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  1. Chalk up another 2 failed attempts do to not detecting hits after the sweater stun.
  2. I manage to nab the sweater on most games and of them Ive killed Jason once while having gotten him to the point where he should be dead at least a dozen times. The problem is that after I stun him with the sweater, the person trying to knock him to his knees hardly ever works. Either he acts like hes not being hit at all or he gets hit but glitches back to his feet. There is only one way to kill him and it really needs to work right. I keep risking myself and exp from possibly just escaping to actually trying to kill him and my biggest obstacle is jasons hit detection. It just doesnt work most of the time.
  3. If you doubletap down to place a trap or tap the down arrow in attempt to place multiple traps as fast as possible, it can leave Jason stuck in place. He can still morph anywhere but is frozen still after the morph. Shift wont work. You can still swing and grab though. Once a counselor knocks you over, you can move normally again. This is on xbox.
  4. Aside from waiting weeks while reading about a lot of people trashing the game and employees here......I happen to love almost everything about it and I firmly believe the majority of disconnects are from hosts dropping. When I host I can play till Im sick of playing. I love this game. I love you guys. Getting rid of team killing in public matches is a mistake. Kill bodies!!!! Oh and part vii Jason wasnt under powered till counselers got very good.