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  1. How many people play this and what is the breakdown between PS4/PC etc. Any ideas?
  2. Motoko

    F13 movie lawsuit article

    I mean, I haven't seen any critic give them good reviews.. they aren't "classics" either, The Shining would be a classic, Halloween would be a classic, you're really gonna put the F13 movies on the same levels as either of those? Negative.
  3. Motoko

    Where do you live?

    Camp Crystal Lake.
  4. Motoko

    A new glitch

    What else is new, more glitches, the other day someone was "undergroud" in the barn, sense would go off, but they werent inside, and their noise blip showed under the building. And you wonder why I quit this game?
  5. Motoko

    F13 movie lawsuit article

    Please dude, the movies weren't good and are only watched now for nostalgic/comedic reasons. I can't even watch them without laughing at how lame it is. And I am not under 30.
  6. Motoko

    F13 movie lawsuit article

    Who cares, the movies all sucked lol
  7. When are you going to fix this? Very annoying, literally just sat there for 12 minutes with everyone dead.
  8. i dont even know where he spawns his spawn location SHOULD be random.
  9. Who said there was a problem?
  10. I somewhat agree with the OP, there are some very basic issues that have been around for months that still haven't been fixed, i'm not a programming expert but i know enough to be dangerous, and im sure with only a few hours of work these things could be fixed... This happens with all games, once it's released and theyve made their money, they dont give a shit. Thats why all games need to be "pay per month" or whatever, so they still make money over time, otherwise the developers never do anything after release. All in all, this game isn't very fun after you've played for a few weeks, there isn't a lot to do, leveling up is basically pointless, most perks are useless, and "vanity kills" on jason are meh, plus everyone was given a few 13,000 CP which was enough to basically buy any you wanted. Would I buy the game again? Probably, but not for 40$. 30 tops.
  11. Motoko

    My uncle just died :,(

    RIP Uncle Moe
  12. Motoko

    Cheating players

    Castrate them and hang them upside down by their skivvies.
  13. Motoko

    Stop attacking my posts

    Lol, thanks for letting me know that you're a cheater. I wasn't aware
  14. Dead by daylight is so different from this game, and its terribly awful beyond bad trash tier.
  15. on paper he looks pretty bad so unless he has secret abilities then id say hes fine most of this is speculation without data, so who cares.
  17. lol @ the people thinking it's going anywhere except into the people in charge's pocket.
  18. Spear is the best, but they're all pretty close to the same thing.
  19. This isn't a team game? are you out of your mind?
  20. I smell bullshit here. You don't even know when or where he is going to spawn..
  21. Motoko

    Just bought Jason Goes to Hell

    Not even, it's beyond the point of sucking so that it's not even humorous, it's just bad.
  22. Motoko

    Just bought Jason Goes to Hell

    they're all pretty terrible people... lets be honest.
  23. Kinda got bored of this game when I reached lvl ~20 or so, playing as a counselor over and over can be pretty boring, I don't regret paying 40$ for this game as it is pretty fun just doesnt have great replay ability (in my opinion there isnt much to do, lack of end game content, getting lvl 100 is basically pointless). Any other good games out there especially on steam? Maybe something similar to this? Seems like there arent a lot of decent games out there these days, mostly just poorly made cash-grabs.
  24. The ass commands. Tiffany.