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  1. Time to give non-backers what they want: Savannah Jason

    Well, they would have to resurrect her via a fence pole (or other pole) and lightning since she died in the 90s. Although it would be hard (heh) to run away from a blonde with fake tits in a hockey mask. I would probably be the first casualty. Now this, on the other hand...this I could go for. I love me some good grilled sammiches!
  2. I may have overreacted a little in some people's eyes. I just found that your comment in no way conducive to the conversation at hand. . But I want you to know that I don't have a problem with you personally. Other than reading your comments that thread, I've never had any interactions with you. But I do have a natural propensity to be blunt, both online and in real life. Some people do not like that, and I can understand why. I started replying in that thread "on topic". My problem with it came when it kept getting bumped for no reason, with no new information, as well as the fact that certain parts of that conversation that were removed by the staff due to a very taboo subject being brought up by the OP. There are 3 members who constantly bring it back from the dead for no other reason than to raise their post counts. You are a fan of the idea, and I understand that. He was a memorable character in the film just like Tina was in Part VII, but I don't see either of them being added anytime soon. With that being said, if they are added later I don't think it would necessarily be a bad thing. My personal opinion is that neither should be a priority. Of course, that is all subjective, we all have our own opinions. To be honest, I added the video because I found it to be amusing. Sorry if it offended you. "Grown folks are talking here." is a phrase that I use occasionally at work when someone tries to jump into a conversation that they have no reason to be in. I think the change to Roy's outfit is a good thing just because it adds authenticity. It is a fairly well-known fact that Roy's jumpsuit was dark green in the movie. The fact that it was wet in the second and third acts, as well as the hue of the lighting, made it appear to be blue. But, that is just a minor point. I don't normally worry too much about cosmetics in the game, they just don't interest me. I fully understand that some people are not entertained by my blunt and sarcastic posts, dark sense of humor, or video links, and that is fine with me. I really don't feel the need to be liked by everyone. I say what is on my mind, and it will sometimes offend people. So be it.
  3. Okay...I was discussing whether or not we should add a new hero with new game mechanics, and the possibility of game overhauling implications. You brought up a cosmetic change that many people have asked for that is only a minor part of the new patch that is supposed to be fairly expansive. Maybe you should just continue to campaign for Reggie to be included instead of making useless comments like this. Or maybe:
  4. Yes good sir, I am. Mostly because of the notifications, and the fact that I have done that myself at least 100 times before. I'll get back to the OP, I don't really see a need for Tina to be added as a hero, but I wouldn't have a problem with it if she was. It would definitely make for some interesting matches.
  5. Dammit @NthnButAGoodTime! What have we told you about bringing hulking, homicidal, hockey-mask wearing zombies back to life? And double posting!
  6. It's got a death curse...

    @GriMcheefer187 Welcome to the forums man! I can honestly say that I never killed you, because I don't have a PS4. Looking forward to hearing more about your adventures at Crystal Lake. Just remember:
  7. I like the idea. I think it could be an incentive for people to concentrate more on objectives. I'm sure a lot of players would disregard the XP for a "get out of jail free" card and still keep it for safety, but more xp for using knives on traps couldn't hurt. This is actually a problem I have with the pocket knives being used to break free of Jason. If a killer actually grabbed you, you would have to have the presence of mind to pull the knife, open it, and stab at a vital area. I think at the very least you should have to hit a button to use the knife, if not a QTE. Honestly, I don't use knives on traps very often unless I just have no choice. I normally play the "fixer" role so if I have a med spray I'll tank a trap, haul ass, heal up, and then come back. I really think this is a great idea. I would also like to see some sort of skill check or action be implemented to use the knife on Jason, but I won't be greedy. One step at a time. It sounds like me, @Daneasaur, @Truth, and @Ahab all agree. Who else?
  8. Man, I really hope you are just trolling. I suspect a duplicate account here by a disgruntled member, but I have no proof of that. Either way:
  9. @GriMcheefer187 Hey man, the idea of using Tina as a hero has been discussed many times on here. You are new, so, I understand that you didn't know that. You can use the search bar at the upper right of the page to search for topics, and give your ideas in those threads. You could also swing by this section and give an introductory post. It's a good way to let other people know a little about you, and it is one of the rules of the forum. Hope this helps.
  10. Update: The authorities in Shavar Ross' home town have been contacted due to a possible stalker! This inane bumping of the thread is ridiculous. Either produce some results, or just shut up about it. It's getting kind of sad.
  11. Friday the 13th "H20 style"

    It is possible, though extremely unlikely, that Michael could have survived those burns. Even more unlikely is that he survived being shot in both eyes and caught in an explosion, which happened in the scene before the burning. But, we are talking about slasher heroes...uh, villains here. I watched part 2 again recently, and it sure seemed like a definitive death, and was, as far as Carpenter was concerned at the time. Of course, Laurie chopping his damn head off in H20 should have done it as well. We all gave way to the suspension of disbelief early on in both franchises when it came to the amount of damage that each took. I mean, hell, we were willing to believe that Loomis shot Michael 7 times (with a 6 shooter!!) as shown in the into to part 2. It is at the 1:59-2:15 mark in this video, and he got up and walked away, with no blood trail. I don't think that @NoOneK9503 has a bad idea here. I could see it working, if done correctly. Just keep Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes the hell away from it!
  12. Some words that are overused

