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  1. Hi

    Well, hi xD and welcome to the forums!
  2. I know but it would be the same over and over, cabins, more cabins and cabins.... Forest Green sounds not bad but it doesn't have non interesting location.
  3. One stretch goal was Pamela and another one was Mark from Part 2.... that says enough.
  4. I should have 4 Pamela tapes but with duplication crap I have 2.....
  5. Right now any news, probably come out in December or late November.
  6. Nope, only way is run in zig-zag.
  7. Hey y'all folks! In this thread I want to talk about Amityville '76. And why promote one game if even im not a dev? Well I talked with the dev (is only one guy) and looks like he need help because the game isn't that popular right now. The game is set in the famous Amityville house and is ser after DeFeo murders and after the Lutz run away of his home ( actually is set days after the Lutz leave the house). In the game you are a paranormal detective wich is investigating the Lutz incident, all stuff are there and you can interact with almost everything (doors, windows, lights, drawers etc) and of course you can explore from the basement to the third and the outside. You will see ghosts and demons and the main objective at least in the beggining is go down to the basement and enter to the red room. If you want check it out the project here is the link Progress is slow but it still going. There's not KickStarter because the dev don't have to pay anyone and he works (that's why the progress is slow).
  8. You are kinda lost boy. This is the Introudce Yourself section, here you talk about your hobbies, what you like, what you hate etc. If you wanna talk about the game please go to Friday The 13th: The Game general discussion! Oh and also when you go to that section use the search thread for not have a million of threads about the same theme.
  9. Welcome and have fun at Camp Blood, I mean Crystal Lake
  10. Kinda very late for this but hey, I like play against the rules I guess lol. My username is PlayerAgainstTheMachine (guess you know why) I like movies, food and videogames. Umh what else I can say xD, I like pizza, a lot xD.
  11. Try to avoid double posting, there's a edit button. Now talking about you thread since the update of September I think (were they small maps) Pamela tapes are more common because when they released the game the chance of found one was of 1%, now the chance of find one is of 4%.
  12. I would kill to see Pamela, Mark and Manhattann, the game would be perfect with them!
  13. We need the mean girl! Sadly next counselor will be Fox wich isn't bad but I would like to see more a original creation from devs.
  14. Hell no, Forest Green is same as Crystal Lake, Part 7 with Tina house would be pretty cool actually, Manhattan or Lazarus would be great and Part 9 is same as Forest Green or Crystal Lake, non interesting locations.
  15. Last patch broke all servers for people out of the U.S, high ping, empty lobbys, crashes and a lot of more. Looking forward for dedicated servers.