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  1. If it was something like in a Private Match with friends and your just messing around with your friend playing as Jason, then its ok. (if he/she is ok with it) Otherwise, if your in a lobby that's playing seriously, then its a bannable offense. Record what the player(s) are doing, and send it to JasonKillsBugs.com
  2. My lord there really is a god!! They look amazing!
  3. im entitled to my opinion but i think bacon is grosssss
  4. This. ;)) I'd kinda like it if they brought back the slight-heavy breathing when counselors were jogging when at full stamina, and when it starts depleating. It felt a-bit more realistic when it was still in the game. (This was in the beta.)
  5. .

    10/10 best post of the year give this man free savini
  6. There's a reason why you can't spectate Jason in public matches. People love playing with their friends, which is always alright, but when one of them die, they can just tell the-still-alive friends Jason's location at all times. You can only spectate Jason in Private Matches. I disagree.
  7. Everything on my digital copy transferred over to my physical copy. I just had to change back the perks, outfits, and kills for Jason. I didn't have to re-buy kills, so I'm not sure whats happened, but I do know that some people have to restart their achievements.
  8. Here's a YT of the new angles, sorry, but it has on the Bloody Jason skins, but at least the angles are there? Y.O.U.R W.E.L.C.O.M.E
  9. Welcome to the forums! The party doesn't stop here! until that alcohol crash kicks in (not mine)
  10. The new pushing can world really well against trollers, or really bad gameplay wise. Today, a troller attempted to trap me in a corner, which I denied with the new push counselor away mechanic, so that was good. But, on the Jarvis House map, four counselors (including me) were all inside the Vacation House (and you know how cramped the insides of the house is), and after we stunned Jason, we all had the dumbest idea to all run out of the same doorway, but we all kept "pushing" ourselves out of each others way. Needless to say, only one of us actually got outside and lived to tell the tale.
  11. I was in a lobby with all Rank 1-10s today, I was the only rank that was considered "high (Rank 101)" It was always hilarious to see a Chad running around with a machete, and when Jason is nearby, he starts beating the crap out of Jason until he's left clicked to death. I ran into a Vanessa who was following a Deborah, yes they both died by the way. These are all funny to me, because I can remember me immediately hiding under a bed whenever the music gets hype all the time.
  12. I absolutely love the Jarvis House map, running Jason around in circles in The Jarvis House is always fun to do, especially in the Vacation Home, the tight hallways seems to either make it easy to bypass Jason after stunning him, or a death trap.
  13. So, if I have the disc copy, do I need the disc loaded inside my PS4 for me to use the Bloody skins along with the clothes? And, if I have the disc copy and put it into my PS4, will it overwrite my data from the digital so I have to start from Level One again?
  14. I absolutely love the 'Shake It' dance emote for females, the dance looks like something nobody but me would do at a party lmao.
  15. Then what would be the point of getting XP to begin with? Just for clothing? Also, welcome to the forums!