    I've seen a lot of words thrown around here that seem to be used flippantly and often. Granted, it's not just here, it's all over the internet. Some words lose their power when overused, and I think these apply: Troll- It seems that now, anytime someone pisses a person off (be it in the game, here in the forum, or in real life), they are automatically a "troll". If a counselor outplays your Jason and does a little dance while you're on the ground, that is not trolling. Sure, it's not very nice, but they are celebrating for doing well. Anyone that has read many of my posts here knows that I loathed the dance parties that were prevalent before the last patch, but throwing out a little shimmy after kicking your ass is not trolling. (I don't use the dance moves personally, but I don't sweat the people that do as long as it is not excessive) Neither is a Jason who slashes you, puts a couple of pocket knives in your ass, knocks your head off, or chokes you out. All of these are valid killing methods within the mechanics of the game. Personally, I prefer the more cinematic kills, but I'm not going to deign to tell someone how to play their game. There are plenty of instances of trolls with this, and any other, game. But this word is thrown around all of the damn time when the evidence doesn't support the use of it. Toxic- This is another word that I see all of the time. Being hard-headed, argumentative, or standing your ground is not toxic behavior. Being a complete douchebag for no reason is toxic. The shitheads that squeal into the mics in quickplay with the "n" word, kill yourself, drink bleach, fa**ot, etc...are toxic. Much like trolls, just because somebody doesn't agree with you does not mean that they are toxic. Toxic means poisonous, being kind of an asshole does not qualify. I know, because I am kind of an asshole. Try-Hard- I never understood why this is a bad thing. Should I play the game poorly so that I don't hurt your feelings? Whatever I'm doing, whether it is my job, playing a game, house-training the dog, helping my kid with spelling, or making my wife happy, I am going to do it to the best of my ability. The only people I see bitching about "try-hards" are people who aren't very good at what they are attempting. I hate to break it to you, but I am not going to change my gameplay because you think I am being a bully. If I get my ass kicked in the game, I congratulate the player that did it, if I don't have them on mute of course. People call me a try-hard all of the time, and I take it as a badge of honor. What is the point of doing anything in life if you are not going to try to be successful? Useless- I've seen this used for different counselors, Jason, maps, strategies, and many other things. No counselor is useless, it all depends on your style and game-play. Of course, it is Part 7 Jason that is usually described this way. He is not useless either. He is a challenge to play well, but it's still Jason Fucking Voorhees! The dude is more than capable of wiping a lobby. I personally dislike the smaller maps, but I do not believe they are useless. Some people enjoy the hell out of them. To each their own. Lone wolfing is a strategy, and it is not useless. I've had some success with it. Slashing as Jason is not useless, it's actually quite effective, although it is admittedly rather boring. You want to know what's useless? Cheating pieces of shit who only sign on to make other people's experience miserable. Other than that, most things in this game have their uses. This is just a rant from me after reading recent threads. I think some people need to stop whining so goddamn much. Of course, everyone is entitled to their opinion, just as I am entitled to refute it.
  13. Jason nerf

    Welp! No need for me to elaborate any further on that. I do believe that BoB has summed it up nicely.
  14. When you come on here of all places, and start talking about how badass you are and how you can complete actions "in an instant", it is going to raise some suspicion. There are a lot of members on here who have been playing since the Beta in 2016, and many that have done tests on the different game mechanics, and know them very well. How do you know what the spectators saw through their "internet speed"? Did you not even see the animation when you went into combat stance? If so, then you are either "exaggerating" about the events, you were glitched, there was some lag in there, or you were outright cheating. I haven't even heard of any macros that can do that. (And yes, using macros is cheating as well). I will join in with everyone else in asking for video proof of it. Of course, you are not obligated to provide anything, just as I am not obligated to believe your story to be anything but bullshit unless you do. Maybe you do have the timing down well enough to pull off the maneuver you are describing, and good for you if that is the case, but you can't bypass the animation by doing so. Either you explained the events poorly or you are just looking for attention for being a "badass". That will get you attention around here, but probably not the kind you are looking for.
  15. Guns in (North) America

    :Pokes head in and sees the conversation: Oh fuck no! I'm staying out of this one!
  16. @Xbox Prisoner I think you can just chalk it up to XBox lag. 300 ping will cause hiccups like that on the Xbox. I really think that if people are going to go through the trouble to put a hack/cheat on a console, it is going to be more powerful than that. That is the one great thing about console play, they are much more difficult to hack. Unfortunately, on the PC it is far too easy and happens all of the time.
  17. I have an XBox One X, but I haven't really tried the game out on it much yet. But judging by the movies and games that I have seen on it, I don't think the drop will is bad, if there even is one.
  18. Yeah man, I was a huge proponent of it and I hated it when I heard how bad the frame rates were on the consoles. I experienced a drop on PC, but nothing nearly as bad as what the other two platforms had to deal with. I agree with you that it would be nicer if it was an option rather than an RNG thing.
  19. Question

