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  1. Well I hope the patch fix this, is almost impossible to play with 3 people.
  2. I am the only who the game drops to a lobby with 2 people? Is really annoying because in that situation the host get tired and leave, I don't know if some day they are gonna fix this because almost all time I am the menu searching for a lobby almost full and just a little time I lost time playing.
  3. It's almost confirmed dude I mean, it was on the URL of the new map page.
  4. First of all, I don't think yoy should post the leak that was on the official page, even one guy created a thread in Reddit about that and Gun delete it. Now talking about the leaked map, I think it will be like all maps like Jarvis House as "the big cabin" and a lots of cabins outside like Higgins Haven. Maybe devs put something new like a Gas Station on the road (since Jarvis House I think is close to the town) or something like that.
  5. Whoa this is your first post, welcome! Now talking about the tapes, they are very rare to find so don't expect find one. I was very lucky because nobody check that especific cabin, but nothing is that bright so after that a 12 year old fix the car and he was friend of Jason so everybody get killed :/
  6. Art

    Whoa dude this thread has 126 views and only 12 people voted lol.
  7. In this weeks a lot of people are founding tapes, really weird.
  8. Art

    As far I know we will have Part 2 sex scene (that scene is in art too)
  9. Art

    Hope in singleplayer we will see at least his ass xD.
  10. TWO?! you are Mr Lucky.
  11. Yeah I don't know why but a lot of people are finding tapes.
  12. Live in Chile (South America) and of course it was at 6:12 PM.
  13. Yeah I was so excited when I found it xD it just was too random.