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  1. It IS confirmed to be a glitch see @[IllFonic]Courier response above!
  2. 1)Presently it is possible that when you find a tape, it could be a duplicate. The developers have stated that this will be fixed in a future patch. 2) Crouch walking generates zero noise pings I believe but is extremely slow. More importantly, if you have a certain perk equipped(low profile), crouching gives you a chance to avoid Jason's sense. If you stack that with other sense avoidance perks like level headed and homebody, it makes it all the more difficult for Jason to find you via sense.
  3. It is a little odd that the car can flip on it's own and be destroyed, yet it can take a limitless number of smashing stops by Jason only to start right back up again.
  4. You can clearly hear Jason's footsteps when he's nearby and not in stalk mode.
  5. It may not be cheating in the literal sense, but it most definitely is a dick move!
  6. Tried Part 7 Jason for the first time in a long time the other day and was pleasantly surprised to go 6 for 6. He was nowhere near as bad as the last time I played him. Still don't plan on using him much but at least I won't dread him being selected as a random Jason.
  7. The faster way is hitting the gamepad for the map and then R1(on PS4).
  8. The phone is so easy to fix on the Jarvis map because it always spawns in the same area with the fuse also spawning in the area. As Jason guarding the phone on the Jarvis map is my top priority.
  9. I agree. Thanks to the increase in boat spawn frequency, I'm only 8 boat escapes away from completing that badge.
  10. It's fairly easy to call the cops though. The phone house always spawns in one of the cabins to the far south and the fuse spawns down there with it. So, it's just a matter of clearing traps and distracting Jason.
  11. Back on now. Let's see how well things hold up
  12. Not presently. I'm getting an unknown error when I try to accept invites. It just started happening maybe 15 minutes ago.
  13. Was having very few issues up until a few minutes ago.
  14. He's 5 hours ahead of eastern standard time, so right now for him would be 9:13 PM on 10/12/17
  15. Seeing Tiffany in a bikini in the rain is an added bonus.
  16. Mitch didn't get one, so doubtful she will.
  17. IS the party pack available yet? Couldn't find it last night.
  18. On the flip side, from what I've seen(and this could be due to unfamiliarity with the new map), it appears to be easier to survive the night on that map because it is so massive.
  19. To compensate for this I make sure to morph well ahead of the car to allow myself the time to get into position and then shift at the car.
  20. Do or do not. There is no "Tryhard"!
  21. Don't want to use your pocket knife? Man/woman up and tank the damn trap! Even without thick skin, with the medic perk and hypochondriac or a found med spray you can tank 2 traps.
  22. I still need this trophy myself, but if someone needs help with what kills are needed, here is an excellent resource.
  23. Somebody's getting them because as Jason I get stabbed regularly with 7-9 pocket knives.
  24. J9 is my choice for plus shifters. I'm bad with J6. On top of his poor morph, he's slow as hell.
  25. No need to nerf his grab when every single counselor you grab has a freakin pocket knife!