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  1. I do exactly this
  2. I am pretty sure most of us probably saw these movies when we were young, and I can't be the only one who did a ton of stupid shit as a kid. That being said, I am not sure the ol' "I did it as a kid and I turned out fine" strategy is one that I would go with for my own children
  3. I think we are in the minority here, but the very first thought I had was "why would someone let their 11 year old daughter play this game..."
  4. I don't think it is on the Higgins Haven map as Crazy Ralph was killed in part 2, not part 3. Maybe on the Packanack Lodge map?
  5. damn, I used all my "likes" for the day reading this thread
  6. My friend and I both found one yesterday in public matches. 8 and 12 I believe. Maybe they changed the drop rate with the latest patch?
  7. I like that description - "troll-lite". I am very excited for the change. I can't imagine many idiots making youtube videos of standing in doorways to troll people. Well, I guess there will always be that one guy...
  8. Definitely the best Jason - I loved the look of part 7
  9. Anything is better than Jason X anything...
  10. Definitely Violet, weird dance and all... or Annie from part 1. I always had a soft spot for her
  11. If it's xbox you should try a hard reset (press the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on)
  12. I think this is why many of us were so thankful when registration was re-opened here. We can finally post and have actual discussions, not flame wars...
  13. Anything with Alice Cooper from part 6
  14. Finally! Been waiting weeks...