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  1. I wish I could like this post multiple times. Ben is in a no-win situation here. He comes in and says "hopefully Friday," then gets crucified when Microsoft delays or something pops up and they don't hit goal. (See also: Retro Jason uproar) He says nothing to be safe: "they're ignoring us! rabble rabble!" After what he's been through over the banning of Dinky whatever and the harassment his extended family received from the doxxing, why on earth should he respond to you/us? For just one second stop and think about this in real world terms with common sense. The game is broken, yes. We get it. We're "suffering" (and I use that term very loosely) with you through it. There are, however, fun times to be had with it when playing with a group of friends.
  2. "Smote by Zeus himself".... I'm going to steal that and use it in the future.
  3. @Jay and @Randygbk handled this situation extremely well here, and I'm glad to see an amicable outcome for both parties here for once with this community. No pitchforks and torches, just mature "airing of the grievances." What is this, Festivus? Now, about the Counselor Database Tandy... (I kid, I kid... kinda)
  4. I'm thankful that I didn't back the Team Member tier, as I also read it as meaning that you'd be in on Skype calls, etc DURING development (not way after launch). I instead opted for the Tandy Database level. Neither are fulfilled nor is there any viable news about either, but I'm out $100 less at least.
  5. It was incredibly fun with friends, but the player base on Sunday was all but unbearable on Sunday afternoon. What parent buys this for their 10-12 year old? Really? All that said, I still had a blast. The game is so good if they could just make it stable and reliable.
  6. The biggest compliment that I can give Gun at this point is that we're even discussing which Jason is best. Usually, after a couple weeks in a multiplayer game, a "meta" develops and you see a vast majority of the players gravitating towards one weapon or in this case killer. With every COD that comes out, you know fairly quickly the one gun that you must rank up and get because "people dominate me with it." It hasn't been that way with Jason. It's not like everyone is running part VI or VIII. In a stretch of 4-5 matches I'll usually play against a Part 3, then 8 or 6, then a 2, and so on. I like the variety.
  7. This sounds good, actually. I have had concerns about how they'd do Uber Jason without making him game breakingly OP.
  8. Amen. It was the perfect opportunity to douse the flames from people jealous that they didn't get Savini. Give Retro Jason the exact same strengths and weaknesses, so that point becomes moot. His pastel coloring would also be visible from half the map away like Savini's flames, which is another weakness that people seem to miss about Savini. The OP or PTW arguments, however invalid, are then covered. The masses get the same gameplay, the backers keep their exclusivity. Oh well. Maybe Part IV Jason will have Savini stats, as he was an absolute badass in the movie.
  9. I really want to try DbD, but with no gaming PC, I had to wait for console version. I tried watching a few streams the last couple nights, and it really tempered my enthusiasm. The play style is completely different from F13 and seemed like it would get repetitive quickly. Still, if the Halloween DLC would have been included, I probably would have bought it on Xbox last night out of pure frustration. I decided to wait, but by the time the Halloween DLC comes out, the remaining console community will have leveled up and it will be very toxic for noobs. What to do, what to do... I absolutely love playing F13 with my friends, and have actually added maybe 20-30 people on my FL from playing in LFG matches. The atmosphere and nostalgia are great, and every match is different due to randomization. Thanks for the writeup, @RustyCuttlefish. It is very thorough and well done. If nothing else, it has once again tempted me to try DbD.
  10. Very much so. I shall refrain from posting further about booze. Carry on!
  11. Does Fosters sell the "oil can" there? That's how I normally get it here as it tastes better that way versus bottle (just my opinion). I prefer Coopers, but can't find it here any more since the one restaurant that had it stopped selling it.
  12. 25 ounce can of beer you can get in a convenience store. They usually come as singles or packs of 3 here.
  13. I can totally understand. By and large, this forum has been a pretty good community (especially going back to the kickstarter days). There are lots of helpful folks, as well as a good core of F13/horror fans that are the game's core audience. We get the Easter Eggs, the nods and details, and overall love for source material. Then there's the group that are rightfully upset or disappointed, and are actually providing constructive criticism needed to improve the game. But... and there's always a "but"... there's a group of maybe 5-10 posters who spew vitriol non-stop. It's not good enough to get a refund or just not play the game that they feel has somehow ruined their lives. No, they must yell and scream until we all give in and say "you know, he/she is right. This game sucks and I no longer enjoy it either!" Bugs, crashing, Jason's grip, Savini Jason; doesn't matter the topic. They latch onto something and simply WILL NOT LET IT GO. If the game makes you this miserable, just walk away. Please. Leave us be.
  14. Oh great. Now you've done it. Incoherent wall of text incoming!