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  1. Playing a game as Jason (with horrible lag for some reason) and I get hit by a flare gun right as I come out of Shift, and I'm stuck stunned, like permanently, unable to use any of my abilities or anything. Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. I'd wager a guess that their Kickstarter budget was the main contributing factor as to why the game doesn't look too polished right now. Not to mention alpha footage is usually just a demo video used to showcase the developer's vision for the final, complete game.
  3. If he Shifts or Morphs while Stalk is active the screen doesn't do the static flicker. So it's not a bug unless you can somehow prove that the Jason player isn't using Stalk when this happens.
  4. In Packanack, counselors are able to run up an incline at the far east side of the map (near one of the Jason shack spawn locations) and go around the border of the map, safely out of Jason's reach. I've already screenshotted and reported a couple players for this already.
  5. The only time I've ever quit as Jason was when people were exploiting the roof glitches. With them gone I always stick out Jason matches to the end.
  6. It does look like it was nerfed. My Rare Thick Skinned dropped from 38% to 16%.
  7. PSN ID is Drawxne Mainly looking for a group that will help me get the trophy for killing Jason while playing as Tommy, so plenty of RNJesus patience required...
  8. PS4 - Drawxne I have a mic, but only really use it when I have a team that communicates well. I mute myself when I'm Jason, I just don't find myself one of those good funny Jasons. :/
  9. They most likely had an epic level Home Body and/or Level Headed perk. Jason will always be able to detect if someone is inside a cabin within his Sense range, regardless of their fear level. The only exception to this is if they are in a hiding spot, but once he has Rage he will sense them no matter what. @7theye I can't give you an answer on why they don't affect Jason's sense, but I wouldn't call composure and fear worthless. There are times when I've been playing a high composure counselor being chased by Jason and those extra moments of having a minimap and not stumbling every so often have saved my hide.
  10. If the small bathrooms were retooled into hiding spots, the death animation when Jason finds them could be similar to Tamara's death from Part 8, the poor counselor huddled in the shower or bathtub, whimpering and pleading as Jason descends on them with his weapon.
  11. Same thing happening on the PS4 for me.
  12. Whenever I play Jason and someone is working on the boat, the only audio cue I've had to go on is the loud CLUNK when they screw up repairing the propeller. Other than that I've never heard a cue like the motor starting and have to rely on watching my map for the boat to move.
  13. You are doing God's work, man. I salute you and your friends.
  14. It's honestly getting out of hand, and I find myself reporting 2 or more players at least every other match. My thumb drive is getting so full of screenshots. The patch for the consoles can't come soon enough.
  15. Andy coming back is the most exciting thing for me in this trailer. Considering how pleasantly surprised I was by Curse of Chucky, I'm willing to give this one the benefit of the doubt.