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  1. When you guys mention "Jason X" you have to be specific: "Regular Jason" (pre-nano-rebuilding) or Uber Jason? You do not need to change the maps to a space-station in order to have a "Jason X"-Jason in the game. Part 8 is also in the game even though there is no New York (or Lazarus) map. The regular Jason (from Jason X (shredded sstraightjacket with chains; greenish hockey-mask with a "duck nose"; shirt an grey pants; "medical machete" as a weapon; hair) will work fine in the woods. MY wish-list in order: 1.) Regular Jason from Jason X 2.) Final Chapter Jason (or a part 5 -dream Jason -version) 3.) Roy 4.) Uber Jason Freddy vs Jason-Jason and the rebbot-Jason would be between my nr. 2 and 3 picks, but I heard that they can not use those because of right-issues.
  2. I have been trying to register here for days ... I am playing on PC/Steam (same username as here). Are there any people here from the old, legendary message-board which went down 10 years ago?