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  1. ...But you really suck at it? Yup. This guy. I've read the tactics people use, I try to apply them, but I simply suck. Shift-grab? Shift-nope! I feel there should be a group for the no-hopers like myself, so we can be equally as bad but convince ourselves we're great.
  2. Nice things. Not for us. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210415273195115&set=p.10210415273195115 Asshat.
  3. XBone GT: OminousPanic
  4. So the first dot was posted on the 11th, then four days later the secondary was posted, four dots further to the left counting right to left. Could it be a countdown? DLC or patch drop today! I'm not holding my breath.
  5. I haven't seen it mentioned, but could these POSSIBLY relate to Pamela tape spawns?
  6. Yup, this. If Jason is so damn efficient that his victims literally cease to exist due to him, then full kudos!
  7. Either than, or a circle gets marked on the map showing a general location (as your counselor could theoretically have heard the scream and take a rough guess). Marking the exact location means people will be able to avoid the fear-inducing 'Oh my god, is that a body' moment too easily.
  8. Yup, 'coz that never ended badly.
  9. I like that, something more individual than simple stat differences. Good idea.
  10. So, tried playing last night. After having three games with just one other person (brilliant chance to get to grips with the controls a little) I ended up in a nearly full lobby. Three games, and crashed. Got an invite from one of the players, joined back up. Seemed pretty stable other than that crash. Oh, and one possible rage quitting host. Host left after I intercepted three counsellers making their escape to the police and I had cut them off.
  11. UK player here. Update is live. 3.54gb, which is slightly bigger than the core game if I remember correctly. This could be good news... I'll update when it's done and I've tried it.
  12. I preordered Colonial Marines. Don't talk to me about disappointment. I bought F13 last night (XBO) and so far managed to get into one game. I tried all through lunch today, no dice. I'm patient though. I got enough of a taste to wait. These guys have really made this a labour of love, and it shows in every facet. Best indie game I've ever played, putting aside the teething issues.
  13. Wait, completely wrong film reference. S'up! Bought F13 last night after COMPLETELY forgetting to get in as an early back way back when. Damn my useless memory. Anyhoo, XBone gamer, gamertag is OminiousPanic. Feel free to add me. I've even dug my mic out purely for F13.