: Daminus256 I'm level 53, so if you'd like, add me and I can teach you the ropes of the game!
  4. Yup, except you'll actually find the needle.
  5. I hope it's Pinehurst, but I'm open for anything at all right now. xd And, I see it's your first post! Why don't you come on to the Introduce Yourself page? Welcome to the forums!
  6. oMg I nEeD tO gEt ThAt SpRiNg BrEaK cLoThInG pAcK aAaAa
  7. If people leave the game, but Jason kills every counselor alive, not counting the players that left, it still counts as a "Flawless Victory."
  8. Why can't counselors move the furniture to barricade the doors better? I know low strength counselors wouldn't be able to move couches, but it's not too hard to move a table around, is it?
  9. When I spawn into a match and run straight for the cabin nearby and not slow down enough, proceeding to smash right through the window.
  10. Meh, I rarely see people suicide. There's only been one case that was on purpose where a guy who had no med spray, set the bear trap, and stepped right on it. Honestly, if your going to intent on dying, at least go out and find Jason for him to kill you so that it's a fair game. (BTW, that Hannah Baker joke just made my day)
  11. It all started with that face in the beta. From there, it just went from a hillarious "scared" face, to him becoming the next god.
  12. Understand a little bit better now, thanks.
  13. I don't think they need nerfing, you can always find at least one in most cabins. They don't heal 100% if your at the lowest health. And, if Jason always jack and slashed every game, then health sprays would probably need to be as rare as pocket knives are.
  14. Well, how would Jason camouflage it? Would he just throw a few books on top? A rug?
  15. It's at least nice to know that the people showing the bad side of this game are getting shut down.