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  1. Servers seem to be getting hit. Was playing a few hours this morning here in the EST. Then got blue screened, kept getting disconnects, got blue screened two more times, got more disconnects. Is this happening across the community as we expected with the release of the physical, the new updates, and the fact that its actually Friday the 13th? Or simply some bad juju on the cursed day? Up until the last hour or so though, game was a peach and running great.
  2. im just hopping on now for ps4. Lets do this! I have opened up a private lobby. Send me a request for invite. Decayed_Beauty
  3. i should be on a good chunk of the day on Friday.
  4. put me on the ps4 list. Decayed_Beauty
  5. I think this is how his strengths should go... only one strength: starts with rage. weaknesses: stalk, shift, morph
  6. Naw, night time is the right time. Yes, in some of the movie Jason does some killing in the day but majority is at night and that is where it thrives.
  7. the date on the screen has always been in the european order which is day first then month, so the date displayed is August 10th, which is when it dropped.
  8. You make a strong case!
  9. This is why I always believe in awareness. Trying to keep in mind where things are in relation to me on the map, but also visually. The visual is very important because you will often lose that mini map and it seems like a lot of people get killed on that in my experience anyway. They start well enough in the chase, but then they gas out and even if I cant shift for a bit, they broke in some direction that is all of a sudden taking them AWAY from everything. Though this is not a competitive game really, it does strike me still how deep this game can play.
  10. It can be justified to have cool down on knives because one would have to reach down, find the knives first. I consider that to be whats happening with that. But a grab is a grab. When I am doing jui-jutsu and miss a grab guess what? I can grab again instantly. I am on the no cool down side for the grab. I definitely think the range should be stabilized and I heard somebody mention that once the dedicated servers come that this may help due to the range often being more a problem of lag, rather than coding.
  11. I think it would be a good option for sure. Side note edit: How many rage quitters are there because they spawn as Jason? A lot quit out because they dont get Jaystar but how many quit on the opposite end? Any experiences?
  12. Love this topic, and love the John Madden-esque football breakdowns, complete with diagrams! Well done. How do you feel about triangle, but then going BACK toward the jason rather than forward? It works all of those axis and can be disorienting to deal with.
  13. searching.................searching...................searching.........lone lobby. quit. try again. searching.......................................searching......................................................................searching.................lone lobby. and here i sit.
  14. would love it and think it would be good overall.
  15. Hahaha I am pretty sure the night I played with you last week, you were one of first dead like 6 matches in a row hahahaha. always took it in good spirits though. On topic....some matches I do good. Others I die in 60 seconds hah.