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  1. I understand that completely. Especially when I have a knife on me and absolutely no one is around. Plus slashing is just boring compared to environment and grab kills.
  2. I go on Xbox pretty late (midnight or later central time) and I can usually find a group rather quickly. Use the find a group feature or look at your recent players, friends, etc. Then again, I haven't been playing too often myself. Maybe 2 or 3 times a week, about 2 hours at a time.
  3. Yeah I get that a lot too. When I'm surrounded by a group of counselor's beating me up repeatedly and I start slashing away to injure them and get them off of me. Then they start screaming, "OHHH WE GOT A SLASHER HERE, UGH FUCKING POS SLASHER JASON!!!" Okay, what do you expect me to do exactly? Grab everyone so you guys can just constantly stun me over and over again until the clock runs out? Want to play the grab stun game near an objective over and over again? It's like they excpect Jason to want to lose. Irritates me to no end. Why? WHY on earth would a decent Jason player. I mean a Jason player that's played Jason maybe 3 times will figure out pretty quickly, "Oh, they stun me every time I try to grab someone in a group, hmmm, maybe I should just slash whenever I'm around a large group." You figure it out pretty quick how it works. I sware some people just can't stand losing. Little cry babies. Probably pissed off that they couldn't use their precious little knife.
  4. This Jason was giving us a quiz. Asking everyone random trivia questions through out the game. Apparently, either no one knew the answers, or no one wanted to play. One of the questions was what is the center of a cell called? I answered the nucleus and got it right. Jason said, okay, you get to live. The car was already out as ready to go in the middle of the road. Jason added, if you pick up anyone else on the way I'll kill you. So I just drove out of there. I didn't even feel bad. The cops were already called. Turns out I was the only one who got any questions right.
  5. Idk about 6! Lol. Little young.
  6. I only played it once, but it seemed pretty cool. Of all the maps they have, this one seemed the most true to the actual movies in terms of the layout and the detail put into it. This game needed a bigger map I feel like.
  7. Yeah slash kills are boring, but given a Jason is fighting a large group with weapons, Jason would never get that grab kill anyways. Slashing is the only thing Jason can do in that situation. I like to see a variety of kills from Jason. I do see a lot of 4 second long chokes and 3 second long head punches. That is a Jason who purely plays to win. But even when Jason doesn't slash or Jason does everything the 'correct' way how people want him too, they'll still complain or call Jason an asshole and what not.
  8. A 'try hard' Jason is a derogatory term used by cry babies who can't stand being killed. Seriously. I don't get it. Jason's a psychopathic killer. He's not there to reason with you. He shouldn't let you go because you asked nicely or because you wanted to survive a little longer or want to get a head start to run away. Let's talk about slashing. Why do people complain that Jason slashes when there's a big group of counselor's at objectives? Why would it make any fucking sense at all for the Jason player, given the mechanics of the game, to grab a counselor when you're just going to get stunned every time. It's a losing strategy for Jason, given counselor's are in groups. Another funny one is people quitting after they die like they're sooooo pissed off. Sorry cupcakes, but no. You're not going to survive every time. Deal with it. I will say that Jason players who use the same kill animation over and over again are rather boring and do it for the sake of having an instant grab-kill, but again, Jason's there to kill you.
  9. I haven't seen the new update yet, but all they're trying to do is make small changes to keep it fresh. I have no problem with that.
  10. That guy went to the Bears game last night (God knows why) and knew he was gonna be too hungover to go into work today. Hes pulling a double on Friday. Happy Friday the 13th to that guy.
  11. Funny. I normally work every Friday, but it just so happens someone wanted me to take his shift this upcoming Tuesday as a favor. In return, he said he would take any of my shifts. I picked Friday the 13th. He agreed. My Friday is wide open now.
  12. Speaking of the sportsman club, when does everyone play? I usually get on late, like midnight central time. By the time I get on, I'm sometimes the only one online, or everyone else is playing another game or watching Netflix.
  13. Just played a game last night where apparently there was an obsessive Jason. She wasn't chasing me though. She was chasing someone else. She was a good Jason too based on the other games I've played with her. The guy was complaining the entire game on the radio. We got the car fixed and 3 of us escaped. I like to believe it was because of that guy being chased the entire game.
  14. As Tommy, I would intentionally walk into Jason's traps when Jason was chasing someone, hoping he would Morph towards me. It worked. I think we all ended up dying, but at least I bought time.