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  1. We recently had a rare communicating lobby, and a poor Jason. We got 4 out in the car, Tommy came back, and with the other car fully repaired and the police timed out, we killed Jason with no casualties. He'd failed in every conceivable way, despite actually trying. In a fit of rage the next game he tried to TK someone with the shotgun, missed, then tried to machette random people. It quickly got around on the walkie/talking network, and the other 6 players rapidly converged on him and literally drove him into the lake. I was playing as Jason and stumbled on the scene at the last moment (had just finished my trapping/smashing routine) and upon the group's request, ceremoniously waded in and drowned him in front of a beach full of cheering onlookers.
  2. It's a subtler alert though and more easily missed in the heat of the game than the +50XP TRAPPER BONUS message.
  3. This is one of those really, really useful things I know, but always forget in the moment. Common sense is to turn Sense off when entering a house so as to not unnecessarily drain it, but when faced with a particularly annoying Ninja Chad, it's worth the use.
  4. A good place to hide in Higgins when the power is off is on the right hand side of the landing. Nobody ever goes down there due it seemingly being a dead end, except it isn't - there's actually a window there! So in the rare scenario that Jason looks to his side, so you can escape. It's obvious with lights on, but ducking in the dark works really well. The pantries and balcony in Packanack are decent, but harder to escape from if seen. For some reason a lot of Jasons ignore these areas. A lot of Jasons are unaware the barn has closets. Also on Higgins, the Cemetary is a low traffic area for Jason. I also feel Jason's shack is a great place to chill out near on any map that isn't Crystal Lake, as they're so far off the beaten track, Jason rarely goes near enough to pick you up on sense. Even better if you go to the non-Shack spawn which is replaced with a campsite. There's even less reason for Jason to visit. Lastly, and most cheaply, Tommy doesn't make a noise when swimming, so can paddle on the edge of the lake relatively safely (though he really should be saving counsellors!)
  5. Combat stancing has had an official word though on Reddit. They don't consider door hacking an exploit, but blocking firecrackers/flares/traps IS and will be patched. That said, I'm done arguing about these things. It's genuinely not worth my time.
  6. The key difference is that this is almost certainly - like 99% - unintended, and will be taken out if the devs have enough time/priority. The community also generally takes a dim view. In fighting games they're either purposely included as hidden/advanced features, or mistakes that are kept in and legitimised in sequels due to fan demand. It's like apples to oranges, and utterly clutching at straws. Not to mention Pappus is also a fan of stance blocking, which the devs confirmed on Reddit was an exploit. But please defend that too. Maybe with a comparison to Cooking Mama or Harvest Moon this time. I'll happily accept fair criticism from people when it isn't based on bullshit exploits or an inability to understand the game in any fashion other than brawling as a team. Neither of these things are particularly 'pro'. The irony being that you criticise my stance on exploits as dismissing advanced tactics in favour of shallow ones, while at the same time dismissing anything but the most shallow tactic around - run in a posse waving baseball bats and using damage soak/healing perks...
  7. Shit! I didn't realise this was a Japanese 2D beat 'em up! I take it all back! How silly of me. It all makes sense now. I was under the impression it was a 3D asymetrical hunter-type multiplayer, that was intended by the developers to be based on strategy and positioning, not twitch reflexes and engine exploits. Especially as it wasn't part of a very rare genre where the community and developers have a venerable history of accepting and legitimising glitches that carry forward through titles. But now you've cleared it all up for me, I can see my error.
  8. I can imagine it would. It's why most people don't take either of you seriously.
  9. Still advocating glitches like the knife cancel as pro tricks I see. Your entire issue with this is getting forced into a limp. Here's a protip for you - don't get fucking hit by knives, walk into traps, or get shift chopped. Neither are hard to avoid. As long as you keep in reserve at least 1/2 stamina and don't choose to fight or strand yourself in the middle of nowhere, there's no excuse for taking any damage from Jason. Ever. Worst he can do is knife you through a window during a leap recovery if you screw up. Wow. Medspray, move on, and waste more of his time. I almost never get found by Jason, let alone hit. But as your entire strategy seems to be to blunder around in combat posses as counselors, and glitch as much as you can as Jason (Knife cancel! Stance block!), I can see why not taking damage seems implausible to you and strategies with any nuance are lost on you. Like I said, you have nothing to teach me.
  10. The game needs reflection damage. Each 1TK should apply it for 24hrs. After a TK, any damage done to other counselors is applied to you instead for the time period. More than 3TKs in a week, and you get reflection damage applied for the next 7 days.
  11. Not from the likes of you I don't.
  12. You're virtually invisible for a lot of the match and have free reign to loot and repair unmolested. That's a huge asset to the team, and one that can waste Jason's time easily should you be caught. Imagine it takes 4 cabin jumps from a skilled player before an AJ loses enough Stamina to be forced to stand ground or hide under a bed. Chances are Jason will lose you entirely twice during this exchange. That, to me, is really good.
  13. Playing as AJ and not running, meaning Jason will never see a noise ping, AND miss you with Sense half the time, is very powerful IMO.
  14. Neither. I bought this game sight unseen and loved it. It has problems, yes, but is still a really fun game regardless. No Man's Sky was a huge let down from what was promised, but crucially still had a ton of originality and magic to justify both the price and the 100 hours I put in. Sure, it wasn't THE BEST GAME EVER that a lot had bought into. But fuck OTT expectations - it was still a deeply original and beautiful game among a sea of shitty, focus group tested sequels. Was I misled in both cases? Likely. Was it malicious. I don't think so. I think both (small) companies bit off more than they could chew and have done/are doing a lot to get to where they first promised. But importantly, I had a lot of fun in both cases regardless, and both games will stay with me for a long time. NMS has also had a ton of lauded post-launch content and fixes, so if you're comparing F13 to that, I can only react positively. Fuck cynicism and manufactured victimhood. Enjoy life and what you have.