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  1. That was, "A Place In the Sun". A bad movie choice, in my opinion. They should have just played "NIght Of the Living Dead", in my opinion. A great horror movie that is in public domain, and would have probably set the mood better if done right.
  2. The company I work for, in it's infinite wisdom, decided that I am headed to South Texas tomorrow (Baytown), for the Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. This is not an altruistic endeavor, I won't be saving lives or rescuing puppies from floods. I'll be working to get power back on at the Chevron-Phillips refinery there. But, it's going to be 12+ hours a day, 6-7 days a week for 3 months. (And there goes my Halloween plans ) I'm actually taking a demotion to go there, but the pay is I'm sure most people on here don't give a shit, but I just wanted to explain why I will not be on the forums for a while. Had a sit down with my mini-me tonight and told to him that I had to leave. There were some tears (some his, some mine, some Mommy's). But, this is part of being an adult and living up to my responsibilities. I'll try to get a few matches in here and there, and pop in here to say hi. Take care everyone, and I'll be right there with ya hoping that the October 13th update is as awesome as we all want it to be. Have a drink on me:
  3. I appreciate that man. You are right, sometimes you have to adult, and that sucks.. I will try to stop by when I can. You take care buddy.
  4. Thank you sir. Leaving soon. I am not a big fan of this move, but I have to do what I have to do.
  5. Actually, the sleeves for the discs aren't bad. They don't have the locking hubs that most DVD cases have. But, I have watched all of the movies multiple times, and they are in pristine condition. Plus, the 3-D glasses are cool! Ok, I'll try again with the picute.
  6. I've seen the Oaked variety. I got 2 of these, and 2 local IPA's. It was a 4-pack deal at my local grocery store.
  7. ☝️ ? This. I can't improve on what @Definitelynotjason said.
  8. I've been part of killing Jason 6 times now. Even got Savini Jason once. I haven't been killed as Jason so far, although I have been de-masked a few times. One group actually had me dead to rights, and the random playing Tommy missed the cue to take me out. I just got lucky on that one. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before it happens to me, but I've escaped it so far.
  9. I had to take @I ❤️ A.J.'s advice and give it a shot. This is a damn fine ale!
  10. Awesome collection man! I am very, very jealous. ? I don't think Dick Wieand (Roy, Pt. V) is going to be at any horror conventions anytime soon. Here is a quote from him:
  11. I can't add much more to what has already been said here. I do believe shift-grab is a technique is a tricky one that takes quite a bit of skill. In my experience, it is much easier with a keyboard and mouse than it is with a controller. You'll get there man. Just practice, practice, practice!
  12. Here is an online pic of the collection I have. Too lazy to spread everything out on my own Came in a tin case, with two pairs of paper 3-D glasses for part 3. I thought the packaging was OK. I am a cinephile as well.
  13. Well Chad my Boi, the only thing you did wrong was that one time when you hauled ass in the car and left me to die! But I understand, because your wallet had to ride shotgun! No worries man. You're good.
  14. Hey Bloody Murder! Love the name and welcome to the forums.
  15. I'll concede the fact that if you slash them all down to a one-hit death, all of the counselors can theoretically be killed. I can't personally remember a match where I came across 7 or 8 throwing knives as Jason, but, that doesn't mean that they are not on the map. @quothetheraven79 I'll take @pro5pt0's word for it that it is possible to do under those circumstances. I may try to do a few private matches, and see if me or one of my friends can get close to that goal. I'll let you know what I find out. If we can do it, I'll try to test it out in some public lobbies.
  16. Point taken. I really was trying to help the guy out. I'll modify what I said.
  17. I was mostly joking at first. For the most part, I was just trying to help you out. If you want anyone to take your suggestions and concerns seriously, it would probably help to phrase them so that they are at least readable. I could care less if you use grammar or not. Take it however you will.
  18. Really? You're going to pretend that nothing happened?
  19. @HorrorMan77 There is an answer to your question. @hesh You need to either tag the person you are responding to with @ and their name, or you can use the Quote link below the message. That way, the person will be notified that you have made a response.
  20. @TheButtonMasher You know that your not going to change anything with this. People obviously refuse to learn, and their going to keep making the same mistakes. What your saying does not effect them at all, and their going to tell you to butt out of they're conversations. This really is a good lesson, but I don't think it will have the desired affect. I applaud you're efforts though!
  21. This is the only statement you made that I had a problem with. You absolutely can not tell a parent how to raise their child. Period. If the kid does something wrong, then yes, they need to be reprimanded. But this whole "the media made my kid into a serial killer" bullshit is what is fucking ridiculous. I watched rated R movies well before I was 17 or 18. I've listened to heavy metal music most of my life. I've played every violent video game that I could get my hands on. And, my dad beat my ass every time I crossed the line. With all of that being said, I am a pretty well adjusted adult with a good job, a stable home life, and a great family. In turn, my son is 6 years old, he plays rated "T" games, and I have spanked his butt on 3 occasions in his life, he last time being when he was 4. To this day, if he is acting out, all I have to say is, "Do you want me to bust your butt?" His eyes will get big, and he will say "No sir.", and stop what he is doing. So, with that being said, according to some of the people in this thread, I am an unfit father...or satan. GTFO here with that nonsense! Back to the original subject...the OP has already been answered and is taking steps to contact the developers. How about we all shut the fuck up and stop telling each other how to raise our kids? Although I firmly believe 90% of the "it is wrong" crowd consists of people that don't have children and don't really care about "exposing a child to this violence". They just have a problem with kids in lobbies. I don't think age is as big as a factor as some might think because I've had matches with just as many asshole adults as I have "squeaky kids".
  22. Again, it is not up to you or the ESRB to decide what someone else's child can play, watch, or listen to. You are trying to project "what's fun" for you onto other people. I don't like playing with people that don't use their mics. I don't like playing with asshole adults who try to block you into a room, or run you over with a car. I don't like playing with people who have shitty connections. So, should we ban all of these people because I don't like it? Of course not. And they shouldn't ban an account who has not committed any of the specific bannable offenses., just because you don't like it. The ESRB rating is a suggestion and guideline. That ratings system is not law, and neither is your moral compass, or whether or not you have a problem with playing an "M" game online with kids. I hate to break it to you, but the universe does not revolve around you.
  23. Well, I still had one for yours.
  24. It is none of your business how a parent raises their child. Here is the excerpt about the ratings. The ESRB's beliefs are not a hard and fast rule of how mature a child may or may not be. Neither are your personal moral compass or problems with "salty kids online". There you go. Raise your children as you see fit, and let this person raise theirs' as they see fit. Easy-peasy. I'm tired of asshole adults online, can we ban them too? I've seen plenty of videos with grown ass people doing the exact thing you are blaming children for. I'm a grown man with a family, and I believe this person has a right to expose their children to whatever media they feel said children are mature enough for. It's not up to some faceless government entity, or judgmental people online to decide this.