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  1. It would be amusing if they built it in so that if you did it at a certain radius, Jason could blow through his stun and rip your crotch out.
  2. Last night as a passenger on Higgins, we somehow rolled the car into the parallel universe, were trapped upside down. Then Jason somehow put a trap near the car which got me... at which point my animation POV became driver AJ tenderly caressing my headless passenger AJ until the glitch timed out.
  3. I put a last trap outside an open second story window at Packanack, which paid off in a nice instakill when I went to that room. Open all your windows, guys.
  4. With sophisticated visuals like these, surely whatever they're putting together will be pure gold!
  5. It's 2017. When I go into a lobby and I'm the only visible mic, it's not "is there a party?", its "am i alone against a party of seven, or are there competing parties?"
  6. Yeah, I didn't get Thick Skin till after the nerf, and at 17% rare, my AJ was getting hurt worse with it than she was before.
  7. When people say "Part 3 Jason Music", I wish they meant the disco-"comin' atcha!" opening credits.
  8. What I find is most consistently frustrating from kids is that 75% of matches start like this: K: I wanna kill Jason, let's kill Jason! Me: OK, do you know how to kill Jason? K: Umm... not really, wanna do it?
  9. Yeah, the only ping I've seen literally doesn't expand past the edges of my in game cursor on the minimap, and that's at full sprint with some fear, so I think that's enough.
  10. Haha, I play on PS4, and get some lobbies that are dumps. And it's tough sometimes as an adult to watch how some kids choose to play- peer pressure makes jerks out of kids who wouldn't have that impetus on their own. It's no joke that 2/3rds of lobbies are wasted time. That said, I'd bet most of my friend requests are from kids half my age, who seem very happy that an adult will listen to them politely and try to help them with the game, and I encourage standards of good, team focused gameplay- and no "help" if you draw Jason. I haven't had any kids bitch out on it. Be the change you want to see, decent people are out there.
  11. Tiff is fast and has high stealth; I've used her as "Killing Floor Tiff", gathering up a shitload of melee weapons to have on hand, away from objectives early on... and waiting. Then she can go for the sweater if its feasible; she's fast enough to escape remote shack locations better than most.
  12. I got to spectate a kid essentially walking down counselors for Jason the whole round, was frosty. Got Jason next round, morphed to where he was in the first 30 seconds. As I heard, "I opened the front door for you, Jason!", I came through the side door and killed him immediately. I like seeing chances to play the game right more than masterful gameplay on my part.
  13. I've got PS4, let's see if I can get it handed to me, lol.
  14. I use AJ, with average preparedness/medic, and an rare level Lightfoot, which I'm pretty sure keeps me from pinging at all. If not, that's too bad. And the first two help the team, too.