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    So users arent allowed to post threads that speculate. So how does one interpret what a speculation is? I saw one thread that was literally all speculations about when a person thought the update would arrive. As a matter of fact, here is the link: Yet another user gets a suspension for their third point. Why did they earn that third point? A speculation thread suggesting the update was arriving soon. Remember back when Gun themselves did the trademark soon? Then a forum member has fun with it and rolls along with a joke they use themselves, and they suspended him for making an image of a t-shirt that says Soon and is trademarked. Quit having a hard on for two people and play nice next time 😁
  2. TheHansonGoons

    Savini Jason

    Call my mom. She will know what to do. She always knows what to do.
  3. TheHansonGoons

    Savini Jason

    Probably not hard to do. @Manny1985 where was it stated that this game would have happened anyway under a bigger studio supervision?
  4. TheHansonGoons

    Least Favorite Genre of Music?

    I agree on the Eras issue. Most genres are getting worse over time. Too much electronics and autotune these days. Lack of soul in the music. EDM is my least favorite. Drum machines have no soul. I hate music that sounds like bass behind an alarm clock. Or wah wah wahs of dub step. The fans of the music typically make me hate the genre even more. Like @Rexfellis said, i cant think of any great examples of song writing or muscianship in the genre. Sad part is I did a lot of what you suggested back in the day. A lot. Still think it sucks.
  5. TheHansonGoons

    Stretch goals chart

    @Zentorno As @MRWood204 pointed out, the only exclusive content unreleased is original concept "Savini" Jason and the counselor clothing pack. That type of content could be created again and sold as packs. As for the argument of needing fund for future content, you are right. That is why they have sales on this game often to bring in new fans. Every Friday the 13th there is a sale that brings in new gamers and purchases. Also to solve that, they can always work on new content like Kill Packs, counselor clothing, emotes, etc. Things people can purchase if they care to. On top of that, they can always hire other famous special fx artists like Rick Baker to design new Jasons. I think what you are actually doing is pleaing for a company to break a promise that was broken twice already. Which leads to mistrust as a company from the gamers. Which may affect later decisions in purchasing games. This wont be their only game for either company. That is longer term thinking than only for this game's life cycle. Also, as you already pointed out. Someone from LR stole codes and sold them on eBay. Some people already have bad feelings on these companies, so why make things worse and break the backer promise and lose integrity?
  6. TheHansonGoons

    Stretch goals chart

    I am confused... why should backer only content( backer exclusive) be released to everyone? Do you have an example of what exclusive backer content should be available for the masses?
  7. Hahaha not you. Sorry. I meant why did Gun nsme them counselors instead of campers. My bad on the wording then. why are they called counselors when most of the films had friends and partiers at the camp.
  8. I hadn't read both of your posts earlier, but this is exactly how I think it should be implemented. You both get likes. I dont care that I got to max level a while ago. I dont feel other people should have a long, boring grind in order to unlock this feature. As you unlock Jasons, you should be able to unlock their weapons. I am not saying it isnt fair to make people have to put in the work for it, but I am saying level 113 seems like a ridiculous level for it. What cool things do we unlock between level 44-113? They are only going to have a couple more Jasons added and that is quite the gap.
  9. Good call. I do sometimes forget I only have Xbox so I can only speak from that point of view.
  10. Maybe the best point brought up in this thread. You can have weeks worth of hours played and with the host disconnects, connection errors, dashboarding you still may not be level 50. I think this unlockable matters. I agree 110% that only Jasons and kills matter to me. Counselor dress up party is pointless to me. I want new ways to kill counselors, new Jasons, new maps,. About all that matters. I do think this one affects the fu. Of the game. I want to see customized Jasons with different kills and weapons. That or you clearly have read other suggestions to make it more reasonable. Obviously everyone said we were "entitled" to this. Or Gun "owes it to us", so your post is completely fair and you dont at all seem like a drama queen. This is one of the most ignorant, flaming posts here. "Dedicated to leveling up". Hahahaha I am level 150 and cannot understand why some of you feel you need others to level up to have an unlock that was available in beta. Is it because you "worked so hard?" Or "suffered for so many hours" that "they should too". Sound like pouting children. If you can have all Jasons unlocked by level 50, why not let them change weapons by then? Do you really want the same old Jasons and kills over and over again? A few of you guys sound like you are trying to protect something. Like people arent worthy to have it until they pass your psychological validation test.
  11. I would agree with you 90% of the time, but with this feature I disagree. 1) it was readily available in beta. It shouldnt have been removed. 2) when your target audience is people that grew up with 80s slashers and older college kids, you have to recognize they have a life.basic marketing. This isnt a feature that should be rewarded for 200 hours of gameplay. This is a feature that affects fun factor and can keep players playing for longer. Some people already dont care about rewards over level 100 because they know tjey wont see them. That is bogus to me. Especially for a feature that was accessible immediately in beta. I feel like they put it there because they feel they need to fill level spots missing between 101 and 150. Other than 2 kills, not much to work towards in those levels.
  12. Lmao you aren't wrong!! I always kind of wished he could pick up weapons in the environment as well. That would keep things much more organic.
  13. It affects fun factor. If players can customize or play around with different combos, it will keep mpre players interested. Possibly rewarding other players to not be stuck with 6 player lobbies. I am level 150 so it doesnt affect me at all. I would like my friends and other players to be able to use different combinations early. To use your own point against you, why shouldn't they simply be allowed to have it from the beginning if it doesnt affect gameplay? Level 113 for frivolous customization?? Level unlocks are a catalyst for people rubber banding controllers or hosting afk grinding experience. I get what you are saying but its inconsiderate of other players' lives. Not everyone can play more than a few hours a week. So it should take them a year before they are able to customoze what weapon they want to use? A long time for a silly feature.
  14. I think its unfair to people. Isn't the last Jason currently unlocked around level 44 or something? Then all the way to 113? Their rewards system is kind of goofy to me. I think once you unlock a Jason, that weapon should be available to every Jason. I am fine with not being able to use the weapon until you have unlocked corresponding Jason. I dont think they should have every weapon at earliest access. So my suggestion, weapon wheel available immediately, but as you unlock Jason characters, you unlock their weapon for the wheel as well.
  15. I am against this idea. As @Truth said, weapons were already decreased. I use slugger from the start to combat the decrease in weapons. To think a bat will only stum him once? No thanks. It would make that perk irrelevant. It makes weapons nearly pointless. If you only get a few second stun with each weapon one time, then you would be carrying a stick around after one hit. Basically no protection. I already see Lachappa, Fox, AJ, Deb hitting him with a bat and not stunning him. Why decrease it?
  16. TheHansonGoons

