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  1. I meant that I'd rather kill counselors with a new Jason Voorhees than I would with Roy Burns. Anyway, what if the dots represent 8 divided by 2??
  2. I'm definitely not against him being added; just now now. Not with this. I would much rather have a new Jason to kill counselors with in single player.
  3. Am I the only one that's hoping for it NOT to be a hint at Roy? I'd much rather have a new Jason than I would Roy. I'm not even close to thinking that it's Pamela. Who knows, though? Maybe it just means there's going to be a nice new polka dot skin for Part 3. We could be getting our hopes up too high.
  4. $13,000? Does it come with Kane Hodder's friendship?
  5. Mine is just to let everyone know that I suck at being an adult. I'm not ready to be an adult.
  6. I'm a member of a few communities like this on PS4. It was great for a while, especially one in particular; but it went from having a consistent 50+ active games at all times to rarely over 10. None of the communities seem to be very active anymore. It's a shame. We really need some new content. I haven't played the game in weeks, but I'll definitely be playing a ton when the new content and single player comes. If any PS4 players on this forum starts a community like Tattooey has in mind, please let me know!
  7. As weird as it sounds, I have a weird social anxiety thing. I get very anxious playing against strangers online. I've tried to play by myself a few times, but I mainly don't. A good example is that when I finally find a nice group of people that start talking with me, I quit after one or two matches because I'm "worried about doing or saying something that will annoy them." Pathetic, I know. That's just me, though.
  8. Not a backer here, but the lack of any official statement by Gun about this really makes me think this whole thing was done on purpose as reconciliation to Xbox players. Which kind of makes me think.... If they're this willing to give out the EXCLUSIVE skin as an apology, that pretty much confirms that they're not willing to make anything new. I'm honestly starting to think that they're not going to make any new content. This company has been an absolute disappoint since the release of this game. The only thing they've done content-wise is very lazily recolor the Part III skin. They gave out the Savini skin because they don't want to make anything new. Not to mention the fact that there are backer rewards that have yet to be fulfilled.
  9. Watch this video in its entirety and tell me that this isn't the most satisfying F13 video on YouTube! Does anybody else have any videos that show cheaters getting what they deserve??
  10. Yeah, they really should add some more rewards to unlock. Maybe it'll prevent people from killing other counselors if they actually have a reason to avoid losing XP.
  11. Do you get any other benefits from reaching level 101 besides counselor outfits? I'm level 38 and really don't care about leveling up anymore since I've unlocked every Jason.
  12. Well, I've already unlocked all the Jasons, so XP is worthless to me. Now I just play this game for fun. Haha. I've fought over a seat a couple of times when another counselor starts swinging at me. I just think, "Alright, let's see who's getting out of here." Sometimes I win, other times I lose. Pointless? Absolutely. However, I find it to be a lot more interesting than just getting killed for no reason. Plus, Jason doesn't get the satisfaction of killing me. Lol. In any case, my point is that killing over a seat is a lot more acceptable than random, pointless team killing. I'd still rather not have the option at all, though.
  13. Fair enough. I'll edit my first post to make it more clear.
  14. Those weren't intentional. Tina was just a kid that was mad at her dad and had little control over her powers. Dr. Crews using Ms. Shepherd to block Jason was done with the intent of self-preservation. We're talking about players that just run around killing counselors for no reason; which was absolutely NOT done in any of the movies. I will say that I believe there IS a time for team killing, and that is only for self-preservation; such as trying to secure a seat in the car or boat, or in a more indirect way, making Jason chase you to a slower counselor to try and drop Jason off on them. It's annoying when it happens to me, but it never bothers me on a player-to-player level.
  15. It's not much of a plot twist when it happens every other match. I think the correct phrase for that is "ridiculously old." Like you said; it's Friday The 13th. JASON is the killer. Off the top of my head, I can't think of one time in the movie series where a counselor deliberately killed another counselor.