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  1. Tried to do the same, but you know, white man keeping me down to 10 likes a day!
  2. I was switching to it during sweater stun, so it should have been active
  3. STARZ must have the rights to them right now as 1-9 at least are on the app. My girl got the app because we are both huge fans of the book American Gods and wanted to watch the t.v. show. Surprisingly, they have a better horror selection than Netflix, HBO or Hulu. Some Child's Plays, all the I Spit On Your Graves, a few random flicks from To be Hooper, John Carpenter, Clive Barker and such. After getting this game, I made my girl watch 1-8. Man is she tired of Jason. Haha she is more of a Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead chick.
  4. @Alkavian really nailed it here. I had issues with a Tiffany that must have had a lot of avoid sense perks because she would never show on sense, but I would see her run. As mentioned, with Rage mode on, you can activate and deactivate Sense fairly quickly, so they may avoid it 3 times in a row, but you will probably get the 4th or 5th time. Knocking out power will help increase their fear as well so they may make more noise or have to hold their breath more often. Also, to cover ground quicker, use morph, then Sense, then shift to check the area quicker. Turn off sense to get quicker regen, reuse Sense. The cabin or outdoor spot they are hiding in should light up after a couple tries in an area. Using Stalk in those times may give them a false sense of security and lure them out to search another drawer or move around. Hope our tips help! For the hiding @Alkavian was talking about in the beginning, this is how I now completely avoid getting killed within first two minutes without getting caught doing repairs or doing something stupid. I use AJ because if her fear hasn't risen yet, you can hide and never have to breath and she won't make a noise. Also her fix is good. As he pointed out, if two go in a cabin, Jason will typically go after the other person. If you have a good mix, hopefully it's a Bugzy or Vanessa and they can run and window jump until he is distracted by another objective. Then regroup and tackle objectives. I am huge on repairing something, then immediately running and hiding for a minute and popping back out later to finish. Especially when calling the cops.
  5. Just tried this with @UprightChair, @lHeartBreakerl, and Evil Machismo. I had sweater and bat as AJ. Stunned him with sweater and hit him but he didn't fall to his knees. Maybe there needs to be an extra stun with bat perk on or extra melee damage perk. Willing to try it again with different perks applied another time. Maybe even use Jenny or Tiffany with sweater and bar for a higher damage?? Anyone with ideas? @Kalopsia we tried this against a Part III Jason. Maybe a weaker Jason against stun damage or lower health may factor in. Good point.
  6. Lol your verbal approval is enough for me. Glad you got the reference
  7. I would love for this to be real. Although I am not a big Roy fan and would prefer a Part IV Jason who can run. Link to original poster
  8. I reckon it's not everyone who makes biscuits and mustard at 3 in the morning. Mmmm
  9. Hahaha Bird is the word after all!
  10. It's going to be part 5, though I would want 4 the most. And I agree, a new running Jason!
  11. Is anyone on tonight? Shoot me a game invite if you are. Having trouble getting decent matches tonight
  12. You can message me at TheHansonGoons on XB1 and I will throw you and invite! Also, my post was a complete joke about the foie gras part. I just wish company members would joke around with us more since most of us seem like minded in our adoration of horror movies, especially campy 80s slasher. I mean, I am sure they could contribute to discussions on other horror flicks with us, or comics or whatever. What they have been reading or playing lately. I can empathize with wanting to stay out of a lot of discussions due to heated arguments or misrepresentation of the companies for which they work for, but that shouldn't stop them from bullshitting with most of us here. A lot of people in the forums think highly of the companies, and clearly we love their product. Again, I am emphasizing most. Can't please everyone.
  13. More like Foie Gras. Seriously though, I would like the devs to talk with us more on the forums and show more of a presence here as most here are more dedicated to Gun and Illfonic than Twitter or anywhere else.
  14. Have you been watching my streams? I want an official "World's Mediocrest Counselor" patch. This is a good question though. Maybe better asking @Randygbk though @lHeartBreakerl. Jk!