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  1. Someone spawned in as the lucky psychic counselor is just how I justify that particular bug
  2. I wouldn't be surprised if the new map and the new Jason pair up. So if it ends up being Roy I could see it being that area. Personally I'm hoping to see a Final Chapter Jason but if that's the Jason and map I don't know what else they'll add to it to make it large enough. All I can remember from the movie is the two houses, a running path, and the lake.
  3. Sometimes it's just really hard to tell because of the way it overlays the objective by the trap. I've thought it would overall nicer if they were different colors yellow for placed red for sprung or vice versa. Being able to recognize the sprung trap is an intended mechanic I'm guessing but I can see how using a color system may make it to easy for Jason to figure out which trap has been sprung.
  4. This is a time as Jason 7 I'm sure there have been more than a few as a counselor but this just happened yesterday so it's fresh on my mind. Trying to stop a car on the main road on Packanack. Stopped car but there's three so a battle ensues I get stunned manage another shift and stop the car I'm guessing what happened next was a proximity glitch like when Jason is able to carry you in shift. Anyway the shift stops the car but I continue to shift and panic get disoriented pull myself out and I'm only up the road a bit on one of those hills by the horse shoe on flat rock. So what I do next I morph of course completely ignoring the fact I know I'm not going to land with pin point accuracy so I end up on just the other side of the road roughly the same distance to the car I had already been but now it's started and rolling and both morph and shift will be on cool down long after they cruise out of the map. Knew better should have been patient but oh well was still a fun game.
  5. I never thought about it being a two way street makes sense though. I don't glitch or cheat but I have no problem saying that I'll mute a Jason if their being obnoxious I don't want to listen to someone play music over there mic it drowns out being able to communicate with other people I may be trying to communicate with also I would never have thought to un mute someone who was an annoyance as a counselor if they became Jason the next match. Once I've muted you you've been muted. That unfortunately also goes for people with mics that have awful feedback.
  6. I had the same thoughts but my solution was more of a radius around Jason where team damage still went through but honestly just having it damage grabbed counselors would be just fine. I get the idea that coordinated groups are going to have a very easy time killing Jason when there is no reason not to just free swing with machetes. I've already played with one particular group that pretty much had killing Jason down to a science in the 10 games I played with them I think at least four games resulted in Jason's death. Two or three games the kill glitched and failed and at least two of the games the host who was one of the main components in killing Jason played as Jason those games did not result in Jason's death.
  7. Just something to work towards. What's the point of playing any video game really... I'd imagine for fun and enjoyment unless you're a professional streamer than it's a way to pay the bills.
  8. I feel so jaded when I read about people who have to deal with this. I guess that's the true plus to all the problems Xbox had and some may argue still have I was forced to play in LFG private matches and because of that the people I end up playing with just don't do these things and when someone comes along who does the host just removes them and we continue on.
  9. I don't think there's a trick to it unless they spawn in places other than drawers like sitting on top of an empty case of beer bottles in the middle of no where because at that rate there could easily be a tape or two every match even as small and familiar as the maps get im sure there are still areas I've never walked over.
  10. Yes I do have been playing avidly since launch. Have been 101 for a while now just got the achievement for 1000 matches as a counselor and still love the game. I've made a couple groups of friends to play with and they all play different ways. The try hard lobbies can be annoying and so can the troll lobbies and the trash talkers but some people just play because it's fun. Playing with true fans is almost always the best experience the types who aren't worried about surviving every match and the Jason's who don't concern themselves with the ego trip of finishing 8/8. Some of the most fun I've had is when the game works to perfection. An example using sense as Jason and realizing oh hey their going to enter this cabin hmm maybe I can make it in the front door before they make it to the back. Pop a little stalk and wait for a counselor to run into your waiting arms. Those little genuine scares are what keeps me playing and loving the game. It would be a mistake to not say how much fun trying to survive can be when you're not concerned with surviving. A lot of times a good fight with Jason and more time spent in game gets you more cp and experience then just escaping in 4 minutes anyway. It's a game where if you play with a just an ounce of compassion there are no losers.
  11. Complete speculation I don't think they've been spawning recently maybe they were buggy and causing problems and their just trying to fix them with out saying anything to avoid the firestorm.
  12. A date of some sort was the first that crossed my mind as well. But honestly I first though 82 for 1982 but I like your deduction more especially since there is no significance to 1982 that would make any sense other than part 3 being released in 82 but that's already in game.
  13. Ahh thank you I was starting to think it was only me. I was considering taking screen shots. Maybe it has to do with screen size or resolution etc.
  14. Sorry to have missed you folks yesterday looking forward to playing some game with you in the future.
  15. Am I the only one who can see the stars when I look at the sky...