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  1. Man, this is a close race. I almost want the devs to jump in and vote on this one.
  2. I do wonder if you aim it right into the driver's side window if you can it them. Honestly, I've never tried.
  3. That would be awesome to have the ability to pop the tires. Like GTA style it won't disable the car but maybe make it more difficult to drive with each one popped...I mean more difficult than it is now. To be fair, only able to be popped after it's been started.
  4. Done! Make your vote. I'd like to know the results too.
  5. A debate my friends and I have had lately is; should Jason be able to destroy the car after smashing in the engine 4-5 times making the engine unable to start again? Jason obviously has a huge advantage as it is but do you think if he has to smash it several times in a row, the councelors had their shot and failed? I'm on the fence, be my tie breaker.
  6. Wow, that sounds so boring to be a councelor and hang out in Jason's shack for 20 minutes. I haven't run into this but if they're the last councelors, I would go across the map and hunt down throwing knives. I've killed many-a-exploiters this way. I do wonder how THEY we're able to get in the shack with it blocked.
  7. Check your console's audio settings. It could be set to surround sound when your sound bar is stereo. Although, I might think what everyone else is saying is true. With the new rain mod, it could be obscuring the break noise.
  8. I've found that when I wear headphones, that happens to me a lot. When I use my home theater system, I have not run into that. Not sure if that's your issue but just a thought.
  9. My comfort zone is actually using random for everything. I usually don't care who I am but I'll admit, I groan when I get Tiffany or Chad. I'm just not good with them because I'm very objective based when I play. I can be elusive without their speed. As Jason, I like to utilize traps so I don't like being 4, 7, or 9 as much. Again, getting out if my comfort zone is not going random and actually picking a councelor or Jason.
  10. Glad it's not just me. Waited 10 rounds to be Jason, finally was, then I fell off the map. I guess it's a new glitch going around...
  11. Daw! Jason's favorite picture.
  12. I think we found a Jason conspirator...
  13. Part 5 has some of the best kills in the series. Definitely ruins the vibe for people when they find out it wasn't Jason the whole time though.