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  1. You sure he got notifications and wasn't just patrolling? I periodically stop at the phone and car if I don't see a person on my sense.
  2. Jason 7 is still shit with no real play style. Please fix this glaring bug that's been there since the game launched. I mean you can't have fucked up THAT bad and legit think him having no real beneficial killer abilities is ok, right? Hahaha, that'd just be absurd! Thanks!
  3. Anyone know if sucker punch is still decreasing stun chance instead of increasing?
  4. I think this happens with every Jason though. I could be wrong however. Also take by my overpowered statement. It's still 20% reduction instead of max 50% which is what I feared they had changed it back to. So it's nowhere nearly as bad as I had thought from the explanation. Still it baffles me they tweaked Thick Skin over fan backlash but leave Jason 7 a heaping mess of no skills when many fans have asked/begged for him to get some form of playstyle.
  5. Really? Still no buffs to Jason 7? Yet you went ahead and made thick skin overpowered again because of crying babies. Just fucking wonderful.
  6. Traps don't need a nerf. Use a pocket knife or tank one and run.
  7. It's also possible that they've been able to get the rights to FvJ Jason and are just keeping tight lipped about it as a surprise.
  8. I was sad to see that in the emotes released there weren't actions to indicate the objectives. Phone: Pinky and thumb raised to the side of your face. Car: Hands at 10' and 2', or 9' and 3' o clock positions, slightly out in front of you with a bit of turning motion. Boat: Oar rowing motions going back and forth from left and right. That way if you need to indicate you know where something is or need to ask if someone knows where it is without making noise you could get the idea across pretty easy.
  9. Possibly yes, but even then you're better off going Part 8 due to him having better overall stats than 7 as well as Water Speed. Trident, as someone who enjoys playing as both Jason and counselor, I can honestly say the thick skin nerf was needed. It was just way too good and let you do way too much for a simple perk slot and a first aid spray. You are right that tier lists will change in a game where priorities are in the right place. Granted with Friday the 13th balance should be in favor of Jason, but there's also the balance of making it so counselors don't become unstoppable forces themselves which various mechanics were edging toward, intentionally so or not.
  10. Actually it's not a bad idea to smack the door once at a time, depending on situation. If a counselor leaves the house you can give chase quicker without having to finish the entire door animation.
  11. Fair enough, but it is a fact that Jason 7 has one of the worst ability cooldown times in the game, with only Jason 3 below him. However, Jason 3 does not have a weakness to shift, and has actual abilities that help him chase counselors. I don't consider weapon strength to be bad at all. It cuts the time in half for how many swings it takes to make counselors limp. You can do that until they're dead if you so choose, or whittle them down to limping before a grab so they have to heal if they have a pocket knife. It's not as good as destruction but it's still not a bad skill especially if counselors are bunching up near an objective like the car. It's not about how many counselors Jason 7 gets, it's about how on par he is with the other Jasons. He has no decent abilities and very harsh negatives. I wasn't so much trying to be a dick as I was trying to get my point across about his stats. My apologies for coming off harshly. However I really don't see how anyone, especially the developers, could look at Jason 7 and think his stats were ok. He has no style that any other Jason couldn't utilize as well. His strengths are minor passive boosts you'd give to fill in already great skills.
  12. It's not an assumption when I clearly explained in great detail why Jason 7s "strengths" were nonstrengths and why his weaknesses were incredibly damning to his lackluster skills. The only thing you've stated are the words opinion and assumption instead of explaining to me why I'm wrong. Do you defend peoples "opinion" who swear the Earth is flat?
  13. I've never given much thought to part 8 honestly. At the very least he has an amazing skill in Destruction. What about part 8 feels bad to you? Asking genuinely since most agree his destruction is just that good, and his negatives aren't that harsh. I do think him having stalk and destruction is a bit weird together. One is meant for being sneaky while the other is getting into cabins as soon as possible while loudly busting down the door. Like giving part 7 stalk instead of grip strength, and swapping his -traps for -stun that he had from the beta, would go a long way in helping him. That would also give people access to a stalker Jason much sooner than level 20.
  14. Part 3 can run, has 5 traps, can kill counselors quicker by slashing with his weapon. His weaknesses are stun, sense, and stalk. This means he has normal morph and shift on top his normal buffs. He doesn't need to utilize stalk much since he can run and slash counselors. Stun resistance isn't a big deal because every Jason can block. Part 7 Cannot run, has weakened shift duration, speed, cool down, and distance, doesn't have enough traps to keep objectives covered, has situational water speed which is nice yet again very situational, sense boils down to not much since all Jasons can toggle it off early and as you said yourself, grip is a silly strength. This isn't an opinion, 7 is the worst Jason hands down. Every tactic you use as Jason 7 can be applied to all other Jasons and you'd be able to do better. Edit: As for being boring to play, I agree. Each Jason should have a play style all their own, which Jason 7 lacks. As I said, anything you do with him can be applied to other Jasons who have actual skills at their disposal.
  15. Perhaps they're referring to his quicker door animation, not just the hits? I've also seen people suggest that the doors are now weaker, or sporadically so, overall. It may not be Jason 7 exclusive.