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  1. Hey man! you don't have to be subscribed to show love. Just by you coming by and having a good time and enjoying the streams is mucho appreciated by me!!! Thanks so much!
  2. J9 doing some serious damage. But outside of that, I love how the music syncs with most things happening in the match.
  3. Then the mechanics gotta be changed up. As long as the game remains the way it is.. unless they do something to heighten people's immersion with Jason and make it THE legit experience we've come to expect. No matter what handle you put on the mechanics that are currently in place now, it'll slowly die out. I'm hoping the rain + darker maps, and whatever else they have coming with those updates, is a step in the right direction at least in terms of immersion and feeling this game gives off. Because in the end, no matter the mechanics... if the feeling isn't NAILED, it's going to get boring to people as they continue to go through the motions.
  4. Hahahaha Thanks so much, Omni! Glad you both enjoyed this!!
  5. Jason Voorhees sings to Jenny Myers...
  6. But yet Dead by Daylight (a game I'm not too fond of, not because of their gameplay) manages to feel the same way it did one year ago, and manages to still get that FEELING right during certain chase moments (even with the bugs back then), and it's already been out a year. Deceit, another game that's coming up on it's one year anniversary, still manages to instill paranoia and fear of the monster and it does it with flying colors. And now Friday the 13th. First month was awesome... now players know the mechanics, and because we all know how it works.. BECAUSE of the mechanics in place, the 'mechanics' are killing the way this game is SUPPOSED to make us feel. Not even 5 months into it's life cycle and it's going downhill steadily. We'll just have to see what happens come October.
  7. Two screams, out of how many others that you played with. My point is... you should be able to play Jason, and get a cool reaction from 80% of players you played with. Not digging around in the haystack for the 2 folks that got scared. But having a majority of folks getting the experience they paid hard earned cash for.
  8. Show me one person that has been scared of the shift grab after playing the game for awhile.... and I'll believe you. Typically, the reaction from a player that has been shift grabbed... is not positive, nor pleasant.
  9. Remember this? Now the doors don't do anything like this. This little clip alone, as much as I know it's staged and edited together for perfection... while the main game is lightened down. I hope GUN and ILL can eventually manage to bring a moment like this THROUGHOUT their entire game, whether your in a room, out in the woods, etc. As it stands the game is in baby mode, and has a long time yet to reach a point to where we are actually scared of Jason... If I were in this situation in this teaser clip... I would be scared, it's clean, it's immersive. What happened to this?
  10. Well I know if they add rain, it won't just be cosmetic. In theory, counselors will trip more in the rain, tracking mud into cabins etc. Maybe they'll experiment with the stuff I talked about to balance on Jason's side... I sure to god hope so. One can only hope and dream at this point I suppose.
  11. I KNOW that balancing has to be fair on both sides, that's why the mechanics of the game will have to be changed in order for it to be successful, and scary.. Otherwise, it will remain with the same aggravating feel that it has, where people blame the mechanics for their deaths. I mean, I'm being blunt as ever, that when I say it... As long as people are having an 'irritated' reaction when they die 90% of the time and they are a well-rounded player that doesn't complain much about dying in-game... then SOMETHING is wrong. It's bad that even when I DID play with the devs at one point they were getting irritated at their OWN game when Jason shift grabbed them.. I even have it on a youtube video. It's evident that this game needs to under go an overhaul of some sort in order to make players really "BELIEVE" in Jason. As it stands, Jason's integrity as a character in this game is.. only that he's an annoyance to the counselor objectives, and he doesn't really FEEL like Jason. When we all started this game, we were impressed because we knew NOTHING of how the game worked, but as we saw.. and as we digested the mechanics and learned how they functioned, Jason's fearful grace diminished... when he should be feared no matter HOW many matches you play (the same as how the Alien is still kinda scary in Isolation, no matter how many times you fire it up). Jason shouldn't be OP via mechanics like a "Shift-Grab" to make him scary.. because plain and simple... it's not scary. The atmosphere, gameplay mechanics, and balancing should work to keep the counselor players on edge, and Jason 'hunting' like Jason should hunt. That's not happening right now. And the game is going to have to be overhauled and worked on, if they want to keep a good audience, and not watch this title die out slowly.
  12. @NthnButAGoodTime What's there to explain? Counselors lack of sight and hearing = Jason's shift grab becomes worse to deal with... which will ruin the intended purpose of the rain and lightning. I guess it will make more sense once you play it, (if they leave everything as-is mechanically..).
  13. One thing I'm heavily concerned with.. is when we play our first rain/lightning match, is Jason shift grabbing through the rain. The rain adds atmosphere, the lightning will add much needed atmosphere, fantastic. It looks great in the trailer... BUT, when Jason uses those added weather FX to just Shift Grab people through the weather easier, it'll destroy the whole purpose and immersion that the weather is supposed to be giving. I hope in some form or fashion, that the rain and lightning change the way the mechanics work, or GUN and ILL will be in for another shitfest with people. If Jason can SENSE holographic images cleanly in a match like he does now, and shift through to them.. it will kill the experience they've been working hard on.
  14. Yeah I play on PC, on most games. I play my PS4, but most of the time, it's for exclusives.