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  1. I've had this problem on PC since Friday. Mostly my game freezes returning to lobby, but now I am losing connection too.
  2. Where have you been? We've been on the Royson hype train for two weeks now! Of course, train is leaving the station and headed to parts unknown for a bit, but Roy has been the talk of the forums.
  3. I think you should try and recreate the video. Was it Tiffany? Looked like it. I mean from the waist down.
  4. Maybe best not to post this as it was quickly changed and the reddit that mentioned this was delelted. I would rather not see everything here get locked down. Suffice to say, Roy eta is TBD. Other stuff is likely before, but no one has said for sure yet. I say let Gun have their fun with announcing stuff.
  5. What kind of a team do I need to assemble in order to get Jennifer Lawrence to go on a date with me? Some things are as near to impossible as to be functionally impossible.
  6. Agreed. I got rabbit holed! More music, more choice is always a good thing.
  7. The research used in broadcasting and marketing is all about tieing things to sense memory. That is done by reminding you of good unstressed times in your life and activating the senses involved in those memories. Music is good for this because it has auditory and tactile memories attachments. Of course, we are talking about two separate phenomena here and two seperate mechanisms. The science behind why an individual song may constructed the way it is, is separate from our enjoyment of specific songs and our attachment to them. While related, they are actually different. This article points out why a new pop song might be something we can get behind, or why we may relate to songs that are outside our experiences. I am specifically talking about an individual song. Like say Danger Zone. That song reminds me of the movie, and that year of my life. It also reminds me of the book It, because I was reading it when I listened to that soundtrack a lot. These are good memories for me, and so whenever I hear Danger Zone specifically, I am made to feel a certain way. But, that feeling, and the chemicals that are released from that feeling become stale, and I develop a small resistance to them if I listen to it too often. New music is made to replicate sounds and feelings that came before, and we as pattern seeking animals actually look for this even if it is subconsciously. So yes, we are creatures of habit, and our likes are formed early, and we want to be reminded of them, but that mechanism for reminder is dopamine and saratonin. We become immune to the effects when it is pumped too often, and we begin to create less and less each time a song is played, or that memory is tapped in to. That is why we get bored of a thing. It no longer provides the thrill. Thus a new memory has to be tagged, by a new song in our case. Edit: I think we are kind of in agreement, so I hope I am not sounding contradictory too much here. I also wish my source materials on dopamine Doppler effect were less hardcopy. Anyway, just a nerd guy discussion of music and nostalgia.
  8. Agree with the second point wholeheartedly, with one smal caveat... Eventually Danger Zone gets old in your head if you hear it enough. Most music will, but the novelty of things wears off faster when it is genre music. In broadcasting there is a burn factor to new music. When a song goes in to power rotation it will play very often, at least once in each day part. This will stick around for about two weeks as the data shows the burn factor is about 15-20 impressions. At which point a song will either go in to recurrent or power recurrent. It plays less and less until it goes in to a gold category. People get tired of hearing the same thing over and over again. This is esspecially true of gold songs, or older songs. People l;ove to hear them again, but not often and not in quick succession. This is why gold has thousands of songs to choose from when programming a station. Each one brings back a memory and each one will play, but you won't hear the same thing over and over. Think of it this way... Let's say you are playing GTA san andreas and you are in to early 90's alternative music. After a while you will find yourself tuning in to the classical station, cause if you hear Nirvana one more goddamn time! You might not even realise you are doing it. A game's soundtrack is limited and eventually people will get tired of it. It would make sense for the devs to slowly introduce new music every few months, or whatever they plan their cycle to be on any given game.
  9. Ok, back to hot Roy talk! I want my Roy talk back. On the other hand, Angry running rage demon Jason is ok! For the map, we could see maybe 2 houses in close proximity. Recreating the survival dash from 4 would be nice. Add the skinny dip spot. further away. Rob Dier's camp. Possible spawn for gun. 50/50 chance it is not there. Could have a boat launch building. there could be other cottages along the trail. We never see them in movie but it makes sens unless this lake is smaller than the drainage pond behind my local Walmart. There are about t6en houses ringing it.
  10. The music is dated, but matches the period of the films just fine. My issue was mainly with the Ki Ma. Jason Jason Jason Ha Ha Ha. WTF? It's like McDonald's execs going, you know what we should do? Electric Neon Blue Arches, but in the shape of an F and U!
  11. Counselor maybe but this is Friday The 13th, I would rather not see a generic killer please. There are more Jasons to add.
  12. There is a fine line between hard and impossible. A rage and stealth mode Jason would be instakill on everyone, all the time.
  13. 1. I really like this idea. 2. Though I bit more true to the movies, I think this would make the game a lot more difficult to survive. It might work if it meant Jason was maybe stunned for 2 seconds, otherwise this makes cabins almost useless to be in after the first 5 minutes of the game. 3. I don't like the first part (the trip mechanic, as again, this is a win for Jason every time) but the second part is cool. @TacoKiller Maybe just a quick sting when Jason shows up, and then after that it is on you to keep track of him. These ideas make it scary for sure, but work to remove survival chance. Great for a movie, not so great in a game environment... unless you are Jason!
  14. Out of likes. This made me laugh for real. I am not immune to the colouring book issue myself. Within arms reach right now I have my pc, a ps4, an ipad, an iphone, a stereoand many books. I still sometimes wander around saying I am bored. They would have to slow roll out the lodge though as one colouring book will only last so long before that too has run its course.
  15. Welcome to sexual harrassment the game featuring a bloody killer and an amerous Chad troll who doesn't want to take no for an answer.