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  1. Thanks Damon!
  2. lvl 38, prefered AJ and and part 8. Though lately been trying others and started to use part 3 abit more again (not retro). Been playing since launch, but with personal time-restrictions (family, kids, business), milloins of "connection time outs" and quiting hosts, I haven"t had the chance to play as much as I would have liked
  3. 7/7 and 8/8 are always great because I'm not the best Jason (my shift - grab needs some training)... One game that comes to mind was when I played as AJ on crystal lake with part 2 Jason killing everyone rather rapidly. I managed to find the fuse, repair and call the police only to realise that I"m the last one left with Jason approaching. Ok, AJ armed with a flare and pocketknife , almost 5 minutes til the cops come and Jason already on my ass. What followed was cabin hopping, flare to face, archery juking and finally when the cops came Jason grabed me. He got knifed and I got away. I was sweating like a whore in church and when it was over I felt very happy about my performance. Needless to say, Jason was pretty frustrated...
  4. Hello everyone ja greetings from northern europe! I'm pleased to join the community. I've been a huge Friday fan from the early 80's and I'm loving the hell out of this game, dispite the few "minor" problems... So, nice to be here, hope to meet new people to play with and discuss the game further. Edit. This is also my username on PS4