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  1. @Tommy86 - Cumulative stuns were explained in the patch notes. It's actually apparently how it was always intended to be. In practice though it just means a mob of AJs can easily stun you with pans. It's terrible. Regarding table looping, even the devs recognise it as an issue, and have said they'd make furniture breakable had they the resources. If you're even half decent you can Benny Hill Jason around a table for minutes at a time. This is exploiting an engine limitation and should be prevented. I'm not asking for Fear to be made worse. Just Jason's fear generation to be stronger in those circumstances. As it stands, you can loop without much if any fear penalty at all, which is absurd from an atmosphere standpoint and broken from a gameplay perspective. The issue with mobbing is not that it's a skill-based mechanic. It's that it requires no skill at all. Sheer numbers overwhelm Jason easily. Making him a riskier target means skill is required to engage him. He's currently a sitting duck. It's actually very, very easy to return the game to a horror feel. Just make Jason a threat again, and making a passive ability he already has (Fear) tick up quicker would do that.
  2. A lot of this is overcomplicating the problem. Jason used to be great. He doesn't need a bunch of new stuff. All he needs are the following things reverting: Acceptable grab and weapon cones and ranges. The ability to interrupt window loopers with weapon hits. Stun defence based on % chances, not cumulative chances that eventually guarantee stuns with even unlucky characters and low stun weapons. Repair characters should not be great fighters. Purity and simplicity of mechanics is king. The only new thing he really needs is a massive Fear boost for counselors in proximity to him. This would help mitigate furniture looping, mobbing, and taunting/teabagging - all of which have become bigger issues over time. Looping is an engine limitation exploit, so should have a gameplay drawback that makes it harder to keep doing due to stumbles and screen darkening. Mobbing, and the constant reciprocal grab saves that go with it, can keep Jason essentially stun locked or helpless to do anything. Again, fearing the mob out would make this loop eventually less profitable for counselors over time if it ruins their composure to repeatedly do this. Teabagging has no gameplay value and ruins atmosphere, and should be deterred with a gameplay cost. The Fear changes would all be in-keeping with lore too, and not just appropriate looping balances. You shouldn't be able to loop, taunt, or go toe-to-toe with a 7ft tall serial killer without being terrified. It's absurd that you currently can do all this without being feared out. It'd make the game better not just in gameplay terms, but atmosphere too. Any prolonged exposure to Jason should come with a cost, and would also help make the currently pretty useless Composure stat more worthwhile as a defence to this.
  3. Not Part 4. Those kills can only be used by him, and he's locked at level 44, which will take you a month or so to hit. Swimsuits are less silly than Halloween. It depends how in-keeping you want to be. Beware though. The game is currently on a bad patch, at least in the opinion of a lot of people. It may get fixed in the next few days (they usually patch at the end of the month) or they may double down on the changes. I'd possibly consider waiting until you put money down. The current game is very different balance wise than what was reviewed in May, or even early October. And IMO not for the better.
  4. @matisangry - I work in the media, and am just coming at it from a PR perspective. I disagree with his opinion, but not his right to have it. The issue is just when you represent a company, no matter how slightly or semi-officially, you cannot mock customers, especially regarding money they've paid into the company. That shit is cancer and reflects really badly on a company if seen to even slightly endorse those views by association. Especially considering how poor community relations are here at the moment, and how absent the developers are, having one of the sole reps remaining essentially tell the tinder box to go fuck itself is incredibly unprofessional when the developers currently need all the goodwill they can get. People are entitled to all the douchey views they want. They just need to do it on their own time. I may act like a prick here at times depending on how people view me, but I only represent myself.
  5. When people are already pissed of with the company for a slipshod product, having someone who represents them (albiet in a very minor and pathetic manner) shitting on the backers, and mocking them for being upset about where their money went is not a good look. I post here because I care about the game and the community. I think this dude should be stripped of being a mod not because I've been offended personally by anything, but because a toxic mod pouring flames on the fire directly harms the community by just making the perception of Gun even worse. It's just bad PR with no upside. Let the guy be a douche on his own time, just without the vague company endorsement.
  6. @JPops- Exhibit B. Is this really the tone you want a moderator to be striking? I've no issue with community members posting stuff like this. They just shouldn't be moderators if they're unable to be impartial and professional, and not shit on the company's backers.
  7. I've just noticed that I'm one of only two non-Gun/Illfonic posters on the forum who has more likes than posts (the other being content creator @Laphin) As my posts over the last month have been almost entirely about breaking down where I feel the game has gone wrong, and the majority of the likes have come during that period, I feel this really shows the depth of anger towards the last patch. It's anecdotal, sure, but I feel it's an interesting metric that we've pivoted from content announcements to cool game videos to anger at how broken the game is as the most popular post type on the forum.
  8. Nope. My group have already moved on. We'd played almost daily since launch, but the patch removed all the fun from the game for us. We just finished Necropolis and have moved on to Rock of Ages 2 (as jaded gamers in our 30s, we prefer quirky indie stuff to the likes of Destiny or CoD). I just bought Ace of Seafood as a great example of that. We're giving it the next patch to see if it gets fixed. If so, we'll return. If not, we're all done for good (including me checking/posting here). What a thoroughly stupid comment. So if something people are invested in is damaged, they should just stay silent or abandon it instead of trying to affect positive change through dialogue? I'm glad you don't run the world.
  9. Apologies, it was actually @Ralph Wiggum777 in a different topic (the $60 slip case one) NOT @Brevator here. It was a similar post, hence my confusion. Opinions like that are fine, as is attacking people for wasting their time on a forum, but he shouldn't be a mod with that attitude. It sets a poor tone, compromises impartiality, and makes you wonder why they're even here in the first place. Staff should be above that shit.
  10. Hmm, that's weird. A few days ago, in the profile space where I'm listed as "members" and you "administrators", he was listed as "moderators". It's now members though. Maybe someone demodded him?
  11. Not Brevator though. He's too busy being too cool to post here with the plebs. @JPops - can we have an explanation as to why @Brevator is actually a mod with that attitude? It hardly sets the standard for a community by essentially flaming them, and mocking them for actually using the forum. @WashingtonJones - You're doing the exact same thing you accuse others of. You can't call everyone "a cunt" then attack them for "childish tantrums" that makes people ignore them. Every post you make is negative and self-defeating. I suggest that if you think your advice has merit, you lead by example, and either shut up or leave the forum. Otherwise you're just a hypocrite and a troll who can be safely ignored yourself. I'm personally just going to skip your posts from now on. Or maybe just apply to be a mod like Brevator. It seems you both share the same opinions.
  12. Coming from someone who's post history is entirely negative, yet directed at shutting down other posters, not improving the game, that's incredibly ironic. You're projecting really, really badly. And bragging about the likes it's getting you. Don't you realise, entirely by your own standards, that makes you the "bitch" in this conversation? Your lack of self-awareness is hilarious.
  13. I'm sure people have taken this the wrong way, so let me clarify: I don't give a shit about likes. I just noticed a unique-ish statistic, that's all.
  14. I knew not to really expect anything, but virtually none of the endgame clothes are anything special. AJ has a couple of cool outfits, and Adam's second-to-last jacket has a cool snake motif, but apart from that they're not really any different from early costumes. Past level 31 (for Part 9) apart from CP there's really no point to levelling up at all. And CP slows to a crawl at max level too. It's a huge anti-climax. It also highlights how ludicrous some of the achievements are. I think I've played as Jason about 200 times in that period, but there's an achievement for 1313 games as him. No thanks!
  15. Hi all. I've been playing since launch, and thought I'd make a list of all the changes to gameplay balance that have occured since the digital release version and now for some of the newer players who may be a bit confused as to all the outrage about this topic. Things that were confirmed as bugs or exploits (such as items sinking into the floor, broken perks, or the Combat Stance trap/flare immunity) or are currently bugged, will generally not be included, but some bugs that most players assumed were gameplay features and were generally content with the balance of (such as Jason's long stun times) will be. If I've missed anything, please post and I'll add. The beta is the beta, and is not in consideration here, as things were in flux there for a reason. Also, please note that not all changes are equal. Some have had extremely wide-ranging and controversial impacts on how the game is played, while others have been relatively minor in scale, and welcomed by most. Jason Debuffs/Counselor Buffs Jason's grab range and cone has been reduced severely. As grabbing is his main method of killing, this is a very large debuff. He's gone from being able to grab people (arguably) 4ft away, at a 90 degree cone, to less than half that. Shift-grabbing - a previous mainstay of Jason's arsenal - is now almost impossible against good counselors. Weapon hit range and cone has been reduced too. With the grab range being reduced, this means his backup method is more unreliable too. Jason can no longer interrupt the window hopping animation with weapon attacks. Previously, he could knock counselors out of it, and depending on how far through they were, stop them entering. This makes window looping much easier. Jason is now much more easily stunnable by low-Luck characters and low-Stun weapons, as the chance to stun in now cumulative, rather than a percentage chance. As his grab and weapon range is much shorter, this makes combat much easier for counselors. Jason now cannot multi-trap one repair area, and has a minimum distance between traps. Dropped