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  1. Found my forth tape a few minutes ago. Now I have 8, 12, 18 and 19. Again at Packanack (small), in the cabin by the main road. Played as Bugsy, lvl 63. Helped kill Jason in the same game. After a few bad ones I finally found a good group in public lobby. Ofcourse connection timed out, luckily after the match ended so all's good!
  2. Got my third tonight. 8, 12 and 18. Lvl 59, different counselors and cabins, but all on Packanack.
  3. I have an epic thick skin. Normally I could jump down from 2nd story window without limping, and also eat two of Jasons traps before limping... But not anymore. Once down or one trap and I'm basicly dead. I remember that it was nerfed abit before, didn't realise that they did it again?
  4. I was referreing to earlier comment that 4 bars automaticly means 100% stun. In comparison to other games (name almost any one) where you max out a weapon, it does not mean 100% kill. So from where assumption that bat 100% stun? And I do understand durability. Does not affect my opinion
  5. Four bars = max stun chance. Not 100%stun. This is fact. Same with other games. When you max up a weapon it does not mean 1 shot! 1 kill. Besides, 100% stun against Jason sounds stupid
  6. Mostly playing with part3 due to small maps and because counslers keep ganging up on you. Sometimes part8. 8 problem was kills not activating during first minutes
  7. Not sure if this is the right topic... But I'm looking for members / players who would like to get together to play the game as it should be, have some fun AND practice the aspects which you are struggling the most with. Basicly the theme would be "git gud together". I know many players need this, myself included. Let me know if interested! PS4, username = gametag
  8. Been there.. BUT, last games as Jason I've had quite the opposite experience. Grabs only work short distance, sometimes missing even with counselor standing right infront of me. Honestly, not one "magnet-grab" for a long time. Also getting very frustrated with kills not activating and counselors getting away...
  9. I'm starting to wish that we get tk back. Afew days ago we as counselors were trapped in a"windowless" room with Jason, as another counselor working with Jason was bodyblocking our escape by the door. Also this bodyblock -trolling has been going on for some time now. Getting a bit pissed off here.
  10. Lvl 52, found my second one! Also at Packanac. This time at the small cabin on stilts next to main cabin. I found the first one in the main cabin. Basic drawer. Quickplay, ps4, AJ
  11. I found my 1st tape yesterday. nr 12, Pam talking to a shrink about kids, birth... Found it in Packanack 1st floor drawer. Apparently they are real after all!
  12. Thanks Damon!
  13. lvl 38, prefered AJ and and part 8. Though lately been trying others and started to use part 3 abit more again (not retro). Been playing since launch, but with personal time-restrictions (family, kids, business), milloins of "connection time outs" and quiting hosts, I haven"t had the chance to play as much as I would have liked
  14. 7/7 and 8/8 are always great because I'm not the best Jason (my shift - grab needs some training)... One game that comes to mind was when I played as AJ on crystal lake with part 2 Jason killing everyone rather rapidly. I managed to find the fuse, repair and call the police only to realise that I"m the last one left with Jason approaching. Ok, AJ armed with a flare and pocketknife , almost 5 minutes til the cops come and Jason already on my ass. What followed was cabin hopping, flare to face, archery juking and finally when the cops came Jason grabed me. He got knifed and I got away. I was sweating like a whore in church and when it was over I felt very happy about my performance. Needless to say, Jason was pretty frustrated...