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  1. I just made this

    Interestingly enough, I just got ran over by a car while I had the sweater by a troll. I thought he was an asshole but you guys take the cake on being pieces of shit. Go fuck yourselves.
  2. My cheek has been ripped

    I was going to ask the same thing.. follow up question was for pics if it were the latter. Seriously though, time to learn how to sew or have someone stitch you up.
  3. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Remember back when the forums elected @bewareofbears forum moderator?! My, how things would have been different. Sigh...
  4. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Holy crap! I didn't realize! Who will be my lucky number 666?! Oh yeah, we will never know thanks to this "awesome" new like system that clearly combats cliques. Bravo.
  5. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Let me guess: door was left wide fucking open while they still used a window? Seen a lot of these special ones lately.
  6. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Except the objective items.. only the drawer items.
  7. Switching to Med Sprays?

    Please don't encourage them...
  8. 5 connection time outs, 4 lost boat escape badge progress, 3 dashboard errors, 2 hosts quitting, 1 Typical Sunday Morning.
  9. When did F13 end?

    Friday the 13th Part 2 should have never happened to some, as even cast think Jason had been dead in Pamela's eyes. She had seen him die. Some cast say he went to live in the woods and watch his mother get beheaded. Savini makes fun of it foe having Jason living off crawfish for nearly 30 years and no one seeing him alive. Either way, he was alive then. Next they thought they had given him a final ending in Part 3-d. Obviously not true. Joseph Zito tried his end him, for good in Final Chapter, hence the title. They thought there was no way he could come back after Jason Take Manhattan. Either way, there are 3 more films, 4 including the remake. Jason X shows his mask the Uber mask at the bottom of the lake as if he survived, unlike legal hockey games). My question to you is, where do you think Jason died or the series should have ended? Me personally, I think the Paramount's are the end. This means Part 8, with the toxic waste melting him and his boyish figure being put to rest is when he should have ended.
  10. Unmasked Jason

    @MichaelMyers Here are a few of my thoughts and concerns: I had 3 legit Jason kills with random people and little communication in about 8 hours of playing time this weekend. Would have had more if the sweater didn't still glitch and the bat(which should have 100% stun) would always knock him to his knees(had a few matches where he got hit while stunned and just stood there). Slash n Cast has how many legit Jason kills this year already? People are already not struggling with killing him. Why make it easier, especially for new players? I am glad you are such an amazing Jason and it's too easy for you. In QP, I usually wipe as well, maybe 1 or 2 escape if I was guarding another objective and they found the parts quicker than I can gain all of my abilities. Doesn't mean everyone is that good. A lot of new players from Christmas that got the game after hearing about all the awards it's getting. Good counselors are already Jason hunting, why make it easier. Side note, I have around a dozen Jason kills in his shack alone. So even though you get an alert to go there, it doesn't mean it's always easy to kill the counselor or they aren't grouped up and ready inside. If a Bugzy takes off your mask in 2-3 hits, then let's you kill him to come back as Tommy, you are ready to be killed in 5 minutes. Second concern, you never elaborated on my main question about the health bar. In a game with 4-5 shotguns, Vanessas, Bugzys, Foxes, and Adams traveling in packs and secured with pocket knives(yes I get everyone is a slasher now), his health bar would be absolutely no problem to deplete. So then what happens, dead then? Still need the sweater, Tommy and weapon set? Do the counselors get an indicator it's down? The mask serves a bigger purpose than cosmetics. I can't disagree the Jason's look awesome without their masks. I just can't picture a cool way to make it work in multiplayer unless you would like it as on option for private matches. Maybe even in your idea make Jason have a mask somewhere on the map he has to find if he wants the extra defense. Offline bots as people mentioned, it would be great as an option. They should implement more options to make that game mode more challenging as players all have different skill levels and the 3 degrees of difficulty right now aren't that hard.
  11. Latest Horror Movie You Watched?

    I went on Shudder yesterday morning and put on Slashics. Watched 3 flicks: Creep Malevolence Among the Living None of them were too bad, none too great either. I enjoyed Among the Living the most probably. Maybe it was because the directors and writers were the ones that made Inside(the French version from 2008) which is one of my favorite French films. It was a bit bizarre though. Creep was a fun flick. Malevolence felt like it wanted to cross Friday the 13th and TCM maybe a little too much and fell short.
  12. Net neutrality gone, online gaming hurt?

