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  1. @GunMedia_Ben - The public demand answers!
  2. It isn't really a useful ratio for me, as my personal win condition is not escaping, but how many counselors overall escape. To that degree I often fix the car, find three passengers, then ditch it when I find a fourth person so they can escape and I can get the two seater going. I basically play every game as if I was Tommy, which is ironic, as I almost never die early enough to actually be Tommy. Once you've played the game enough, escaping isn't too hard unless you're against a really good Jason, so you need to find other challenges.
  3. This has been frustrating me forever. They're shaped like pinball tables, but have a trough like a bowling alley, have felt like a pool table, and the scoreboard has what looks like a soccer field on them. There doesn't seem to be any power or game pieces either. WTF are they?
  5. And part 9 posess people. Andre's a troll. I'm going to ignore him, and suggest everyone else does too.
  6. I agree. I've often killed everyone or had the team escape/die pre-rage. Maybe it could be triggered by a bunch of different milestones then? Rain: * Rage active, or * Police called, or * Half the counselors escaped via vehicles / have been killed, or * Progress towards a Jason kill has been made. - All of these roughly represent mid points in a match, depending on the victory condition. Lightning: (if already raining) * Last 2 minutes countdown, or * The police arrive, or * There's only one counselor left, or * Almost all progress towards a Jason kill has been made. - All these points mean the match is almost over, and it'd mean we'd see the full cycle every match. By Jason kill progress I mean it'd rain if: * Jason was demasked, or * Tommy arrived while a girl was wearing the sweater / a girl grabbed the sweater while Tommy was alive. Lightning would then trigger once both conditions were fulfiled, unless already active. I'd love it if the weather was a dynamic progress marker in this way.
  7. I genuinely love the game, but I simply can't beta test anymore. I want a game that works and doesn't break in future, and that involves not breaking things that didn't need fixing, like the stupid changes to windows and even the new rounded fonts. I'm happy to wait a few weeks longer for updates if it means having them actually work. Again, I feel like I've beta tested the game. I don't want to beta test DLC. If you give me broken content, I'll simply not play until it's fixed, so you may as well not release it until it's ready. I still have to wait the same time, but at least I get to play the game in the interim.
  8. If being wet had a gameplay element, it'd be good if cabins offered you the chance to dry off, in the same way they reduce fear too. Fireplaces and campfires (if the rain was intermittent) could then have gameplay uses by making you dry faster. I think rain should only trigger when rage does though, and lightning just for the final 2 minute countdown. The films used weather as a method for building atmosphere, and the games should too.
  9. I played this game almost every evening with friends since launch. Despite our excitement at the new maps, the new bugs and insane change to window mechanics the update brought killed our enthusiasm, and we haven't played since. We're all waiting for the next content drop, but if it screws the game again, I worry we're likely done. We suffered through months of lobbies not starting, glitches, and toxic players, and eventually, fatigue at being an unpaid beta tester sits in. At some point you just want to be able to play a game that works. When the new glitches wreck the things you enjoy, it's hard to want to continue.
  10. No he doesn't. This is a game, not a simulator. Nods are fine enough for source loyalty. Outright wrecking balance and mechanics just to satisfy niche purists would be insane.
  11. Surely we all know the pattern by now? We'll get an update on the 28th that breaks more than it fixes, and the main content (Part 4) will be delayed to promote the physical copy. The Part 4 content will again break more than it fixes, and the entirely expected but unprepared for huge influx of people will break the servers, and the game will be literally and figuratively unplayable for weeks. This cycle will repeat until the game simply dies from broken/late update fatigue.
  12. Not entirely. Productive can mean both quality of output as well quantity of output. It can be one or the other, or both. Prolific purely signifies quantity. When using the quality definition, It's entirely possible to be both prolific and unproductive. Or even productive, yet unprolific.
  13. Prolific isn't the same as being productive. It's just an ongoing meme that Stephen King can only write good stuff when he's wasted.
  14. How were you spectating Jason? I haven't played for a week, so is this a new thing? Or a glitch?
  15. So just Stephen King during his productive years then?