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  1. I'd vote for her, especially if she had a decent repair.
  2. It is ridiculous how elusive these tapes are. I am level 88 and no tapes others are level 101 and have never found a tape. There are 20 tapes so why can't we find 2 tapes per 10 levels in game? So between 0 and 10 two tapes, 11 to 20 two tapes etc.....
  3. The simple solution is don't knock out the lights. It is a trade off as with many other aspects of the game. You either knock out the lights to increase fear in the councillors, then you can't see so well yourself without sense; or you just don't knock out the lights.
  4. You are sad and desperate with no logic thoughts whatsoever.
  5. I often play as much as 8 hours most days. I just got to level 85 tonight. I bought the game on 30th June, clearly stated on my bank statement. For Cokeyskunk "Is glitching through the map a suicide that should be credited to Jason? Just sayin' . . . " No, JUST SAYIN'
  6. Now you are accusing me of being a Troll!!! Get lost dude. I've already done that in private matches with some online friends. I'll look you up when I feel like it dude.
  7. Same to you! Nothing wrong with unlocking clothing and wanting to reach level 101. As far as suicide in the game, it is the fault of Jason. Do you think these councillors would have killed themselves without Jason being present? Of course not! So Jason still caused their death. Some gamers deliberately kill themselves to deny the Jason player points which is selfish. Quote: "We dont run from Jason. We jump him." - WOW you are all sooooooo brave!
  8. Sure, but it seems worse now than ever. Just no memory leak.
  9. Then I'd guess you using PC with dedicated servers unlike the xbox which frequently looses connection costing lots of point loss.
  10. There have been so many connection errors tonight I have given up trying to play. I have lost count the number of games that have failed due to connection/ping issues tonight but it must be about 15 games. I think I only completed about 5 games out of perhaps 20 attempted games. I was online for 4 hours. To only have a few completed games in 4 hours is ridiculous. What the hell is going on? After the last fix the game became really stable with hardly any problems. This lasted about 4 days or so. The last few days have been dreadful. Litteraly many games in a row stopped due to connection issues. This really is completely unacceptable for a game we have all payed money for.
  11. In just 9 weeks I have reached level 81!!!! I have played a huge amount. I am aware that trolls, or simple idiots, set traps at windows, but again the reason for the situation of trap setting is Jason.
  12. You are totally wrong. The whole point people are running away, setting traps etc is because of Jason. You are delusional.
  13. It is true. Councillors are placing traps because of Jason. So it is the fault of Jason they die; therefore suicides should count towards his kills. Also suicide is another way selfish gamers deny the Jason player a kill, for spite.
  14. This happens to me, people quitting when I grab them so I don't get the 100 points and this also means, sometimes, I also don't get 250 points for killing all councillors. Jason should be awarded kills for players who quit or are disconnected. Also why do so-called Suicides not count for Jason? He still caused the councillors death! This is so unfair. If even just one councillor player quits then Jason player has lost minimum 350 points. Like others, I have been chosen to be Jason, I had only collected the first knife in the hut, when the host quit, most likely, because this sodding crybaby, didn't get to be Jason. So sick of it.
  15. There are plenty of environmental sounds in the xbox version.