    Wait a minute...you're going off about some stupid videos you saw on YouTube? Easy fix, don't watch those videos. Of course people are going to post them, just like the dumbasses that post the "pranks". I could understand it if your complaint was about actual in-game play that you were a part of, but freaking out about a vid (or some vids) you saw of other people being trolled just doesn't make sense. We all know that cheaters, exploiters, and griefers exist. It has been that way since the dawn of multiplayer gaming. Shit, my brother used to cheat at Candyland when I was 5! I had a little empathy when I thought you were talking about some matches that you had experienced personally, but getting pissed because you saw a YT video of trolls being trolls just seems a bit childish.
  20. Rain was added because players asked for it for months before it was implemented. And not just on here. It was on the steam chat, facebook and twitter pages as well. I'm not sure about discord, xbox, or psn because I don't follow those. Rain makes sense in this game, it's a shame that there is such a frame rate drop on the consoles. In reality, the rain was added because is was widely requested, and I'm sure it was done with the best of intentions, not to just screw up the FPS in the game.
  21. Question

    I have it on PC and Xbox. I've heard that PS4 is one of the more "toxic", for lack of a better word, since I think it's overused, communities. Of course, you are bound to see assholes across all three platforms, but that is just the nature of online gaming. I just chalk it up to bored ass people, and move on with my life. I don't think anyone is talking about "punishing" you for having a problem and stating it, but it just seems like you are making a bigger deal out of it than it really is. Like I said, I don't play on the PS4, so I don't really know what the landscape is there.
  22. Question

    You were given a place to take your evidence, and it was explained why naming and shaming it is not allowed here. I've seen plenty of people wrongly accused of cheating on games due to bugs or glitches in 20-30 second clips. Maybe you can get a list going on the facebook page. I understand that you're upset, but this is really not the place for that kind of list. Betrayals really aren't that rampant. Yeah, assholes run over players with the cars, but cars can be avoided. It's not like they can just shoot somebody in the face at the beginning of the match. You can do what you want to do, but I suggest that you step back, take a deep breath, and just move on from it.
  23. I never got into Overcrack. I have plenty of friends who still play though. They have all tried to get me into OW, League of Legends, and DOTA 2. I have resisted the dark side. For the past week or so, I've been playing the Rainbow Six Siege: Outbreak DLC. It is a limited time, co-op zombie hunting game with the R6S mechanics. It really has been fun to play. But, there are a few games that I am looking forward to this year: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night by Koji Igarashi. The man behind Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. It is supposed to be in the vein of Castlevania series. Mega Man 11 Just to see if they are going to deliver on what they promise. I loved the Mega Man series during the NES and SNES days. Red Dead Redemption 2 I had a blast with the first one. I didn't think I would be a fan of a western-themed action game, but the first one was really fun to play. State of Decay 2 Open world zombie fighting that now has co-op play? Sign me up.
  24. Hate to bring up an old quote, but this has to be the most ironic thing I've read on here in ages. Every goddamn post you've made has been about "YOU!!!!!!" But, don't let me offend you, you are a God at playing Jason. (Even though you've ignored everyone who stepped up to take your challenge.) Hell, you could probably kill me without us even being in the same match. Preach on Oh Lord Dorian!
  25. Well, judging by your first post, I had the same feeling. Maybe it was your presentation, but you just sounded like you were pissed off because they took you out. And then you got defensive about how good you were. To me, those are classic signs of insecurity. Just judging by what you wrote I wouldn't think you were worth a damn as Jason either. OK, I'm not a Jason main. My preference has been set to counselor for months now, yet I have been one of the largest proponents of the new patch on here. I believe Jason should be powerful, and I think the balance is pretty damn good right now. Yes, there are times that the mask gets removed too easily, and I have been in some tough spots playing as Jason. But, I don't think it is a big enough problem to make a whiny post about, only to turn around and talk about how much of a badass you are playing him. Iceman is right, there are some annoying fucking glitches and bugs, on both sides. Also, we all know that the hit detection is complete shit right now...again, on both sides. Jason getting his ass kicked is not a rampant problem when he is played well. We all make mistakes, we all have bad matches, and we all get aggravated. But, when I look at the title of this thread, and then read the bragging you have done throughout it makes me inclined to believe that you may be just a wee bit full of shit. I have been lucky enough not to have been killed as Jason yet, but I am sure it will happen one day as I don't consider myself a great Jason player, and I have had plenty of close calls. I also play against organized teams in PM on a regular basis. I don't know man. Just like that Dorian guy I tagged in this thread, you just seem like you wanted to bitch because you had a couple of bad matches, and then you felt the need to throw out a little machismo talking about how "lethal" and "efficient" you are. The dog that barks the loudest usually has the smallest bite, at least in my experience.