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  1. Nah man, I'm killing my girl asap. I'll just have to take that ass kicking later.
  2. I'd rather they just implement a system to count those that leave mid-kill as part of your kill count.
  3. Personally, I wouldn't change any. If we're talking favorites, for Jason it's absolutely Savini Jason and for campers, A.J. Mason of course.
  4. I haven't ever died from it, but I have been hit by a flare and been moved well over fifty feet from the area I was at (the car) which allowed them to escape. I also had A.J. the other day and hit part 9 Jason with a flare gun and he went flying long enough for us to escape in the car. I hope it gets fixed...while it's funny when it occasionally happens, I can't help but feel bad for anybody playing Jason that this happens to. I've been lucky that this bug hasn't killed me, but it has cheated me out of some guaranteed kills.
  5. I don't mind NES/Purple Jason and for those who love him and want him, it's great that he's in the game but this is pretty much how I feel. I hope we get a new Jason before they go to work on Retro because honestly, that's way more important & interesting, imo. People suggesting giving him a pixelated look and what not are just piling on reasons why he NES Jason doesn't really need to even be here.
  6. They need to rethink removing TK'ing. Want to avoid a scumbag? It's simple: block them. Then you don't have to worry about even getting into the same lobby as them. And eventually, if everybody just blocks the trolls, they'll be forced to play together rather than with the majority who want to play the game the way it was intended. Problem solved. And it's a better solution than outright removing TK.
  7. They don't get out into the real world enough, that's their problem.
  8. I'll agree about the bear traps but again, combat stance is meant to be able to get one through firecrackers and flares. If it wasn't intended that would extend to the shotgun but it doesn't. I've been in instances where I've shot a flare and it didn't connect or it connected and they kept walking towards me and those guys weren't good enough as Jason to be hackers or exploiters because they only ended up with a few kills while others escaped. I've also had instances where I've been hit with a flare but it didn't register and I went in for the kill. So I don't deserve the XP because of bugs in the game? Sorry, I'm not seeing the logic in that. But, to each their own.
  9. No that's way too OP. He should bust down doors quicker than any other Jason? Doesn't seem fair...if anything bump him to three or four hits, but definitely not two. No Jason should be taking down a door in one or two hits unless they have Rage.
  10. A few times I've decided to juke Jason and give him the run around and then I start running into a rock, get caught and murdered. Or, the aforementioned leaping through a window. If Jason's not on me and I hop through a closed window there's a 99.9% chance it definitely wasn't intentional.
  11. You're right. I'm on PC and it doesn't happen much. In fact, at this stage it happens the most when I'm with friends. And in that case I can't do much but laugh it off and pay them back next round.
  12. It's happened to me more often than that. It actually happened yesterday/last night a couple of times and even to me as Jason. Thing is, only a handful of times does everybody or mostly everybody escape. Any good Jason is gonna go to work whether the cops are on their way or not. But taking out Jason knowing where the cabin is located would be a major hindrance no matter how you look at it.
  13. I'm sorry but anyone actively rooting for this is a tad creepy, imo. As stated already, with the multiplayer it's common knowledge Jason is stomping the grounds so their priority is escaping, not sharing affection. I could see cutscenes of this nature maybe for single-player to progress or tell a part of the story but in-game? No, because as iterated already it'll just open us up to a bunch of problems we don't need. This a F1th game, after all, not Grand Theft Auto.
  14. Why not both? You can do the same kills plus have a few new ones as well? I think that'd be pretty sweet to see implemented.
  15. Given the success of the game thus far, I'd say that this as well as many other additions are more than just a mere thought or possibility at this point, especially if the game holds up and continues to sell well.