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  1. I've seen counselor's placing a bear trap on the fuse box. Apparently, it prevents Jason from trapping the box, as an item is already taking up that place. Seems like a viable option, because then when you go to the fuse box, you can move the bear trap and work around it without burning a pocket knife or eating the Jason trap.
  2. He can be a DLC Jason. Like how you have Savini Jason, well, now you have Chad Jason. It's just Chad wearing a hockey mask. Chad Jason has a low fear rating too. He gets scared when he looks in the mirror.
  3. We should get a private match going where everyone is Chad, including Jason. He's Chad as well.
  4. Thanks. I joined and got a few games in.
  5. What's the name of this club?
  6. I voted meh mainly because I think I've played the game too much and it's gotten to the point where it's become somewhat repetitive. It's still a good game and it's fun, but I feel like once they add more content, it'll be a lot better.
  7. Idk something like that is hard to measure. You're gonna get that on any system.
  8. Hey sorry I haven't been online in a while I've been busy lately, but I'll probably go online today. This sounds like a cool idea. I'll join.
  9. I used to main part 2 early on just because his 7 traps and + Morph is great for objective control. The only problem is he sucks for chasing down counselor's. With the extra traps, I would double trap the fuse. Then focus on knocking out power, grabbing any knives I come across, then chasing people. I had a lot of success with Jason 2. Then I was using Savini Jason before everyone had it, because everyone was so impressed that I had it, private lobbies would select me as Jason just so they could see it. It was a good way to ensure that I was Jason more often. Now no one cares about Savini cuz evey lobby has about half the Jason's selected to Savini. It's lost its luster. Now Savini is nothing more than another Jason. There's none of this shock and awe and, "omg HE has THE SAVINI!" It's upsetting. Especially knowing these guys have something they weren't supposed to get. It's like they stole it, knowing I had to pay for it. Now I usually run random, just to keep it interesting. I do like part 8 though. He seems to be solid. I no longer double trap the fuse. I put one trap down and take the time to break down the doors on the phone cabin as well as break every window. I also break any window I come across as I go. I trap 4 door. If I see someone drop a gas can or battery, I'll put a trap right on it. I use to only break down doors if a counselor was inside a cabin. I spend a lot more time breaking down doors as I go around. I take my time prepping before chasing. Even if I see a counselor near by, I take my time to prep everything before killing. It seems to work out well. If I see them mobbing up, that means they're a good group of counselor's and I'll go right ahead with chopping and breaking them up, hopefully killing at least 1 counselor. This way, they'll burn their firecrackers, med sprays, and weapons early on in game. Then I'll continue trapping and destroying phone boxes. I no longer get tunnel vision on counselor's. I'll Morph away mid chase to freak them out, keep them guessing. Also so I don't waste my time, I'll just go do something else instead of chasing down just one person.
  10. Well Rydog and pappus's strategy does have some merit. I've seen that style of gameplay work to great success myself. At the same time, if I had an A.J. or a Deborah and I had epic sense avoidance perks and I stacked those, I would run a stealth style gameplay 100% of the time no doubt, as I have seen first hand how powerful that is against Jason, and I would argue that when those perks are in play, a stealth style is more efficient that a cooperative style.
  11. I played against a counselor awhile ago. It was against a female counselor, I forget which one, it must've been either A.J. or Deborah because there was almost no sound pins going off. I was in rage mode. She was the last counselor left. I couldn't detect her on sense at all. The only time I was able to find out where she was, was when she was indoors. Otherwise, nothing. She was invisible on sense and add to the fact she had no sound pins going off, that's a deadly combination. She ended up surviving by hiding inside one of the outhouses. Idk why I didn't think to check those. I asked her what perks she was running, but I forgot what she said. She only lit up indoors, absolutely nothing outdoors. I was dumbfounded, because it sounds like a glitch. Even with stacked epic sense avoidance perks, eventually after using sense enough times, you should show up on sense, especially when Jason's in rage mode. Now this was a while ago and idk if a patch did something to fix it or not, but as far as I know, it is possible to completely avoid Jason's sense 100% of the time while outdoors or in a hiding spot with the right combination of perks, which would give you a very, very high chance of surviving most if not all games.
  12. I mean yeah you can say, "oh this Jason's the weakest or this Jason's the strongest never play this Jason or always play that one." At the end of the day, every Jason can do the same thing as the next one. It's not like one Jason has an exclusive ability that the other one doesn't. People can say Jason 7 sucks as much as they want, but guess what? He can still kill you, and quite easily I might add.
  13. Yeah man people act like he's a god around here. He really isn't. I've seen many counselor's escape him. He just looks cool, nothing too special about him. He acts like any other Jason really.
  14. Yeah I heard that sucker punch and heavy hitter don't really do anything.
  15. See, I didn't even know there are different types of attacks. I thought it was just attack.