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  1. Yeah, but cannot find a match via matchmaking
  2. I just received Xbox codes for Savini and clothing pack, both worked. Maybe 15 minutes ago.
  3. Press A (Xbox) like you were opening door and you'll bust through. As for shift, I'm struggling as well. I'm doing a private lobby with friends to just learn controls
  4. Nope, can't blame you for trying. Much like we can't blame you for hiding in a closet when there's no way out, and I stab through the door.
  5. Very creepy. I've given all codes away. If only they'd actually download now...
  6. Backed the 4 pack digital code tier, plus the counselor database tier for another copy. Basically wanted to get friends inolved
  7. No code here, expecting 5. I'm not worrying until 12 est
  8. It is complete BS, but they'll get what they want out of it: attention/exposure. Sites like kotaku or destructoid will pick it up. Maybe they'll get more sheep, er, subscribers. My first reaction was disappointment and worry that the dynamic of how to play the game would be ruined as random public players would focus on killing Jason, but I've since backed off the ledge. If the Jason player is even remotely competent, this will be next to impossible.
  9. Only took 12 hours, huh? Crap. Is it legit? I don't want to know how just yet, but if it's out there, then there goes the "normal" gameplay as people will be trying to kill Jason every time. The streams I watched yesterday were entertaining for the most part, until around 8 pm EST or so. It was then that I went to BikeMan's twitch stream and they weren't really playing, just doing private matches to figure out killing Jason. Whoever was Jason would just stand there while the others experimented. I quickly changed streams.
  10. The lack of stat wiping is a big kick in the nads. Especially since the xp and leveling seem to be boosted per watching Laphin's stream this afternoon. He almost instantly jumped from level 17 to 26 or so. I completely understand giving some streamers acces to build hype. Great business decision. Letting them keep he spoils after is a bit much.
  11. Which is good! In other words, you don't have to play in some off the wall way to get some obscure trophy. Seemingly play the way it's supposed to be played and you'll eventually grind them out. I just wonder if the trophy for...I mean, is this a spoiler?.... well I guess the one you're talking about going out of your way for..... I wonder if the whole team gets it or just the one who actually does it...
  12. They said on Facebook that they were "working on that right now!" and to expect news soon.
  13. Isn't "game has gone gold" just another way of saying that a game has passed certification from MS and Sony? Back in the day before the digital marketplace, it just meant that it was ready to press onto discs. Either way, relax OP. They have MS and Sony certification, it's ready to go when the marketplace flips the switch next week.
  14. That bugged the hell out of me when I saw the movie at age 12 and still does today.