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  1. Leaving doors open/unbarricaded is by far my biggest pet peeve and related to that, speed looters ignoring/missing objective parts.
  2. These should help you out. It's not all of them, but it's a lot of them.
  3. The propeller is easy to find if you know where to look. The easiest is Packanack. When the boat spawns to the south, the propeller is either going to be in the lone cabin at Hodder's Path south of the lodge or in one of the first 2 cabins at Flat Rock. The gas will also be in one of those 3 areas. When I see the boat spawn there, unless I spawn all the way to the north, I'll make a beeline to those areas and escape with a fellow counselor within less than 5 minutes unless Jason is paying attention to the boat.
  4. Max Perks = 30

    The links provided by the OP list the min and max values of both the positives and negatives of each perk.
  5. I like the idea I've seen mentioned of the possibility of a counselor having a chance of falling to the ground after stumbling if their fear is high enough. This would essentially act as a stun as it should take them as long to get back up as it does getting up after diving through a window. That would help to even the odds again.
  6. Do you still play the game?

    I've stopped playing for now, not because of the state that the game is in, but because of personal issues I'm dealing with. I just haven't felt like playing lately. Hopefully the passion will return soon because I've met some good people and I feel like I let them down when I don't play.
  7. Standing in front of the phone box to prevent Jason from smashing it is 100% legit. I do it all the time. I will sacrifice myself and make Jason kill me to get at the box. If I die, but the cops get called, then mission accomplished!
  8. The ax and the machete are mainly for doing damage. Stun chance is low on them.
  9. There's a trick to it. If you're a high strength character like Tommy or Bugsy, with a machete or ax in hand, go into combat stance, aim your camera angle upwards to that you're looking up under Jason's chin and do a heavy swing(hold R2). This type of aimed attack does a hell of a lot more damage than a regular one, enough that a demasking in one shot is possible.
  10. The easiest solution would be to remove simple locks from the game. They are mostly useless anyway. It takes the same number of chops with Jason's weapon to break down a door locked with a simple lock as it does an unlocked closed door and it doesn't slow down Jason significantly longer than if he were to just open an unlocked closed door.
  11. The main thing I don't like about the shotgun and flare gun are they are one shot deals and if you miss, then you're SOL.
  12. Here's the order in which I grab melee weapons(Ranged weapons are in a separate category) Bat Ax Wrench Pot/Pan Machete Pipe 2x4 Branch Fire Poker
  13. Bat is pretty much a guaranteed stun and in the hands of a counselor with high luck(when it's working right), that counselor becomes a beast! The wrench has too short of a swing radius.
  14. The art of morphing

    Or show the grid. If counselors can see objective items on the map, Jason should be able to see exactly where he's going to morph to. Balance!
  15. There's the rub. The kills only count if the match was completed. So, if you lag out or the host quits, you have to do it again.
  16. Dancing should drain Stamina

    The difference is, dancing emotes are just meant to be a fun little feature. They have no effect on game mechanics like perks do.
  17. List of Context Kills

    Just watch this video
  18. Poll about doors.

    I'm level 101 and I strongly disagree.
  19. You need to play with me. When I'm Jason it's not my style to go after someone in the phone house immediately even when I know they're there. I'll pop in, place my trap(s) at the phone and maybe even have a conversation with you before I leave to place the rest of my traps. Once I'm finished with trap placement, that's when it's time to start running from me.
  20. best new environmental kills

    Sorry meant to say head slam like when Jason does it on the corner of a desk or the game table or a rock outside, etc.
  21. Were you born in a Barn???

    As Jason, I'll bust down those doors whether they are locked to unlocked. I don't really understand what the purpose is for having a lock on those doors?
  22. Were you born in a Barn???

    I do not recall ever having seen a single player complain about dying because of a locked door.