    The last counselor you played?

    Reggie. I was Muffin the match before that.
  17. TheHansonGoons

    Removal of "Free" Stuns?

    I cant blame you. This tactic has saved me numerous times at the beginning of a match. Hopping between the first couple of cabins and getting a few cheap hits in. Annoying Jason so much he morphs away to trap another objective. I have also been demasked in just a couple hits by an Adam with an axe before I even had shift because of this tactic though. At this point whatever changes they make I have to deal with and adapt to.
  18. TheHansonGoons

    Anyone else notice......

    Glad I chose to finally finish Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter and Telltale's Guardians of the Galaxy with my girlfriend today then. Sorry to hear about the fun experiences.
  19. @Truth and @Mikleo calling the campers counselors is one of the issues here. Only parts 1, 2, 6, has any real counselors. 5 they are basically rehab and institute committed teens and young adults. 3, 4, 7 its all people partying(except Tina and her psychiatrist and mom, as well as Jarvis family). I think Demon fits into the Michael Jackson or Rick James wannabe type. Sort of the 80s clubbing guy. I figure he was in his ewrly 20s. Still sees a younger brother but his grandpa was still alive at the time. He shared the same the same desth as Harold Hockett from Part 3. I mentioned in another thread how I would love to play through his death in SP challenges. That and Junior's death. Which leads me to we dont have a redneck, inbred counselor.
  20. TheHansonGoons

    Removal of "Free" Stuns?

    I do totally agree with you, trust me. It annoys the Dickens out of me. I was just saying it isnt necessarily cheating. Its just lame bullshit. On the closed doors, I have seen Jason get stunned through cabin walls. The likelihood of the latter happening is like 0%, but if people practiced it enough they could make it happen. The thing is the parts of the cabin inside and outside have to match up, meaning there cant be a bookshelf or something inside in the way as well as outside theee cant be any wheelbarrows or anything.
  21. TheHansonGoons

    Star Wars Battlefront 2

    First, what platform do you play it on? Do you ever feel like teaming up for some missions, multiplayer etc? Second, what are your initial impressions? Personally, I think this game is alright. I play on Xbox one and every time I quit between matches, I get error code 327. Second, when playing in Starfighter Assault, there are several times I spawn in as a pilot and thrusters, no ship is displayed. In Heroes vs Villains, the light saber duels come off as very luck based, anyone could win. Kind of hack and slash when engaged. The challenge system will encourage players to play for a while, but the level session system overall is quite demanding pointswise to me. I feel the credits, crystals, crafting parts currencies is too much and was only there to encourage loot crate in game purchases. Thank Satan Disney wouldn't put up with the bad press and removed the loot box purchasing immediately.
  22. TheHansonGoons

    Removal of "Free" Stuns?

    Not trying to antagonize here at all, but that isn't cheating. That is learning a game and its timing. Its a skill. Therefore, not cheating. Just as hitting through doors wasn't cheating. Maybe not bad ass or fair, but not cheating. It required perfect timing and swinging. It was a combat skill. And a bullshit way to take a mask off. Great question alder. I have seen other people asking the same thing in other threads. Personally, I will be disappointed if we cant, but without a free hit I am comfortable with it the change. Since they didnt mention anything about it, I doubt this is getting changed. If they are going to have changes on both sides of door combat then I bet this is first to go as some cry Jason can take a door down too quick.
  23. If it worked properly, it would let you know as soon as someone is on it. So before they can fix the objective when the trap is triggered. If you trap the objective though, they are already at it. They can pop the trap off and install if you don't have Morph right away. Which leads me to if you Morph to them while carrying the objective, you have a chance to make them run further from the objective with said item, or trap them in local houses. Element of surprise. People expect the objective to be trapped. They may not be expecting the objective to. The strategy makes sense, but its too easy to avoid to risk using a trap for IMO.
  24. I thought the exact same thing. Just crouch near it and still pick it up around the trap. I use random. Savini, other than his pitchfork getting stuck, is one of my favorites to play. I usually feel more relaxed using him. Shift, destruction, and 5 traps? Is he freaking bad ass. I get tired of his music and people hating in lobbies. For kills I like part 4 and 7 with the kill packs. I like Part 7 for the challenge, because it is a challenge to rock Part 7 in good lobbies. Part 2 is my favorite map controller. Great morph and traps with running is awesome. Just dont like his weapon and think he looks like a 49ing prospector. Part 3 is my second favorite to play as though. Love the movie Part 3-d. I like the bulky Jason look. Original clean mask. If he had Chuck Taylors he would look like he was a West Coast gangster. Enjoy his weapon strength, hitting animation, and can run.
  25. TheHansonGoons

    Trish Jarvis

    The point I was trying to make was every Final Girl was just that only one time. He survives 3 times. That's all. Tommy has escaped Jason a few times. Even hunted him.