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  1. I don't give a flip about a console user or what not. Dropping something like this early and not on every system is bull. Even if it is for a few hours. So you can screw off with that line of thinking.
  2. The official tweet was "If you see an update on PS4 or XBOX" Heh.
  3. Wow. That is a complete dick move by Gun/Illfonic. Thanks guys.
  4. I was gonna stream on Friday the 13th most of the day anyhow. Now I have a noble excuse to do so. lol.
  5. PC: Khryn Will be streaming it most of the day/evening/late night, so it'll be great to get some community members and have fun together!
  6. Cowards? Eh. Boring? Absolutely. I know a lot of people are trying to get to the top of the leaderboards in kills, and that's cool I guess.
  7. Yeah, he does feel a bit more clunky after the patch. It's not like he's harder to play, but it feels different than before.
  8. LOL At people thinking Jason is a weakling because they removed your exploits.
  9. LOL -- Whoops. Anyhow, remember the last patches all dropped late even by US EST time. The devs are on the West Coast, so it's like what, 1230?
  10. Won't happen. People always find something to complain about.
  11. Putting players into a wounded state is a perfectly fine strategy. It just pisses people off cause at that point unless you have heals you are dead. Don't worry about them. If they couldn't figure out how to combat stance -> Block -> Stun and run away from an M1ing Jason, then they deserved to die.
  12. ThePainkiller -- The tactic I am talking about, when done right, you don't get a break in between the traps. There is no chance for you to stop and use some Axe Body Spray inbetween traps.
  13. Yes, let me completely avoid doing any of the objectives. That is quite helpful. Maybe you have all been lucky enough not to get double or triple trapped.
  14. I don't think you are understanding what I'm saying, Captain. I don't have a problem with traps. I have a problem when there are two or three traps stacked on each other. You get 3 traps stacked and if you step on one, thinking it's only 1 trap, it's insta death. The traps clip into themselves so you can't tell if there is more than one until it's too late. That seems exploit-y.
  15. I'm about asset denial. I start off with the tradition trapping and then destroying of all the generators. Then I start hunting on the objectives. I don't get many kills to start off with though, I'm trying to work on that. Where I do get my kills is when the counselors start panicking as the round goes on, when they start getting desperate. When they get desperate they make a mistake, and that's when I start getting my kills.