parts are now marked on the map. Prior to this, counselors needed a lot more communication and teamwork to achieve objectives, and parts could effectively get lost if players died in the woods. Now objectives are completed much faster, and voice communication/coordination and teamwork are much, much less important. Small maps have item spawners that can put multiple parts in single cabins next door to objectives, meaning cars can be active regularly before Shift. Tommy now spawns with a med spray and pocket knife, when he did not before. This effectively gives him an extra life. Jason generates less fear when in proximity to counselors. This makes looping and fighting him easier options. An additional shotgun spawns on Packanack Large by the fireplace. As there's already one on the couch, and this can spawn a car, the phone, or even both, this gives counselors a much greater chance at fighting Jason off in a crucial area while fixing objectives. Jason now has a large delay in attacking after blocking, making combat stance now largely useless on the offense, and mainly just a defensive tactic. Mobbing is now a much greater counselor tactic due to other changes, and this makes him weaker than before in fighting off mobs. The removal of team-killing made saving counselors from Jason's grasp and fighting much easier. Previously you could often cripple or kill other counselors while trying to do these things. The shotgun especially was dangerous to use due to it's large spread, range, and one-hit-kill nature. Window breaking is slightly slower, and now leaves Jason slightly vulnerable, now that you have to use a prompt. In the past, you could just slash them. You could previously use Combat Stance to break down doors. Now that you're forced to use the animation, this leaves you more vulnerable to attacks. Combat-stancing doors was previously confirmed as acceptable play by the developers, but is now seemingly considered an exploit. Jason can also be hit freely through the door while in this animation. Counselors can now block throwing knives at a cost of weapon durability. Police exits on small maps are very close together, making camping an exit a much less risky option for counselors. Some Morph spots are much further away from their targets than before. Grab strength has been reduced. This is relatively minor however, as most grabs can trigger kills before escape is possible even for Tommy. It does lead to a few more escapes in tight spots however. Counselor Debuffs/Jason Buffs When Jason was nearby, the camera would zoom in to alert you, but doesn't anymore. This was helpful during Shifts to know if he was targeting you. Especially Stalk-Shifts, when you may not even be aware he was close by. Jason's stuns are much shorter. Previously you could knock him down and start the car semi-reliably, but now this is much harder. Traps and second-story window falls now cause auto-limping. Previously, depending on character and health, you could do one of these actions and still walk/run away. Thick Skin as a perk has been reduced. Previously you could take 8 or more hits with Jason's weapon before dying. The Jarvis map has a random spawner that doesn't spawn parts near objectives, meaning much slower completion times on those maps. There are now more environmental kill spots. A minor benefit, as Jason can usually kill you with a standard grab kill, but can occasionally let him get one in a spot that was otherwise too tight. Weapons now have less durability. Bats especially break much easier. The range of firecrackers is now much smaller. Stalk now uses the VHS effect and mutes footsteps. Previously it was obvious to those in the the know when Jason was bluffing a Morph if they kept an eye out for these. Jason's weapon now can travel through and damage multiple counselors. Previously it would only hurt one at once. Counselors now absorb hits from each other, meaning you cannot save them from grabs from the front, as they will take all the impact. When team-killing existed, hits would travel through them (damaging them) and into Jason.
  16. Your tag says Moderator. If that's true, that's a highly ironic statement considering you volunteer your time, unpaid, to hang around reading people complaining on the forum. At least we're trying to effect positive change in the product with our time here. Maybe if the game wasn't completely fucked at the moment, we'd be off playing it, not bitching about it here. You're the one who's actually chosen to waste your lesuire time reading complaints on a forum. We'd rather be playing the game than be here. But please, tell us more about how were idiots for exercising our consumer rights.
  17. I never said they did. I just said it was an interesting metric. I was surprised as anyone when I noticed I was only one of two non-staff to have a positive like to post ratio - hence a topic about it. Regardless of what it may or not mean, the rarity of it must mean it means something. The question is what?
  18. As part of their Black Friday promotion. It says subscribers get early access to deals, so non-subscribers may not see it yet. In its current form, I would not recommend this to my friends who haven't got it yet, at even a discounted price. Especially as there's a bunch of almost new games on sale too. However, depending on if the next patch comes soon, and fixes things, and the game remains on sale, it may be worth keeping an eye on.
