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  1. Holy shit! (pun intended) That is the most terrifying horror game I have ever seen! Those goddamned (again, with the puns) ostriches are going to give me nightmares for weeks! I think I'm gonna find a private game of Ft13th and lone wolf Tiffany with the music off and no perks so I can calm down a little!
  2. Well, I can guarantee one will both have some hard evidence in 54 days!
  3. They had a Hellraiser game planned for the NES. I don't know how good it would have been, but it was in production at one time. Sadly, we will never know because the project was scrapped. I never heard about a Candyman video game, although that would be intriguing too. I would also like to see a Child's Play game, where you play as Chucky!
  4. That is a good point. Pt. 7 Jason would be able to control the map better if the lake was in the center and the cabins/houses were placed all around it. I hope they don't overhaul any Jason stats. I think the Jasons are set up in a way that they suit different playstyles. Jason 7 just happens to be the one that requires strategy over brute force. But, it would fun to have a map where he could use his water speed to a better advantage.
  5. that Pedo-Bear pretending to be "The Pretend Spirit?!?" Man! There have been some scary-ass kids' shows over the years! I thnk Pt. 4 and Pt. 5 Jason ( and Roy), and locations are the only ones that make sense, given the time frame. Same camp setting on a lake, neither Jason model would need a complete overhaul, and the stats for both are fairly self evident. I would be happy with either one.
  6. I remember discussing something like this before. Things like Ft13th movie trivia games, Virtual Cabin tours, and simple arcade games were brought up. If I'm spawn-killed in a public match I wouldn't mind answering some slasher trivia. But, if me and a few buddies are in a match, I will spectate them to see how they are doing. (And critique the hell out of them if they do something stupid, lol) I don't mind watching the action after I die, but throwing in a few mini-games wouldn't hurt.
  7. WTF?!?! I didn't see the any other steps involved. Getting Jason's mask off is usually the hardest part of the whole thing. This makes it way too easy to kill Jason! From what I have always understood, it was a fundamental part of the process. I can only remember one time that we took the mask into the shack. Usually, the heavy-hitters were smacking the big guy around while one of the female characters, and an escort if possible, would be getting in, getting the sweater, and getting out ASAP.
  8. Hey, I'm not complaining! I like shorts, but I love SHORTS!!!
  9. They probably were. If you run across any more, shoot me a private message. I'll tell you how to test them to see if they are still good. It's pretty easy.
  10. @GhostWolfVikingI'm going to skip the obvious "Blow on it and it'll work!" joke here. But, I do remember a news story that tried to debunk the blowing on the cartridge method to make the game start. I hate to break it to those journalists, but it did work. @PowellCampsNAKED A couple of things I noticed in the first video: Of course they just had to bring up the violence in video games and they'll rot your brain shticks. If they could only see Mortal Kombat X or Friday the 13th today! haha! Secondly, Nintendo has held back supplies of certain titles and systems since the US launch of the NES, and they are still doing it today. The NES Classic is a perfect example. They definitely had the capability to supply enough systems to cover the demand, but they didn't want to cut into their Switch Virtual Console money with it. They treated it like a gimmick. (Although, I was able to get one.) I expect the SNES Classic will have the same shortcomings, just probably not as severe. I guess time will tell.
  11. Oh yeah, it's definitely cool. I collect old nick nack stuff too. Or, as my wife calls it, "Useless crap!" Sure honey! I'll throw away my useless crap as soon as you start tossing yours!
  12. It's a shame that you threw those away. They are still used quite prevalently in commercial and industrial electrical applications. I am an industrial electrician/QC Tech and the Cooper-Bussman NON 100 amp fuses go for about $20 apiece if they are in good shape. Hell, I woulda bought them off of you if they were good. I can't comment on the brass handmade water bubbler though. Surely it's worth something. But, since brass is made out of zinc and copper, I don't think I would try to smoke anything out of it. But, I don't smoke anyway.
  13. Blocking counselor attacks is not taboo Tattooey. It is looked down on by certain people because those people have sensitive feelings. I've been called a "hack" and a "cheeser" because sometimes it's just easier and faster to beat the crap out of someone. I've been called the same thing for using throwing knives. Hell, I've even been accused of it for using the quick grab kills. It's just whiny-ass people that don't want to die in the game. I can't do an environmental kill every time in a lot of games due to time constraints, although I do choose to use them as often as possible, because they look cool. Don't worry about what some complaining little beyotches squeak about in-game. No matter how you play as either Jason or a counselor, somebody will bitch about it just because things aren't going their way. Personally, if somebody swings at me I'm going to attempt to block it. I'd rather a bat break my arm than my damn head! 😣
  14. My favorite has to be from a guy on the Ft13th subreddit for "Blue Dot Megathread" That is some of the most convoluted, crazy-as-a-shithouse-rat rationalization for a joke theory that I've ever heard in my life! But, I did snicker when I read it.
  15. Two more that I forgot to mention from The Burning (1981) Holly Hunter- Academy Award Winning actress who's very first role was this flick. She went on to star in everything from The Piano to O Brother, Where Art Thou? to The Incredibles to Batman v. Superman! Fisher Stevens- (The Flamingo Kid (1984), Short Circuit (1986), Super Mario Bros. (1993), Hackers (1995)) While he did co-win an Oscar for producing 2009's The Cove, he may not have always made the best choices. (Super Mario Bros!!!), but he has had a long, and pretty successful career. And, the part of Woodstock in this slasher was his first film role.