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  1. Restart your game if you get kicked a few times, it seems to lock up.
  2. So, the first blue dot was for... nothing. This one also appears to be for nothing, but when combined with the already existing nothing, it allows for an entirely different context, of a totally new nothing. There's somebody who's like, "They are going to love the blue dot payoff!". Then it will be "vote to add a new car color!"
  3. I noticed this being deep in a house with the rain effect the first time. Just repositioned to hear doors afterwards.
  4. He got "hit by Reggie"... driving a mini bulldozer, right?
  5. More phone spawns, maybe use the next patch for "adding value to outer campfires", as previously stated, so you can rifle a duffel bag or two for stuff. At least some kind of "item cone" for objectives, even a large one- so batteries or props don't have to travel NW to SE across the entire map. I really like it, there's just so much incentive for Jason to camp the southern 20% of the map.
  6. Love the boat. Weary of the Jarvis House map, making me carry the prop all the way across the map.
  7. Yeah, I've put on my "senior counselor" swimsuit this weekend, guided people through basic game mechanics. Fun, more people.
  8. Crystal Lake Small. You can usually run a circuit to repair the car in the corner between the repair shack and the boathouse within two minutes, and Jason always defends it third of the three objectives, since it's so far removed from the main action. Regular sized maps, like Packanack a lot- same idea with the South boat spawn- the boat parts are only in 4 houses, so hunt quick.
  9. I think the entrance to the shack up at Hollow Grove is through a break in the chain link fence.
  10. I have a strong gathering of epic/rare perks. Still can't get more than uncommon for medic for all the XP.
  11. Well, that was 2.5 good games, then crash.
  12. I just made it into a lobby- we'll see.