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  1. Too many things really World of Tanks Console Friday the 13th obviously lol Bloodborne Shadow of the Beast Horizon Zero Dawn No Man's Sky Prey (though I've taken a huge break from it lately) and I've started on the Resident Evil remake on PS4
  2. Probably the time I spawned by the boathouse and magically found both the prop and a can of gas in the shed. I managed to convince a Vanessa to get her butt there quick and we made it out without any hitches. A close second would be the time a Deborah and my AJ found the fuse in the phone house, called the cops and beelined through the forest to the correct exit without ever seeing Jason once.
  3. Althea Jebadissa.
  4. I realize that this opinion is in the minority in the gaming world or it seems to be given the sheer number of recent games which have let the campaign mode suffer in the name of additional time spent on multiplayer aspects but I tend to agree entirely. I actually get excited when I hear that a game has had multiplayer tacked on in favor of single player to the point I will go out of my way to support the developer if it sounds like a good game. I enjoyed the Halo games ( I know I know FPS' suck whatever, they can be fun) up til the 4th one because they started to shorten the story more and barely even tried to tell a story by 5 but OMG! Multiplayer! awsum changes!! Conversely Bethesda for all the crap they pull sometimes actually tries to focus on SP with many recent games. Doom for example, was an extremely bloody, sometimes challenging enjoyable experience which required absolutely no glance at multiplayer. Which actually garnered some criticism if memory serves correctly. Outside of this game and one other; I exclusively play in single player or at best cooperative with my son. local co-op gets a game bonus points in my world. Maybe its because I grew up with one console, two controllers and no online anything but there is something to be said for a game not being entirely social. No squeakers, no glitchers and no silly hate mails from the enemies that I slay in the story.
  5. This thread is an abomination Chad is obviously the sexiest, most skilled, and overall generally superior counselor. all of this fake news and paid polling is obviously wrong. So sad
  6. Sorry for your loss
  7. That sounds like a dream build out for AJ from what I'm reading. I tend to gravitate towards stealth since combat is honestly nigh useless unless you can get a stunner and disappear. He's going to find you and when he does; he is going to maul you most likely so I figure better to stay hidden for as long as possible and hope for the best. I'm glad to hear some of y'all's thoughts on this type of thing
  8. As I've gained perks over time the thought has occurred to me as to whether or not it is better to load out a counselor to buff an already strong stat or try to compensate for a weaker one. On one hand. I tend to be more of a "play to your strengths" player depending on the stat but recently I've thought whether or not it might be better to reverse that course. At least with some of the stats. On one had (if the perk is high enough mind you) trying to compensate can make them a better all-rounder. However if you have say Vanessa even buffing her stealth is going to have minimal effect so it would be better to add more to her stamina even further so she can outrun Jason for a longer period. Another good example would be the high repair characters, they already have ridiculously low skill checks when repairing so buffing that stat would be a waste of a slot. Of course the best person to experiment with would be Kenny I guess since he is the Joe averae I guess it really depends on how low the stat is, how good the perk is benefit to penalty wise, how you play, and what you expect to run into during the match more than anything else. What do you folks do?
  9. A ton of them, yes. But that seems a waste of them. I personally only ever put one at the absolute most 2 there. I have more problems with people trying to fix cars so I tend to focus my limited number of traps there traditionally.
  10. Two things. 1. The time limit is debateable given that you never know which side of the map they will come from a shorter limit provides some more reliable chances of escape. 2. If you increased the time limit they should know where on the map the stupid phone is. As someone said earlier; I'd think they would already know where it was given they have been at the camp As an addendum why are people complaining about trapping the phone box? Do they complain about trapping cars as well? To me it seems a perfectly valid strategy to slow down rescue attempts. And is almost always my first or second location to jump over to
  11. I guess in a sense; but its really just more giving them a taste of their own medicine. Maybe if you could morph or shift up there then its a game mechanic
  12. I think private matches should be the wild west of the game. Meaning if you have established the rules between the players and you want to glitch everyone to the roof or role play whatever you want then all bets are off. Everyone agrees as to what is acceptable and what isn't. Though I'm fairly certain that if for example they set the rules as to one player helping Jason and everyone is in agreement about it there wouldn't be any reason that someone would file a report about it would there?
  13. Idiots and jackasses have money too and trolls will troll regardless of whether they have to pay money for it. Remember though at least on console; any transactions Sony/MS get a cut of. And they already charge people for the ability to play online
  14. Because they have no creativity? Or they're scared to try something new because movies cost so much to make. Of course most of the time those reboots do horribly because they manage to piss off the primary audience that would gladly pay for another sequel in any beloved franchise by mixing things up. It's a big part of why the Ghostbusters remake failed in my opinion. That movie would have been better if it were simply a next generation sequel with lady Ghostbusters than if they completely forgot that I and II happened. Of course from the awful trailer; I knew it wasn't going to even be in the spirit of the original films. Much the same with so many other reboots horror or otherwise. Fans want sequels that maintain the canon of a franchise they have become emotionally invested in. Not some new angle that takes most of what they love and throws it out the door to be "edgy" or "new"
  15. Yes! The map could have a private plane and only Chad has the ability to start/fly the plane