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  1. This one's happened to me a few times:
  2. As Jason, I saw a blip not realizing it was actually further in the distance and ended up throwing a knife at a perfectly good lawn chair thinking it was Chad.
  3. Someone here should test this in a Private Match with some buddies and record it. Post the video here.
  4. I do that way too much. Usually at the beginning of a game. Great way to start...
  5. You may be right. I rarely run into it on Xbone. As a matter of fact, my best games have been QP matches lately and everyone seems to be in it for a good solid game. A few bad apples ruin the bunch.
  6. What's the dumbest thing you've done in a game that made you, literally or metaphorically, slap your forehead? For me, I set a trap at the door for Jason, he proceeded to break the windows and hit me with a knife causing me to limp. He broke through the other door in the cabin so, to not hurt myself further in a broken window, headed towards the other door to open it and run, and stepped in my own trap. I fell dead right there. That was a literal forehead slap and left a handprint there for several hours...
  7. It's bad that people just can't be trusted to not be jerks. They take joy in ruining other's fun. Team killers caused my one and only rage quit and I take pride in finishing a game even if I die in 10 seconds. They found out I had the keys and yelled, "kill him!". A group of buddies then attacked me. I got the last laugh because I was the host. So I waited until one killed me to take the hit on XP then I quit so they all lost out. I NEVER quit as host mid game but I felt I needed to burn them somehow.
  8. Still think they've made their own Mt. Chiliad mystery. We just need to solve it.
  9. They're going to give Tiffany blue shorts I think.
  10. If anything, let Jason 7 knock down doors in two hits. That will make up for a good deal of his weaknesses.
  11. If Jason can hear a disarm then the whole point of this thread is moot. Just take the hit and save the knife if that's the case.
  12. Does someone have a screenshot to confirm the difference between a triggered and untriggered trap on a map?
  13. After creating this topic, I played a few rounds and disarmed the traps. Jason never appeared like he would if I had stepped in them. The next time I play as Jason, I'll try and pay attention to any of my traps being disarmed.
  14. Correct. Disarming is not audible to Jason.
  15. That's the thing. Even with thick skin, alerting him could just have him show up and grab you and you'd have to use the knife anyway. It's totally situational but using the knife will help with a stealthy getaway.