  19. You forget the October bump. The game had Halloween, a retail release, new DLC, and went on sale. If all that all four of those things did was keep the numbers relatively static, then that speaks to a huge drop off of established players to accomodate all the new ones. New players that have little to no experience of how good the game used to be, and who there's no guarantee will stick around once the novelty wears off, unlike the established players. You're not looking at the big picture at all. All you're doing is engaging in confirmation bias.
  20. If they scratch their heads at why digital and retail cost the same, then they really are idiots. I don't work in game development or retail, and even I know why. It's because brick and mortar stores fear digital distribution. In the same way Amazon has forced countless high-street stores to close because they can't match their discounts due to the overheads of running a physical location, game retailers know if digital takes off, their companies may go bust. So they force large publishers into pricing their digital games the same, so stores are not at a disadvantage. If they refuse, they punish the publishers by refusing to stock their games across the chain, or by giving them less advertising and shelf space, or by ordering less copies or not pushing pre-orders. While retailers still have the muscle to do this, they have to in order to survive. Gun is obviously an indie minnow, so is largely excempt from this. But the big dogs such as EA and Activision are bound by it. Understand though that they're doing as much as they can to slowly kill retail, mainly because you can't sell pre-owned games if everything is digital, so it's a rational move by stores to force this issue. Steam is an exception as piracy had already killed the retail PC market.
  21. This is crucial. Developers. Are you listening? Your last patch fucking ruined the game. It stopped people giving you a pass on all the shitty bugs you've been unable to fix, seeing as you're now purposely changing things for the worse rather than just by incompetence. There's now a large amount of people who are waiting on the next patch as a last chance for you. If you fuck this up (as I have every expectation you will) we will be gone for good, and your game will die, and it will be entirely your own fault. You have almost completely lost the confidence and goodwill of the community, and you have nobody to blame but yourselves. It's been 6 months. There comes a point when enough is enough.
  22. I've just completely lost confidence in them. We're on what? The 4th or 5th patch, and they're still introducing new bugs? And still haven't fixed the connection issues? It's amatuer hour. And on top of that, they still keep tinkering with the gameplay, making it wildly swing in different directions each month, pissing everybody off, and showing little to no understanding of what makes their game fun, to the point now that virtually nobody is having fun anymore. Not only is their technical department crappy, but their design team is too. They're literally paying people to make the game worse. Let that sink in - we're almost 6 months post-release, and the developers still haven't got a stable build of the game or settled on basic gameplay balances or added even half of the promised content. The game is essentially still in development on a technical, design, and content basis, and almost every time something gets added, the game gets counter-intuitively worse. I feel embarassed for them that they've done very little other than repeatedly damage their own game over the last 6 months, with the sole exception of Part 4 and the Jarvis Map.
  23. Yep, the game's ruined. I played almost every evening since launch, and stuck through all the bugs and team killers and roof glitchers, etc, but have stopped playing now, as have all my friends. Changes the developers have purposely made to their own game have made it less playable than when assholes were purposely killing their teammates. It's that fucked. It makes me feel like they never even play their own game, such is their disconnect. I'm only sticking around on the forums on the hope the next patch fixes things. If not, then I'll give up on the game for good. Jason is completely unplayable against anyone who has even the slightest idea of what they're doing, and escape as a counselor is trivial. Nobody is having fun other than counselor players who like flattering their egos with automatic wins.
  24. They haven't. It's just the changing metagame. Previously everyone ran the OP Thick Skin and Jason's grab was fearsome, so sprays were less required as chopping was less frequent and it was much harder to be made to limp via knives/traps/broken glass. Since Thick Skin got nerfed and traps and long falls were made to always cause limping, everyone switched to Medic instead for the double sprays. Medic was always an option in the past, but Thick Skin was a better call, and there were always better perks for the other two slots than to double down on defense ones for most players. I think they need to revert all the changes from the last patch bar the trap placement fixes. In addition: Medic should be removed to lessen routine trap tanking. All large maps should have proximity spawns for parts, and small maps should have random spawns for parts. Jason should also have a large proximity Fear penalty to discourage mobbing, looping and teabagging. Counselors should get long stuns on Jason from 2 patches back to compensate. It made combat a good risk-reward for both parties rather than the mess we have currently where stuns are constant, but have little consequence. I'd be very happy with all that. I'd like the ability to hit people as they climb through windows again, but can live without it.
  25. The main issue with this is because Jason gets mobbed so much now, and there's no cooldown after taking damage (only stuns) a bunch of low-luck characters with low-stun weapons all attacking him at once pretty much guarantees a stun, when before it was unlikely.