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  1. I have. There is a perk that regenerates stamina quicker if you get free from Jason's grasp. Mine has 19% regeneration increase. Don't much use it.
  2. Crouching regenerates stamina the quickest
  3. A lucky/difficult escape form Jason, I fixed that bloody phone and called cops, only to loose my points due to yet another game crash. How many crashes so far? I'd say at least 200. I had no map and no one else was alive to help, one other escaped. Surviving to the end like this and loosing points is so infuriating. Would likely have got at least 1,100 points. When is this serious problem going to be fixed on Xbox? I would be level 80 not 40 were it not for these crashes.
  4. Really? You'll tell people where you are, in that case Jason will hear you unless you have a walkie-talkie and in that case people may be out of range. Stopping in game chat will not stop the worse cheaters who are personal friends and will be talking on mobile phones. It is a stupid idea to disable chat and not let us see where people are. It simply won't work and will make the game even harder for the decent players who don't cheat. I have no friends who play this game (xbox) and so I am always on my own. I have experienced many examples of cheating and councillors attacking me. I record my game on a recorder that cost me £70. I also spend £52 on a headset and stereo adapter and I didn't fork out that money on top of game cost (£32) to have chat disabled. So playing this game has cost me £154! Most cheating is done in secret on mobile phones and that can never be stopped unfortunately. I am sure I have lost many games due to cheating. In one game I was in Packanack lodge, it is huge place. Jason was outside the back of the lodge and killed someone. He then had to move around the lodge to the front come in and he found me in the kitchen cupboard in only 15 seconds after he finished killing a councillor. I was using Tiffany who is the most stealthy character. He did not search the lodge he came STRAIGHT to me so someone who had died in game was watching where I was and the piece of crap told his friend who was playing Jason. I did not hear the instructions on chat so the were using some other covert means of communication. Here is a video of me playing Tiffany and being killed by some cretin. He was clearly in cahoots with the guy who came back as Travis. I sent this video to game developers, I have not received any reply. Unfortunately this video also shows one of the over 150 times I have been cut off from the game. In this case it was a "timed out error". Just watch until the end. So I could not keep following these two creeps to see what other problems they caused.
  5. 5:34 am and my game has crashed again when I was Jason. I was going to bed anyway but I really hate the number of crashes. This problem needs to be addressed asap.
  6. Here is another video of the game crashing after killing 6/6
  7. It is not so much the age, it is what they do to disrupt the game that is the issue. The trouble makers, as far as I can gather, are mostly the younger people, teens. So long as people meet the age requirement and behave then obviously that is fine.
  8. Killed another 5/5 and AGAIN THE BLOODY GAME CRASHED!!!!!!! 2:24 am UK. SO SICK of this!!!!! I have it recorded and when I can I'll upload it and post link here. In a different game; so sick of the way the car keeps stopping every time Jason hits it. I started the damn thing about 4 or 5 times. It is hard enough to get the car ready! Don't u think? Here is my video of the game crashing. It just returns me to the xbox dashboard.
  9. Yet again I get an invite to play the game, and when I click on it, it never manages to load me up to the game. I play on xbox one. There were times in the first week when it did work sometimes. Or are people cancelling the invite just after sending? I just got through killing 6/6 councillors and the game crashed yet again. I expect I lost all the points, maybe around 1400 to 1600. So frustrating!
  10. Just had a funny thought about a female Jason, she could have a breast smother kill ! LMAO!
  11. I have a windows PC and so maybe I need to switch over to PC to play Friday 13th. Would be a bummer to have to start from scratch again as I am at level 38. I was considering PC for better graphics, I play on xbox. As for microsoft, the game developers have a duty to protect their customers form unfair tactics f some gamers so I don't see microsoft having any right to stop people being banned from now game, there are many more games they can play.
  12. and so there should be one, would make for a more interesting and varied game
  13. You are so cleaver to make all that up. You can't see a bit of tongue n cheek humour when you read it.
  14. I am just off a couple of matches, in one I got attacked by someone for some unknown reason, and in another game there were 4 councillors hacking away at each other. I don't retaliate due to the points loss it incurs and it may also cause me a ban if I have forgotten to record the game.
  15. Just got ratted on again in a game with someone helping Jason. As usual these are young people, perhaps not even old enough to play the game, they use microphones. My suggestion won't be popular but how about charging a monthly subscription for the game, say £5. This may help rid us of some of the trouble makers that are spoiling the game. In return for our extra investment you improve the game greatly by hiring extra programing staff. Some of the £millions you've already made should be used to improve the servers and create more councillors and hire moderators to watch the games being played. How about getting some hot female movie stars to be councillors? There may be some that won't charge an, arm and a leg, no pun intended. Examples ;-) Kate Upton Christina Hendricks Salma Hayek Sofia (ya don't need Viagra) Vergara