    Here is a scenario: Yo ur data is now limited per month. You want to buy a product online but can't afford to search around anymore and just look at random pages. Are you now going to do one Google search and limit to the first 3 results or even simply go to Amazon? Probably. This shows how it actually hurts small businesses. Verizon was one of the companies backing this. Why would an internet and cable company care to get rid of it? Some say competition, but it's closer to creating a monopoly for big cable companies. Now they can freely limit your data and bandwidth. There were already sketchy business practices coming out about cable companies limiting their customer's internet previously. Unless you test your internet you never know. Well, now it's legal to taper your free education, porn, gaming and communication.
  13. Sunday morning Jason Hunt

    Absolutely! Been a while since we played. I have been mainly doing quick play lately. A few legit kills with randoms though so that is fun. Sunday morning I am usually on if you are available.
  14. Sunday morning Jason Hunt

    Recently, some friends and I have basically given up on the main objectives, and go into Quick Plays to go for Jason kills. Just a small group so we see how we dp against some randoms and see how many Jason kills we can get. With my work schedule, Sunday mornings are when I get to play the most regularly. However, with families, jobs, etc, not all can be on at that time. That being said, I am looking for other people interested in going Jason hunting with me/us. Xbox One is the platform I play on. If anyone is interested, feel free to message or friend request me on XB1. My gamertag is TheHansonGoons. Or reply to this thread tagging me or quoting me so I notice in time. If anyone if interested in doing this on other days/times/platforms, feel free to respond to the thread with the groups you would like to start. Happy hunting campers!
  15. Your perfect horror evening ...

    That is the perfect way of describing TCM on VHS. So incredibly dark. The viewer can barely see what goes on ast certain times, but that is completely part of the ambience Tobe Hooper captured. Cool to hear you share those experiences with your boys.
  16. Your perfect horror evening ...

    Those both sound awesome. My day would begin with reading a book and listening to some Waxwork Records. Followed by a couple hours of playing a horror game. As for night, In the evening, cook a meal with my girlfriend, pull out some snacks, grab some craft beers, hot apple cider with caramel vodka, hot chocolate with whipped cream vodka, or some other drink. Maybe a nice steak and potato meal, chicken with veggies, or even make a big batch of nachos and munch all night. Probably eat half a bag of Halloween candy afterwards. Marathon movies with only candles lit. One new, one classic. Thats what i always enjoy. Finish it off with a horror comedy(typically Simpson's Tree house of Horror) while we have a little buzz. Fortunately, most of my evenings in October are like that.
  17. When did F13 end?

    Honestly, I think if we accept Jason was alive in the woods for all those years and accept 2. 4 was the perfect ending. Crazy weekend, but perfect ending. I feel I can accept through part 8 though. Part 8 had to be absolute end. He clearly felt like he went to rest in the boy scene. So part of me thinks part 1 was perfect. @Rexfellis says this. Although I will say in the end of Halloween 1, Michael's body disappears so I will take part 2. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and contributions. It's cool to see where everyone thinks it makes sense or when it stops as a series to them.
  18. Sometimes I make digital pinball tables

  19. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    I remember what Tim Horton's I was at, and what donut I was having when she had her meltdown: Moose jaw, Saskatchewan, Blueberry Cruller. Tooks off to @bewareofbears and @AldermachXI
  20. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    You experienced the ever-loved Connection Time Out as I mentioned earlier. Where even having a Ping in the low 100s, you can tell victim to. You may be Jason, down to the last kill and chasing them, but your connection drops for no reason. So great.... i know because I play on Xbox one. I also love the dashboarding as soon as the game starts me as Jason. Will really help to getting the absurd achievement of 1000 matches as Jason played. You know, day one bugs lingering. Not a big deal 8 months down the line. This is one of the funniest comments I have read in a while!
  21. What kind of beer do you drink?

    I have to say, for those that enjoy cooking with their alcohol: if you have a sweet tooth, either make a sauce for a dessert or some brownies out of the above pictured New Holland Dragon's Milk. Great strong dessert beer.
  22. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    Tried to give you a laughing reaction, of course I am out of those for today. So you get this...
  23. Glad my free time isn't wasted.

    I don't know how i would feel if someone "liked" that or "thanked" me.. hahaha
  24. Coming through in the clutch! America is the greatest country in the United States.
  25. What kind of beer do you drink?

    Used to love Mad Elf. Had it this year and it tasted like cough syrup with lots of alcohol. I do love Troeg's though. Can't wait for their Crimson Pistol IPA in spring. Have you tried East end's Night of the Living Stout? Or the brewery up by Slippery Rock that makes an IPA called Old Two-Niner(after Phil Bourque)? Those are a couple of my local favs. If you know where Sharp edge Creekhouse is, that is down the street from me. I love going there for happy hours. Here are my choices for playoff football weekend: