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  1. Yes he can trap you by placing a bunch of traps at the doorway area but kudos for the rest of the counselors then that’s a lot for a Jason to use just to trap one counselor. And if you happen to have a pocket knife and health spray you can just run through one maybe break free in time maybe not get grabbed pocket knife heal and run. Sure maybe you don’t have those things but maybe ya do. The Jason wouldn’t know and again that’s a lot of his inventory used up to snag one counselor depending on the Jason he would have to use all of his traps just to make sure you didn’t avoid the single one he places.
  2. @Titan_313 can’t deny that it has huge death trap potential but to answer why put it in there in the first place.. it’s film accurate.
  3. Do you possibly recall if said troll was in combat stance or blocking or doing some other action that may have been over looked with what ever the collision change was.
  4. Or maybe throw a knapsack at a campfire that has a loot option or something like that I feel like you might see where I’m heading in my mind.
  5. I think if they did something like that they’d have to give it a start up sound like the car because right now the only needing to parts and silence is the risk reward that if you get stopped in the middle of the water your 100% dead and even a Jason with negative water speed can stop a boat easily as long as he recognizes it is moving at the right time because even a negative water speed Jason goal tending the exit can stop the boat fairly easily if he understand what the idea of angle of pursuit is which is basically the way a slower moving object can intersect a faster object at the right point.
  6. I would also agree with this as a mostly random player. I don’t know what the exact terminology for the Savini skin was via the backer kit but if they emphasized ownership being exclusive I also think just making him a random option period would be fine. Backers still have exclusive ownership and can play Jason every time they get Jason could in a private match make themselves Jason and always select Savini. With that in mind I don’t see the problem with making it a random option for everyone that’s gives you a 1-8 chance of being Jason at all and then even a smaller percentage that you’d end up with Savini meaning a non backer could maybe play save 1 of 100 matches they get Jason if their lucky maybe even never. I know the boo hoos that follow this line of thought but like I said it all depends on th exact wordage that was used for th backer reward.
  7. That and from the movies all th sequels would take pain staking efforts to get the continuity right one the masks from the previous films. So the more attention they pay to the mask the better. His mask is probably the most iconic symbol of the series even though he only finally grabs it in part 3
  8. I only hope it spills over onto the other maps as well I like the variance of it. Same thing with the spacing of keys for completing objectives they seem to be dispersed further and more randomly on the Jarvis map Juat edited to add the only thing I see people getting annoyed with in the new map is it seems to be a survivor the night map lots of places to eat up Jason’s time in the hero cabins and little places to hide etc that coupled with the difficulty of seeing objectives complete in all the Jarvis maps I’ve played cops have been called maybe twice and a boat has been repaired once or twice and maybe a car or too which is an huge an awesome decline from the original maps where it’s almost as if you spawn with the right character and some good RNG a boat or car could be complete in under 2 minutes.
  9. Not to be an ass here but if you’ve been waiting for weeks in that amount of time it should have become very obvious to you that it’s an online only game currently as they work in an offline feature. Other than that someone with more forum cred will probablly tell you to read the rules etc and make a post to introduce yourself. An again no offense or to start an arguement but to make your first post about what you did and say what you did you’re more likely to be regarded as a troll.
  10. I would feel it’s more realistic is public matches it has the we all just met each other vibe now if your running a private with a group of friends then a more realistic scenario is that those friends should be willing to put themselves in some danger to save a friend.
  11. I wouldn’t say shitty absolutely more realistic I suppose. That is unless everyone who plays this video game has a true fight before flight mentality. Most people in a real life situation would abandon everyone to save themselves it’s why traits like courage and heroism are so highly valued obviously I see some exceptions a parent would die for their child 99% of the time a significant other may choose to give it everything they have to save a husband or wife boyfriend or girl friend. But there’s really nothing to imply that most of the people aren’t complete strangers to one another all just meeting for the first time days or hours before the horror begins and in that scenario it’s much more unlikely anyone who hops in a car and has a clear cut escape would choose to save themselves rather then go and rescue everyone else.
  12. The new map is awesome. The spacing feels super challenging and I really enjoy the wide open spaces. Not knowing the map yet and traveling blind (w/o a map) I find myself getting turned around and lost and I love it haha. Two things I’ve also noticed in the 10 or so matches I’ve played Jarvis house I think there’s been a boat every time which is awesome and treacherous because that boat path is intense. The thing that I’ve enjoyed the most so far and I hope it gets reflected on the original full size maps is that it doesn’t feel like key objects (gas, battery, prop) spawn in quite so obvious a quarter of the map where the objective is. I feel that may be confusing when read but other players especially those who have put countless hours in will get what I’m saying I hope. An example of this is basically when you think about Crystal lake full size everyone knows the only key objective you may find in, Springwater or is it Stillwater in Crystal Lake, is maybe the fuse but you’ll never find gas, battery, or a prop down there and I like the idea that on occasion you may have to move these key objectives a considerable distance will make some team work more important if you have to travel 3/4 of the map to drop off a can of gas. Almost forgot to mention how awesome it was to see a two seater car and a boat on the new matches as well. All in all great update things feels awesome the new music for part 4 is fantastic the final chapter has always been my favorite. Because not all can be high praise otherwise I just feel super biased like they could no wrong my one and only single “complaint” and I use that word very very loosely is whatever is with Jason’s right ear and why it has a Goonies Sloth tilt I only just watched part 4 not that long ago and don’t recall that but I could be wrong. I do know there’s a nice screening of The Final Chapter this Friday at a theater named the colonial in Pheonixville PA for any horror buffs it’s the theater from the 1950’s original The Blob and I will be looking intently at Jason’s ear all movie lol. Have a great Thursday all enjoy the new content slaughter, survive, but most of all have a great fucking time double xp starts tonight at 7 I’ve heard so for anyone not 44 yet get that grind on and come fall in love with the magic that is part 4. Quick edit after looking at some of the high detailed toys from the 4th film he does look to have a pretty healthy sloth ear when de masked but maybe it was that in the film the band of th mask held it in place more. And again let me say how this is in no way some kind of deal breaker or important thing to be upset about but when I feel like singing this much praise I feel it required to at least point out one negative otherwise it’s like saying they could have given me a pile of shit and I would have just found a way to dress it up.
  13. The only thing I have experienced is while trying to install a boat propeller it kept forcing me off it also happens at some spots on the small maps.
  14. I’ve never sold anyone out verbally or in the way the op described. But I’m not ashamed to say that just recently I did intentionally step on a trap by the phone box that was adjacent to a boat some people were going to try an escape on and I then did proceed to run that direction hoping Jason would kill them and I could steal the boat. It worked mostly to plan but I don’t think anyone made it out on that boat. I would be sorry for it but then boat escapes are hard to get with the lack of boats around and 0 on the small maps.