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  1. Agreed, Ted White showed just how scary Jason can really be. Played the role perfectly. Part 3 seemed like a clumsy oaf just mauling ordinary teens around a camp. In part 4 you could feel the dark presence and anger surrounding Jason and the setting. In all honesty I'd much rather have a Part 4 & 5 DLC first than Jason X.
  2. I'm one of those people that are happy they're releasing a part 4 despite all the nonbelievers that it'd happen. Part 4 was a killing machine, pissed and aggressive with all his kills in the movie. After getting his shoulder split and an axe wound to the face you could tell he was on a rampage. The personality difference is the major factor, while the physical appearance is also very different with him being more deformed and more like himself as a child grown up. (Gifted Tom Savini) Part 3's makeup just seemed half assed and rushed.
  3. The beauty of Lachappa and dickiness of Chad is all I need
  4. And everyone thought I was crazy..
  5. Just learned his weapon will be the meat cleaver used on Crispin! Even better news!
  6. What're your theories for the new Jason in the upcoming update? Such as the new custom kills, his strengths, weaknesses etc. I hope his strengths are: +Can Run (most likely will) +Destruction +Shift His weaknesses could be: -Grip strength (part 4 actor was less bulky than 3) -Morph -Stun resistance His weapon kills could be using a meat cleaver and lodging it into the counselor's face (poor crispin glover), and slitting the counselor's throat and twisting it a full 180.
  7. When you're Jason and place down bear traps at multiple spots, how can you tell which one a counselor falls into? Is there a sign on the map for which bear trap they're in?
  8. That would be cool seeing part 5 Jason in the game, wonder how they would implement Roy in the game with guns and all... Shocked too part 10 lost the vote after hearing everyone complain they want him in the game.
  9. Will we ever get a Final Chapter Jason or Jason X as DLC's? I personally think part 4 is my favorite with my makeup, Savini did it.