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  1. Your (and basically only) bet is going to be getting a group together with good communication. Make sure to have a bat ready on stand-by and as many machetes and axes as you can and get your group huddled around each other and start hacking away at Jason. If he grabs someone you should be close enough to smack him to prevent him killing someone. This is going to be your best chance to get the mask off quick. Have a Vanessa in the lobby because she will be the runner who gets the sweater.
  2. You're preaching to the choir, man. It has been that way since launch.
  3. I feel like people take this game and series too seriously sometimes. The movies themselves are half-comedy, half-horror with how campy and awfully-acted most of them are. So what if people want to see their favorite counselor in a speedo?
  4. When I'm in quick play with no other friends, I don't use my mic either. I don't have social anxiety or anything it's that there is basically no reason to have a mic at that point. You're either in a lobby full of no mic's or in a lobby full of obnoxious teens who just insult you and do nothing to aid you in the game.
  5. I think Adam may have poked her upstairs shortly before coming out and joining the rest of the gang. This explains why she is limping away from Jason in the Packanack Small intro.
  6. Yeah, today I played for a couple of hours pre-patch and a few hours post-patch and playing Jason felt very clunky post-patch. Breaking down the doors in combat stance doesn't seem to be working properly as it took me like 6 wacks with J8 when it should only take 3. Doing the R2 animation on the door has always been clunky and now we're forced to do that unless we want to combat stance the door for an hour. Playing as a counselor was just fine but Jason just felt clunky.
  7. Me and some friends were noticing Thick Skin was acting up for us last night. Not confirmed but worth noting.
  8. Early on- I would tend to 'hawk' players trying to get the number game in my favor. Now- I use J8 and I will typically stalk, morph back-and-fourth between my hot spots. I rarely ever 'hawk' anybody until at least 4 people are dead. Every now and then I'll find myself falling back into old habits and trying to 'hawk' ppl early and that's when I get into trouble. Also, I always stalk every-time before I shift and I've been known to scare the shit out of counselors by doing that. J8's fast stalk cool-down is very under-rated. I would say I probably average somewhere around 6.8 kills as Jason so the strategy has been working out pretty well.
  9. Thanks Maddogg! I appreciate the kind words. I have always said this and I mean it - you're a great teammate and that is a very underrated trait to have. You're also a much improved Jason. Don't sell yourself short, my friend!` Also, I have played with most - if not all - of the other aforementioned players you listed and they're all top notch. All good guys too.
  10. Yeah, without the F13 license say that Summer Camp Vol.1 was the same game with Jason just being a generic killer... This game would have sold 1/100th of the copies it actually sold with the F13 license. The server issues would have been non-existent but you'd still have the many, many other issues that are plaguing it most likely. I personally would not have never heard of it had it not been for the F13 licensing announcement because that's when the word of mouth really began to spread.
  11. I never said that I never die, bro. Get your facts straight before coming at me like that.
  12. You seem like a nightmare to play with. I'm glad I only play in Private Matches because all the stuff that you have said in this thread is exactly why I don't waste time in Quick Play matches.
  13. I honestly don't know how you guys play quick play. I completely gave up quick play in favor of private matches with players I've met since launch. It makes the game much more enjoyable.
  14. I really enjoyed the Halloween 6 Producers Cut. I know a lot of people trash it I'm always down for as much Dr. Loomis as possible.